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Skipping a Madden 15 Demo for EA Access Loses EA Some of the Goodwill It's Earned

Opinion: Subscribing to EA Access will be the only way to sample this year's Madden, and that rubs me the wrong way.

Coinciding with the recent announcement that EA Access is now available to all Xbox One owners, EA revealed that it will not release a demo for the upcoming Madden NFL 15 (as it typically does for Madden every year). EA says this is because it chose to keep its focus on development of the game, rather than diverting resources to the creation of a demo. Given that EA Access offers early access to the company's games--Madden 15 being the first such game--it's going to be hard for fans to buy that excuse, and I can't blame them.

I was really excited for EA Access when it was first announced, and I remain intrigued by parts of it. While I don't think anyone should be crazy about companies' attempts to take ownership out of our hands as consumers, this was positioned in an optional way. Being able to spend $5 per month (or even $30 per year) to play Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, and other games as much as you want doesn't strike me as an awful deal, particularly if you're on a tight budget.

Early access to games is also interesting. Activision revealed last week that preordering Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will get you the game a day early. For many people, that's a tangible bonus much more likely to encourage preorders than a "bullet-brass" exosuit and gun. The promise of being able to try out most (if not all) of EA's upcoming games before they're released is a nice perk for subscribing to EA Access, even if it's not something that I'd specifically spend money on. EA revealed today you'll be able to play the full version of Madden 15 for six hours with Access, which I feel is a fair amount of time--I was never expecting EA to give away five full days of access to the game before it was released.

Prior to last week's demo news, the most important point about EA Access prior to me was that it was purely optional: If you wanted to go about buying and playing games as you normally would, you could. Up until this Madden news, that made the service--at worst--something you could simply ignore. Between EA vowing to not remove games from EA Access' library of free games (which I am inclined to believe because of the negative PR that would ensue if it started removing games left and right) and some other things it has done recently (like offering free games and refunds through Origin), I was starting to feel like EA had made some real strides in making itself more consumer-friendly.

But this Madden news gives us a distressing glimpse of a future where playable demos (or demo equivalents) are locked behind paywalls. With Internet speeds increasing and things like streaming technology becoming more feasible, publishers should be exploring ways to let more people try their games, not fewer. And yet the latter is exactly what's happened with Madden: as EA Access is only available on Xbox One, players on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 have no way to sample this year's Madden. And when you consider their respective install bases, those platforms represent the majority of Madden's potential audience.

Particularly in the case of an annual sports game like Madden, having a demo available is incredibly important. A perception continues to exist that sports games change very little from year to year, and a demo is the best way to prove that isn't the case. It's also an opportunity to hook people who didn't plan on buying the full game; I know that has happened with me more than once, where a Madden demo convinced me to take the plunge with that year's game.

While EA can say the lack of a demo is the result of focusing on development of the game, it's not as if EA Access is something it threw together in the last few weeks; whatever the reason, EA had to know how it would look to skip a demo of Madden 15 and then begin offering a paid subscription program that will (among other things) let you try Madden 15 ahead of release. It's all the more off-putting that this is happening with a game like Madden that has no real direct competition, as opposed to FIFA 15, which is getting a demo but does have competition for EA to worry about in PES 2015.

EA has a history of being perceived as a money-hungry behemoth, and while I find it absurd that anyone could have ever considered it the worst company in America, there exists a sizable group of people who hate EA. Rather than offering a service that could have won some people over, it now seems likely that EA Access will be considered the direct cause for Madden not getting a demo. Even if EA's official explanation for why there is no demo is believed, it's likely to draw ire: People will see a company that could make the necessary bid to lock up the ESPN and NFL licenses (depriving us of the NFL 2K series, which many felt was far superior to Madden) but won't spend what's necessary to create a demo, which it's been doing every year since at least 2005's Madden NFL 06.

