Ten Tweetable Tips for Divinity: Original Sin

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Divinity: Original Sin is one of the best games so far this year (and I promise the review is coming shortly; boy is this game long!), but it takes time to get used to the ins and outs of its complex systems. If you’re just getting started, this vast role-playing game can be quite daunting, so I have put together ten tips I wish I had known going into the game. Read on, share on Twitter, and offer some (hopefully spoiler-free) suggestions in the comments below!


Talk to every named character. They usually have quests to offer, or at least, stories to share. #OriginalSinTips


Fill out your party right away. Cyseal: Jahan's in the mayor’s house, Madora's in the inn. #OriginalSinTips


Pet Pal and Leech are great early perks. Animals = humor and info; leech = a powerful Madora. #OriginalSinTips


Don’t double up on too many non-combat abilities. You only need one loremaster, one pickpocket, etc. #OriginalSinTips


Have you come down with the rot? Bloodstones are the cure. #OriginalSinTips


Make sure to visit The End of Time and talk to Zixzax periodically. Conveniences and hints await! #OriginalSinTips


Relationship with an important NPC in the toilet? Give items without asking for gold in return. #OriginalSinTips


Don’t underestimate Perception. Improve it in one character early on so you can avoid traps. #OriginalSinTips

Tip 10 1/2: Make sure at least two party members have summoning skills; summoned spiders and elementals can really keep the heat off of you.


Use bags to group together related materials. It makes crafting so much easier. #OriginalSinTips


Want tenebrium skills? Unlock hatch in Silverglen’s church, go to Sacred Stone, look for proper book #OriginalSinTips

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