Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed Planet Profile

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are hard at work on the upcoming expansion pack Jump to Lightspeed.


LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are hard at work on the upcoming expansion pack Jump to Lightspeed for Star Wars Galaxies. The game, like other massively multiplayer games, lets you create a character to go on adventures in a persistent world, in search of monsters to fight, experience levels to gain, and other players like you to team up with. But the upcoming expansion will add outer-space dogfights in all-new areas to the Star Wars-inspired game as well. Take a look at two of the new areas in this profile.

Karthakk System (Lok)

The Karthakk system is home to warlords and pirates.

An Outer Rim system, the Karthakk System has long attracted the attention of pirates and other unscrupulous spacers who prey on transports moving along the nearby Rimma trade route and Corellian Run. The system is also rich in resources, which transformed the region into a major battlefield during the early days of the Clone Wars. Among the Karthakk system's planets is Lok, a pirate haven ruled by the warlord Nym.

The Lok space sector in Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed will keep players on their toes as they avoid the many pirate factions taking advantage of this corridor's path and riches. While Nym is rumored to be sympathetic to the Rebels on the ground, no one is safe cruising the airways above.


Endor is home to ewoks and...covert Imperial activity?

Located in the Outer Rim territories, Endor is one of nine moons orbiting a silvery gas giant in the Moddell sector. The largest of these nine moons, Endor is known as the "forest moon." It is a lush planet with varied terrain, rivers, and ancient forests, and it is inhabited by the diminutive ewoks and many other creatures. The Endor system is fairly difficult to reach due to the gas giant's massive gravitational shadow.

Because of its seclusion, the Endor system was the perfect location for top-secret Imperial projects. Made famous in the classic trilogy, Endor was the location of the construction of the second Death Star. In the Star Wars Galaxies' time frame, Endor is still remote and unsettled, but it is beginning to garner attention from the Empire as a possible site for further activity.