I don't like to make assumptions about how much work goes into making a game possible, but it's not as if sports game demos usually do much more than let you play a limited portion of the full game. This isn't a situation where a demo experience has to be handcrafted. If EA didn't want to spend time making a demo, it could have done what it's doing with EA Access: provide a limited amount of time with the full game. Instead, because that's a selling point for the subscription, most people won't get to try the game.

By not offering a demo at the same time as it launches EA Access, EA is potentially shooting itself in the foot on more than one level. In terms of Madden 15, a strong demo won't convince someone planning to skip the game that they should buy it. (A study has suggested not releasing a demo can be a boon for sales, but that's a questionable conclusion because many of the industry's biggest games never receive demos.) At the very least, those people on the fence might decide to wait until after launch to buy the game, at which point they may opt to pick up a used copy--which EA doesn't directly benefit from--or to not buy it at all. With so many games coming out this fall, it won't be hard to find something else to play.

And in terms of EA Access, what seemed like it could be a good program may suddenly be looked at with contempt. People who were considering subscribing may have ruled out the prospect altogether for fear that doing so will send EA the message that they're okay with missing out on the demos we're accustomed to seeing.

I know I, for one, am not okay with that, and I sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come.

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    Chris Pereira

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    As an Access user (bargain by the way), this is great news that we get to try the full game.

    As regards the lack of a demo. Who needs a demo when you can try the full game?

    Blame Sony for not seeing the value in this and not EA.


    Tough. This is the future of the industry. Publisher subscriptions on top of publisher subscriptions. Ubisoft has already expressed interest.

    When all is said and done, you know exactly who to thank for this.


    "EA says this is because it chose to keep its focus on development of the game, rather than diverting resources to the creation of a demo."

    bullocks! this is about money. cant fool all the ppl all the time!


    Seems that EA is trying to distract us from the game itself. The commercial while funny is way out of left field, there has been a limited number of videos and no demo period. The changes for this year look cosmetic at best. Just have a sinking feeling that like the last few years of Madden on last gen console, we are getting a game that we would consider a minor upgrade from last year.


    Watch out and don't trip over the EA claymore!

    Now a days I look up reviews before buying EA games and I try to buy used EA games if they interest me.


    Pretty sure I won't be buying anymore EA products now. This fee stuff is getting out of hand.


    "Consumer-friendly" I like that you wrote that Mr. Pereira

    Sony Gets it:

    "We don't think asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month for this EA-specific program represents good value to the PlayStation gamer,"

    EA came to Sony and Microsoft...one of these companies was trying to be consumer-friendly this generation, the other was looking to exploit every possible opportunity to pull more money out of gamers. Guess who agreed to EA access? EA and Microsoft have been thick as thieves this generation because they have had a common goal, limit gamer access(going all digital, no more trade-ins,etc) in order to receive more money. The problem is the blatant greed(from advertising on your console to deceitful "free-to-play" forced in-app purchases on mobile games like Dungeon Keeper).

    The greed by both of these companies has been so transparent that even people I consider to be hardly knowledgeable when it comes to the gaming industry have commented on it. Microsoft has made good steps on being consumer-friendly since they realized they were going to be completely crushed if they didn't stop trying to milk gamers for everything they could. EA, on the other hand, has not changed its agenda and they more than likely won't, at least not until people actually see the manipulation for what it is and stops supporting them. It is unfortunate EA does not have competition like Microsoft did in Sony...If they did then you wouldn't be getting milked because the company with the better policies and agenda would prevail.


    You're kidding, right? How is not giving gamers the choice of what is or is not a "good value" considered consumer-friendly? Besides, don't you think its hypocritical of them to say that and then release their own service that let's you rent a game for a few hours at around the same cost as 1 month of EA Access?

    So who's pulling money out of gamers?


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    There is always a catch! Could it be that EA is shifting the business model knowing that the customer will pay for DLC. Example Battlefield 4 premium $50.00 and all the different coaching and player upgrades as well as MUT packs. EA may be ahead of the curve if the push to go cloud based is successful. This move will reduce the cost of production. less boxes, less discs and less shipping and increase profits. It is not gaming friends... It's gaming business.


