Social Share: Amazon jokes, Dustforce delight, and 100 episodes of Random Encounter.

Let the GameSpot Staff twitter shenanigans begin!


Every Thursday we share a list of some of our favorite tweets that the GameSpot staff members shared. This week we take a look at Danny, Martin, Maxwell, Peter, Shaun, and Tom.

Danny O’Dwyer - @dannyodwyer

In the 100 episodes of Random Encounter, the episodes with Hatoful Boyfriend have always left an interesting impression. Danny is finally going to finish this journey! Danny also mentions that Random Encounter will be returning to its weekly air time every Thursday at 11am PST.

Martin Gaston - @squidmania

I’m pretty sure Martin thought this up once cloud gaming appeared. Now, he must wait! Until then, you can also follow our other rejected headlines via our silly and snarky twitter handle GSRejectedHeadlines.

Maxwell McGee - @MaxwellMcGee

If you are looking for a toned down MOBA, Awesomenauts is the game for you. How could it not be? It's a MOBA-inspired 2D arena platformer inspired by late-80s and early-90s cartoons. Where you fight with Russian monkeys in jetpacks, and giant robots. Still not convinced? Listen to Maxwell then.

Peter Brown - @PCBrown

Peter finally decides to give The X-Files a try, better late than never I guess.

Shaun McInnis - @smcinnis

With the recent news of Amazon buying Double Helix, as part of our ongoing commitment to build games for customers. In the mean time Shaun makes a funny.

Tom McShea - @TomMcShea

Dustforce is a game where you play as an acrobatic janitor who must deal with dust and disorder. For editor Tom Mc Shea, this is just another perfect reason to get a Vita.



I've also waited for the time when I could make a certain joke, but I always patiently bide my time until that day comes. Bobby Kotick is saying Hearthstone could be Blizzard's next mega franchise, next to Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, but I wonder: have they put their heart(h)s into the game?

Also "With the recent news of Amazon buying Double Helix, as part of our ongoing commitment to build games for customers" Our? As in Gamespot has an ongoing commitment to build games for customers? When did you become game developers?