Tip of the Week: Forum Follow-Up!

This week helps you keep track of your forum contributions!


How often have you forgotten where you last posted or gone on a hunt to figure out where that discussion thread went in your favorite forum? We have had a forum posting history for each of you for a year now, and some of you don't realize that your contributions page helps you know whether someone posted in a thread after you.

Let's start by sharing how you can find where you last posted. The easiest way is through your forum contributions, and the more complicated way is via the Track This Thread dropdown menu located on all discussion threads on the site (even UCB and Union boards).

Easy Route: This route is easy because you can bookmark it, and there are a variety of ways to get to your posting history.

1. You can get to your posting history by clicking on the forums page on any of the GameSpot pages. Once you are on this page, there is a link below My Summary Profile that will take you to your posting history. Example in green.

2. You can also get here by going to your profile and clicking on My Posting History.

3. You can get to the contributions page found on your profile navigation menu and click on the sub navigation, titled Forum Posts.

Complicated Route: This route is good for those of you who enjoy managing discussion posts or if you'd like to track a blog's comments or discussion threads. I consider it a bit more complicated because it requires management and deletion of topics or blogs you no longer want to track. If you notice that the threads haven't been updated in a while, you can remove all of them and start over.

You can get to Track Discussions by going to the forums page and clicking on the My Watched Topics link below the My Profile Summary. [Example in red] Here, you can edit the notification style you want such as PM. [Example]

To track a blog or discussion, use the dropdown menu in the top right corner on forum discussions and the lower right corner dropdown for blogs. If you have reported abuse in the forums or blogs, you probably have seen this in the dropdown menu.

Posting History Page: Once you are on the Posting History page, it's quite easy to notice if someone has posted in a discussion. There are two columns with a number that will help you determine how many people have posted in the thread since you posted in it. One column displays the posts in the discussion thread, and the other displays how many posts have appeared there since you read the topic. Once you go to the discussion thread to read through the other responses, the discussion thread will display no number until other posts are added to the discussion.

By following these tips, you'll no longer be out of the loop or feel lost while finding a former post. However, please note that there are some forums that do not allow threads older than seven days to be bumped. If you notice that the thread is older than seven days, consider whether it's in the Off-Topic forum or System Wars board and do not bump the thread. These forums have a high load of discussion threads that get discussed hourly. If you want to resurface an old topic in these forums, consider creating a new one and refer to the old discussion thread.

That's all for this week. Happy forum contributing!


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