    << LINK REMOVED >> great points you made, I think EA's biggest Competition is Activision. They are always trying to one up each other. Guitar hero vs Rockband, Call of duty vs Battlefield, Titan falls vs Destiny, etc..


    Anyone else notice how the only people complaining about this are PlayStation 4 only gamers who weren't given a choice? And everyone of them use the old reductionist high school debate tactic (probably because they're only in high school) of ignoring all the other benefits in the program.

    This is just one aspect of the program - the vault and discount being the other two and representing an excellent value on their own (a year subscription costs less than Amazon is currently charging for FIFA14 or Battlefield 4).

    Also, EA was upfront about how the early access would vary from game-to-game. According to Raptr, I played Madden 13 for 22 hours the entire year I owned it so 6 hours to play over 5 hours is more than generous in my opinion. I can't even recall ever getting up to 6 hours in 5 days from any other game/publisher.

    It's also worth noting that those complaining about the value of this one aspect of the program - and for just one of it's games - thought Journey was a great value (a game lasting just over 2 hours and costing half as much as a year subscription to EA Access).


    << LINK REMOVED >> lol, EA access is a Claymore, I have my claymore glasses on, you won't see me trip over thier claymore.

    If you think it's a great deal than you buy it and stop trying to sell the kool aid to other people.

    Why would people want EA access to shit games and old sports games. If you want to play old sports games I'm sure you can find used copies for dirt cheap.

    Also new games you buy on EA access will never be yours! You can't sell back! biggest Claymore ever!



    I Don't buy EA Games anyhow the last one I bought was Crysis 2 and it sucked, Recently played Dead Space 3 which also sucked.

    The only people who think this is a good deal are Xtots you are giving EA money for games that are no longer profitable the new Fifa and Madden are literally a few weeks away, Betafiled Hardline is coming plus 4 is trash, UFC has received nothing but bad reviews across the board and that only leaves PVZ the only game worth playing which you are better off just buying for near enough the same price.

    EA Games are terrible pay to win garbage you Xtots are only bragging just like Ryse Son of rome that this is something special because it is not on PS4 something I am well and truly happy Sony did I hate EA and I am glad that PS4 Causals don't have the option to give the C.ancer off gaming money for Old ass Games.

    Also WE DO NOT GIVE A SH!T ABOUT PS NOW get that into your little Xtot heads I don't rent games If I wan't a Game I buy it DAY ONE, so shut up bragging about this and when we see all these other publishers jumping in on this BS that EA started we will all blame you Xtots because Just like Microtransactions EA start something BAD for gaming and you Xtots all support it until the rest off us real gamers have to suffer for your actions.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I have a PS4/Vita/PS3/PS2/PSP (and WiiU/3DS and gaming PC) so I don't feel the need to rationalize only owning one gaming option. Your screenname says it all. Try thinking for yourself instead of letting a multinational corporation make your choices for you.


    While I think this is a good balanced article, I don't agree with the author. I never really believed game demos brought anything to the consumer. He states it right in the article that many blockbuster titles don't have demos and it's questionable to whether or not they help or hurt sales. I do prefer EA putting more time and effort into the game so I also disagree with his assumptions that resources were taken away to make EA Access that would have been used in the demo game anyway. Its different because the EA Access team is most likely a whole separate department in the company that didn't take any staff from the madden team, while having to make a demo game probably requires the effort of the madden team during the development cycle of the game. I don't like EA's access pass either but eh that just my 2 cents.


    What goodwill? EA has negative goodwill at this point.


    Companies like EA have made the game industry worse. The mid-sized game makers like CDPR make the best games. Always have, always will.


    I remember only about a decade ago when you had to buy $15 game magazines with cd's every month to get demos because dialup wasn't fast enough or stable enough to download on plus people had bandwidth limits. Yet we have kids nowdays crying about paying $30 a year for access to full games, you chumps really are entitled beyond belief.


