Spot Talk: Discuss Titanfall with GameSpot Staff

Today's GameSpot blog features a Titanfall community Q&A at 1pm PST with Danny O’Dwyer and Aaron Sampson.


Time for Spot Talk, our GameSpot blog where our staff members join in the conversation about the articles and videos they've published by jumping into the comments section. Today, editor/host, Danny O’Dwyer, and video producer, Aaron Sampson, will join us to answer your questions.


Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games of the year and today we shared our video preview. This first person shooter is just more than just Call of Duty with Mechs. Titanfall is fresh, distinct, and very much its own thing. It introduces a multi level combat system and vertical movement to create something fresh in the FPS genre. Check it out for yourself below.

Danny and Aaron will be in the comments section of “Titanfall Video Preview: More Than Just Call of Duty With Mechs” at 1pm PST today answering your questions, comments and concerns. They both have had hands on experience and played the game for a couple of hours. Don’t be shy, we want to hear what you guys have to say!

Today’s GameSpot blog was short and sweet, but if you want to talk to a specific editor, video producer, or staff member? Tell us who you want to talk to and we’ll see about adding them to our Spot Talk lineup.



TitanFall here,TitanFall there,TitanFall above....TitanFall everywhere!
I understand that it goes on your nerves...if this game is not coming for your console :)


what you think about this game Eddie Makuch?

ohaifrancy moderator moderatorstaff

@sladakrobot  We know there is Titanfall overload right now, but a lot of people are excited about this.