Sound Byte Radio Episode 10: Ace Attorney, Halo 3 ODST, Terranigma

This week's episode blends in some orchestra and a whole lot of sci-fi sounds from the realm of video game music.

Salutations again. First off, we apologize for the two-week delay from the last show due to a heckaton of GameSpot Asia work to clear out.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's resume to regular-scheduled programming. For this episode, we explore an orchestral remix of the sounds from the first three Ace Attorney series, followed by a few sci-fi mixes from titles like Endless Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We also cap off the podcast with an old ditty from an underrated action RPG classic.

Download the podcast here. And of course, give us your feedback of this week's episode below. See you again in a few week's time.

Music From Today's Show

Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Album ~GYAKUTEN MEETS ORCHESTRA~

Song: Ryuuichi Naruhodo ~Objection!
Composer: Masakazu Sugimori
Buy from Play-Asia.

SHADOW HEARTS II Original Soundtracks

Song: Town of Twilight (Europe Town)
Composer: Yoshitaka Hirota, Yasunori Mitsuda
Buy from CD Universe.

Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack

Song:No Stone Unturned
Composers: Martin O Donnell, Michael Salvatori
Buy from Amazon.

Endless Space

Song: Flawless Theory
Composers: Amplitude Studios
Buy from Steam or Amplitude Studios.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Song: Everybody Lies
Composer: Michael McCann
Buy from Sumthing Else Music Works.

Tenchi Sozo (Terranigma) Creative Soundtracks

Song: The Way Home
Composers: Masanori Hikichi, Miyoko Kobayashi

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Whoa Terranigma! You have brought me back to my childhood.  Thanks for that, really needed a smile today :)


I've been wondering where Sound Byte was; nice selection btw. =P


Terranigma :), I believe the best, or at least the most memorable RPG I've ever played.


A big thank you for all these game soundtracks. Awesome job Jonathan, especially on the Michael McCann - Everybody Lies track!!! It gets me back into the game and invites me to play it again.:)


This show must take lots of research to put together.  Big kudos for doing it so well!  Game music is under-appreciated as it; more than other types is designed to provoke an emotional responce.  Loving this show keep it up Jonathan. 


I love deus ex human revolution' s music! For someone who has played the game just hearing this music brings back so many memories.

mr_toffee moderator

 @XeonForce It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Asia office. Sorry for the lack of SB Radio podcasts. :P