Spot Talk: Community Q&A with Editors Tom McShea and Kevin Van Ord

Today's Spot Talk features Tom's look at the personalities of Tomb Raider, and Kevin's review of The Wolf Among Us Ep 2.

Time for Spot Talk, our GameSpot blog where our staff members join in the conversation about the articles they've published by jumping into the comments section. Today we'll be joined by editor Tom McShea and senior editor Kevin Van Ord.

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Since the release of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, this game has had a lot of buzz around it. While others are focusing on the graphics, Tom McShea takes a look at “The Dueling Personalities of Tomb Raider”. He explores how her actions do not match what she says and compares her to how Joel made him feel in the Last of Us.

Join Tom McShea today at 1:00pm PST in the comment section of this article to discuss your thoughts. If you don’t have anything to say about this specific piece, he will still try his best to answer those questions about whatever you guys want. [TOM Q&A]

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The second episode of The Wolf Among Us is right around the corner, and so far our opinion of the game is that it’s pretty good. However; it ultimately felt like a bridge spanning the first episode and the third.

Senior Editor Kevin Van Ord will be in the comments section of the review to take your questions about the game. Ask him about the good points, the bad points, or just stop by to say hello today at 12:00pm PST. [KEVIN Q&A]

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I have the new TR game I understand its to be good game, but why can't I be arsed playing it? Is it because i need to play more Dark Souls?


when it goes cheap i think i may get wolf among us one and 2 on steam or somthing.