    Madden 25 didn't had a demo on Xbox One, and it wasn't because of EA Access.

    Demos are unfortunately dying, but it's not EA's fault, in the Xbox One almost half of the available demos are of EA games


    << LINK REMOVED >> Exactly they are actually one of the few that are actually putting out demos it seems.


    Thing is what you get with EA access isn't a demo its a trial of the full game. As in you download the full game and get to play the full thing for a limited amount of time that's a whole lot different than the traditional demo. It takes 0 extra effort to have these trials as they are simply putting a timer on the game. A demo really does take extra work though as they have to set aside a chunk of the development team to work on what amounts to roping off a piece of the game to make a demo. I know many people on the internet aren't familiar with the process(although they often think they do) but it takes time and energy / effort away from the game simply to make a demo.

    I'm honestly not a fan of some of EA's practices same as many people here but I'm just not seeing the mastermind evil scheme. For one the people who play and buy madden yearly aren't gonna be deterred by the fact that there isn't a demo and EA knows that. Second, like this story mentions they are releasing a demo for NHL and fifa. I mean Fifa is more popular world wide and if they really wanted to be diabolical that would be the game to not make a demo for. Lastly the main draw of EA acess is the unlimited acess to the games in the valut not demos. The avg person isn't that pressed for demos quite frankly especially with the plethory of informaton and content on the internet these days.

    You can find reviews, watch videos, streams, podcasts, read forums, etc and get a pretty good feel for weather you want the game or not all without having played a demo. If a game is crap im sure you'll hear it from a hundred different sources.


    So sick of the entitlement gamers believe they have nowadays. 10 years ago gamers would have cried for joy having EA access for $30 a year or free demos of new games. I was happily paying .25 cents up to $1.00 for 5 mins of gaming at an arcade. Stop the crying and enjoy the games.


    @Blazen702 You don't play at arcades anymore, right?

    You know, because you wised up?

    In 5-10 years you'll be thinking the same about that time you thought defending EA was a good idea.


    No I don't play at arcades anymore because they don't exist. And if u have free games with PSN or games with gold it's the same but only $30 a year. You're the 1diot paying full price for games not me. Nice try kid


    No I don't play at arcades anymore because they don't exist. And if u have free games with PSN or games with gold it's the same but only $30 a year. You're the idiot paying full price for games not me. Nice try kid


    << LINK REMOVED >> Yes, enjoy the demos you have to pay for.


    I'm not paying for demos. I was going to buy FIFA 15 and Madden 25 for almost $100 and now I own both for less then $3.00 a month. It's a win win situation. Especially happy that I didn't waste $50 on madden 25 since so far it sucks.


    << LINK REMOVED >> No, you don't get FIFA 15, you get FIFA 14. So instead of paying $100 for this year's newest sports titles, you get both of last year's games for less than $3 a month. Enjoy playing last years FIFA and Madden, while everyone who plays those games will be playing this year's versions.

    Don't worry, though, you get 2012's Battlefield 4. I'm sure that will be fun for a few months until the servers die because everyone moves on to Battlefield Hardline. I hope you enjoy the campaign mode.

    At least once you realize the service isn't all it's made up to be, you won't be able to keep any of the year old games you've been paying to play since all you will have done is been renting them.


    You're a fuck1ng mor0n. Battlefield, FIFA 14 and madden 25 are all less then a year old not 2012. They are next gen titles that all cost me $3. Try as hard as you want to lie but the truth is I'm right and you're wrong. GTFO. As long as I paid the $30 for the year I basically own them and all the other games joining the vault just like games with gold on X1 and free games on PSN. Get you head out of you A S S 1diot.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Oh you're right on BF4, for some reason it felt like I've been playing it for 2 years already, my apologies for getting that wrong.

