Square Enix unveils new map for FFXI

Intel demo in Japan shows scenes from Al'Taieu, a new area that will appear in the Chains of Promathia expansion pack.

TOKYO--During an Intel-sponsored corporate presentation touting Intel's Centrino chipset, Square Enix staffers, demonstrating the microprocessor's ability to handle heavy applications, brought out their flagship property Final Fantasy XI as the model.

According to Impress Gamewatch, the company showed scenes from Al'Taieu, a new map that will be included in the Chains of Promathia expansion pack.

While Al'Taieu is mentioned a number of times in Chains of Promathia, this confirms that the area will be accessible by gamers in the near future--as fans of the online game may have already guessed.

The demo was short, but did show scenes with round-surfaced buildings and large areas of shallow water. The rubble of ancient ruins could be seen under the water.

GameSpot will bring you more details on the new map as they become available. To see shots of the Al'Taieu demo, visit the Impress Gamewatch site.

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