Transformers Universe coming to MCM Expo

Jagex is going to be showing off its new Transformers MMO game and giving fans a UK-exclusive chance to reserve their character names ahead of launch.

Jagex today announced that it is going to be attending MCM Expo in London this May to show off Transformers Universe and promote its long-standing free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape.

As well as showing off both titles on its own stand, Jagex is bringing both the RuneScape and Transformers Universe development teams to the GameSpot UK stage. Members of the Transformers Universe team will be on hand at midday on Saturday to give attendees a glimpse into the development process, while the RuneScape developers will be there at 11 a.m. on Sunday.


As well as limited-edition prizes that will be on offer during both stage sessions, Jagex says that it will be offering a limited-edition boxed version of RuneScape at the show. This will contain "an assortment of limited-edition cosmetic items, game membership, and an exclusive MCM RuneScape T-shirt."

Transformers fans will be able to be the first in the UK to get the chance to reserve their character names for Transformers Universe at the show, as well as choose their side in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict.

For more on the show, what GameSpot UK has planned, and photos from last year, check out the MCM Expo 2012 hub.

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I'd say its more of a "good step foward for the TF series in the gaming world". just imagine... 5 yrs from release, more or less, when people see what possibilities  a TF game truely has in an MMO we will end up with more then just browser based gaming. Imagine TF WFC/FOC in an MMO format, very graphic and clean, and possibly console based as well for us PS3 gamers (screw Xbox lol jk... not really) who love MMOs just as much but dont have the system requirments :( anyways all im saying is i know this game can be DCUO but R.I.D. themed. TELL ME YOU WOULDNT LOVE THAT! JAGEX youre doing good and regardless of what others WILL say (haters) i know it will be fun because as a long time gamer and TF fanatic i already know im gonna love it.


If its anything like Runescape than the graphics will be horrible. It would be a good chance for people to get their feet wet if they never played an MMO before though.


 @shenron43 Have you checked out Runescape's graphics recently? They're not the plain boxy stuff you remember from a few years ago.