    Aside from that, you can't argue my point which is you are basically paying for year old sports games, which are released on a yearly cycle That's cool if you want to pay to play Madden 25 and FIFA 14, but your original point is that before this service you'd have to spend $100 to play FIFA 15 and last years Madden, when really, you'd still have to spend $54 to play FIFA 15 (with the 10% off).

    If this sounds like a good deal to you, playing last year's Madden when the new one is out in a week, and last year's FIFA when the new one is out in a month, then hey, more power to you.

    For more enthusiastic gamers, we've already had these games for nearly a year already and this service doesn't offer much unless you're always behind a year. Battlefield 4 is a nice addition, but Battlefield 3 has been free to play on PC for about 6 months and the servers are pretty dead. This is the cycle of these types of games and I don't see why this trend wouldn't continue once Hardline comes out.

    If you see this deal as something worthwhile, more power to you. I just think for many of us adult gamers who get the newest big releases when they come out, that it offers very little. Madden, FIFA, Battlefield... these are 3 big titles with big followings that sell very well on day 1: people who play battlefield buy it early on, not months and months later, similar with Madden... you don't see people getting the newest version of the game in February and March.

    Nice language, btw... way to communicate with other people.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I'm sick of the word entitled :). Seriously, you gotta admit it's overdone now :).



    If the shoe fits...


    Ok I just got madden 25 through EA access and the new madden doesn't let me play a season using a team of my choice. It only let's me play a season as 1 player so I can't play both offense and defense and switch players every play. It simulates plays if my player isn't involved. If this is the new madden I'm done with the franchise.


    You have to choose either coach or owner when starting your franchise to play as the whole team, but they both offer different experiences. I personally prefer owner because it feels more like classic madden franchise mode.


    there will be season ticket this year so your wrong gamespot xbox 360 and ps3 users will be able to test the game this year


    I havent given EA a dime since the Spore fiasco.

    Never looked back.


    It will be a victory for gaming sports fans everywhere when EA loses its NFL exclusivity license.


    << LINK REMOVED >> If only EA lost their team licences then this horrible plague of a company can finally die, after all that is the only reason they get money Casuals buying their sh!tty sports games every year because EA hogs the licences to the teams so the competition can never really compete.


    Has anyone here considered the obvious? Perhaps the new game sucks (or has very little to offer). Look at NBA Live 14. No demo, game sucked. Coincidence.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    LOL, you bring up one of the FEW games on next gen consoles that did have a demo.


    NBA Live 14 had a demo, and I bought NBA 2K14 because of it


    Want to talk about EA losing goodwill, how about the EASHL controversy?


    << LINK REMOVED >> EA is desperately trying to keep that under wraps. Coincidentally every new EA game coming out is dropping modes. NHL, Sims 4...


    Oh EA always ripping money off like your apps. They are such money grabbers and only 6 hours long? thats kinda unfair. I rather have a 2 quarter demo like earlier maddens.


    First, kudos on labeling this an opinion. Second, really?!?!? They openly said demo and trials were going to be a part of the program so no surprise there. And who cares if there is no madden demo? Fans of the series are going to buy it and a demo wasn't going to make or break that. I'd be more concerned with the pace they plan on adding games to the vault.


    We all waited this long to play Madden 15. We can wait another 8 days until official release. No big deal...


    I wish I was surprised, but I'm not. I fully expect EA access to become a scam in which you're paying them $5 to play a game's demo. Madden's the first, you know Dragon Age and Battlefield are next


    Anyone who would pay $5 for a demo or multiple demos or trials is a moron. The service overall is well worth 5$ a month so I don't really see how it is a scam.


    This Madden news is "BOOM.. Tough Actin Tinactin"


    << LINK REMOVED >> With a turducken


    I really don,t see what all the hype is over EA access. It's really just a spin off of EA season ticket. Where you paid $25 for a yearly subscription. To play EA sports games 3 days early before release. EA is big corporate, scamming money from us consumers. Any way they can. And we fall for it every year. BRING BACK 2K FOOTBALL. And that's all I have to say about that. lol


    I am not buying EAs madden. When do they lose the license?


