Team Fortress 2 adding new map, Meet the Pyro movie Wednesday

Pyromania update adds Doomsday arena and fuel-running game mode to Valve's shooter; final entry in "Meet the..." series focused on fire class hitting this week.

Fans of Valve's free-to-play team-based shooter Team Fortress 2 are in for a big week. Valve announced today that the Pyromania update for the title will add a new map called Doomsday and a fresh game mode. And come Wednesday, Valve will release the Meet the Pyro digital short.

A look at Team Fortress 2's new Doomsday map.

The new game mode has BLU and RED teams fighting against each other to secure and deliver a suitcase full of "Australium" to American space monkey Poopy Joe so the animal can take off and hunt down Soviet cosmo-chimp Vladimir Bananas. Players will battle each other to transport the fuel up a "preposterously slow-moving elevator" to complete the task. A full list of achievements up for grabs in the new game mode is available at Valve's website.

On top of the new map and game mode for Team Fortress 2, Valve said the Meet the Pyro digital movie will arrive on Wednesday. It will be the final entry in Valve's series--which introduces players to the game's nine classes--and the first since June 2011's Meet the Medic.

Valve said it has "a bunch of new stuff" to announce before Wednesday, but did not elaborate further. Last Friday, TV network Adult Swim revealed that a partnership with Valve and Team Fortress 2 would be announced this week.

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Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and would like to see the Whalers return to Hartford.

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