Tribes: Vengeance golden, MP demo coming

VU and Irrational Games' anticipated PC shooter has been sent to production.

October 5. That's the date VU Games will release Tribes: Vengeance, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the venerable Tribes series. Despite the recent departure of producer Chris "Thrax" Mahnken, the PC shooter went gold today, and VU foresees no delay to its ship date in two weeks.

Developed by Irrational Games and powered by Epic's Unreal engine, Tribes: Vengeance will feature both a comprehensive multiplayer mode as well as a lengthy single-player campaign. The single-player mode will feature an in-depth storyline told in flashback about the origins of a futuristic war. The multiplayer mode drops players into the midst of that war, where they will do battle with a variety of high-tech weapons and vehicles. GameSpot's previous coverage has much more information on Tribes: Vengeance's story and gameplay.

Speaking of multiplayer, VU Games also announced that a multiplayer demo of Tribes: Vengeance "will be made available before the game is released." Like the currently available single-player demo, PC gamers will be able to download the MP demo from GameSpot DLX when it goes online. The demo can also be reserved now.

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