Social Share: Shadow Weight

In this weeks Social Share we have free to play games, fan made Mass Effect videos, and of course some awesome Link Lottos.

Tech and Gaming Bulletin

First up, great news everybody (well X360 users) we finally have an app on Xbox. The app launched this under the "GameSpot TV" flag, now you can stream your favorite coverage, through your xbox! Next up, it would appear that US Airlines are beginning to rethink on-board cell phone service, how disruptive are cell phones when it comes to interference? While we're talking about changes, Virtual and augmented reality is on the rise. Do you think that VR will be a success or a massive flop? Earlier this week there was a news story about Skype users being targeted by a malicious worm that would lock them out of their PC's, if you are a skype user you should take a moment to read this announcement. And finally a little bit of PETA crazyness. Apparently in addition to being horribly late to the party, PETA has just now decided that Pokemon promotes animal cruelty. The response from many poke'fans was basically this.

Making Mischief

- Unicorn Skull
- Gremlin Jack O'Lantern
- Zerg Jaco O Lantern
- Facebook Commercial Toilet Parody
- Gamer Girls
- Minecraft meets Warcraft
- Digital Costumes with Smartphones

Geekie Gimmies

- 8-Bit Rings
- Zombie's Dream Land t-shirt
- Tardis Apron
- Bioshock Plasmid Rings
- Portal 2 Aperture Test Subject Hat

Free to Play

This weeks free to play selection we have some free iphone games that are up for grabs but only for a limited time. Games like Dungeon Defiler, E.T Finally Phoned Home, and other free iPhone games. We also have the first free to play XBL game, a 30 player online competitive brawler named Happy Wars.

That's Hot

This weeks we check out this awesome Tesla Coil Nerf Gun Geeky Gunslinger lets face it, Tesla coils are awesome looking and this little guy is the perfect addition to any Dr. Horrible cosplay.

Link Lotto

Sometimes they're funny, sometimes cool, sometimes they're just plain weird, its Link Lotto!
- Humble eBook Bundle
- Lok Tar Ogar for Maine State Senate Candidate
- How much does a shadow weigh
- 100% of Facebook friends not interested in your baby

Bonus Item!

Red Sand is an amazing Mass Effect Fan made film describing the story set 35 years befor Commander Shepard.

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That Zerg pumpkin looks an awful lot like the original Mother Brain, and I mean that in a good way!

crimsonbrute moderator

My shadow weighs in at 42 lbs. Maybe it is because by the time someone is having 2nd's (helpings of food), I'm getting 23rds.


Nice film of Mass Effect, need to check it out soon!! :)