Sony sells more than 3.4 million copies of The Last of Us

Sales figures charted for the first three weeks since the game's release mid-June.


Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that worldwide sales of its PS3 action title The Last of Us have exceeded 3.4 million units.

3.4 million copies within three weeks is nothing to scoff at.

The sales figure was achieved within a span of three weeks since the game's release on June 14. Currently, the game is the fastest-selling new IP in the history of the PS3.

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that the figures are a testament to the game's quality. "The teams at Naughty Dog are true visionaries and their storytelling capabilities are second to none, this title is an undisputed demonstration of that."

The title secured the top spot in the UK gaming charts for the past four weeks. Critics praised The Last of Us for its story, combat and sound design.


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