Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 1



As the obligatory training mission of Thief, this prologue runs you through many of the basics such as how to inspect a painting for switches and how to move quietly through a crowd of noise-sensitive birds. When you’re tasked with using the rope dart, be sure to hold down the right stick so the camera can show you exactly where to aim. When it comes to crossing water, only a slow creep can keep you hidden; it’s tempting to swoop across water, but that won’t work consistently. You also learn and find great value in diversionary tactics like throwing glass bottles, a strategy that will be immensely helpful throughout the game. Guards’ sensitivity to sound is a two-sided coin. Just as much as a thrown bottle will get their attention, so too will your hurried footsteps.

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Chapter 1: Lockdown

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

Chapter 5: The Forsaken

Chapter 6: A Man Apart

Chapter 7: The Hidden

Chapter 8: The Dawn's Light

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Can we not have 10 articles in the news section for what's basically a single article that could've linked to the continuations? Given that I go to the news section for news and not walkthroughs....

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@pupp3t_mast3r  Sadly, there's no way for me to avoid that the way the site currently works. Anything that isn't a review pops up under the news feed. I know, it's dumb.



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