Unreal Tournament Map Pack Unleashed

Epic Games is set to release six new UT maps today in the Inoxx Map Pack.

Epic Games announced this morning that its Inoxx Map Pack featuring new deathmatch and capture the flag maps designed by Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino, known for his Facing Worlds CTF map. This freely downloadable map expansion will contain six maps, including Facing Worlds 2 and Crane, an obstacle-filled skyscraper construction site primed for action.

"We are committed to giving our fans additions such as the Inoxx Pack to allow them to continue their Unreal Tournament experience," said Unreal Tournament designer Cliff Bleszinski. "Playing the original game is only half the fun when you see all the amazing levels that gamers have created."

Epic claims that its previous Bonus Pack map has been downloaded over 320,000 times since its release in late February. Get more details on the new map pack at www.unrealtournament.com

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I like this map pack, but I want to download :)