    "Particularly in the case of an annual sports game like Madden, having a demo available is incredibly important. A perception continues to exist that sports games change very little from year to year, and a demo is the best way to prove that isn't the case."

    Completely agree. This is the best way to gauge if the game has changed enough to warrant a purchase.


    Love how people continue to support an organization that gouges taxpayers for their corporate ran stadiums and then in turn is absolutely tax exempt on top of it.


    Wait, when did EA acquire any goodwill? Did I miss something?

    Just EA being EA, no one should be surprised how much they suck at this point. If you had to guess which company would be the first to start charging gamers to play demos, guess who'd be at the top of most people's lists?


    << LINK REMOVED >> Have you been paying attention? All the Xbox fans have been screaming about how EA is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Granted - the only reason they were praising EA is because Access was exclusive to their console and they have nothing else to brag about - but there were some good words spoken about EA for a while


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Xbox fans could cheer a game that was nothing but a video of fecal material sitting on a table if it was exclusive to their platform.

    Not like that really means anything.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I am an Xbox fan and I don't think EA is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I never liked EA and this EA access does not change the way I feel about them. Also, the only reason this is exclusive is because Sony said no to this.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, that was kinda my thought. While I don't have anything personally against EA, claiming that EA has had any goodwill from gamers in the past decade is a deceptive title.

    In fact, that's what got me to look at this article so....well played, Gamespot.


    I'll admit I am not a madden fan, I am absolute garbage at the game and as such, refuse to pay $60 a year to humiliate myself.

    That said, I haven't been paying attention to Madden for a while but I always check out the game demos and I dont recall seeing any demo for Madden outside of Madden 25, which one could argue has more to do with the new consoles launching than letting fans try out the game.

    So how is this bad for EA? By giving us 6 more hours than they normally do to try out their game they're bad? BS!


    NFL sucks @ss. I bet most people don't even know the NFL is tax exempt. What a crock of sh1t.


    @pork7 Yeah it also p!sses me off that these billionaires get the tax payers to pay for their stadiums. It was a necessity in the 1950s when the NFL wasnt a juggernaut, not now when they can charge $1500 for one ticket and the stadium is packed.

    But that goes for most things in the US, big corporations pay lobbyists to pay off the politicians. GE, Exxon and a bunch of other hugely rich corporations get subsidies, then still do things like tax inversion schemes. 99-percent of the people in Congress are useless sponges.


    Madden doesn't need a new title every year.

    They need to release 1 new game ($60) every 3 years and a DLC with an updated roster in between for $30.

    Are you really listening EA?


    << LINK REMOVED >> The idea is that rosters change every year and thus the game must be kept current


    Why do you need a demo for Madden 15? It's the same damn game as last year. If you need a demo so badly just play last years game. There's your demo.


    << LINK REMOVED >> You say that, but it simply isn't true. You can make the argument that there shouldn't be a new Madden every year (and you might be right), but the reality is that there ARE changes from year-to-year, and they can have a major effect on whether I (and many others) want to buy the game.


    why do americans like american football,doesnt even seem like a proper sport from what ive seen of it (it was a super bowl game and they took like 3 steps up the field before stopping to think what do next which took 5 mins they then moved another 3 feet and another 5 mins they kept doing this whats the point the only good thing about it is the cheerleaders


    << LINK REMOVED >> Lemme guess, Soccer fan? The most sporing sport of all time outside baseball?


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> real football the most sporting sport of all time i dunno about that also you think baseball is the hardest sport there is lol,there are plenty of harder sports than football or soccer as you call it look up rugby


    @alaannn Dude baseball is the worst sport. Baseball shouldn't be considered a sport. More like a game. When the fattest guy can be the best at your game it shouldn't be considered a sport.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> How is baseball the hardest sport? Many players are fat and out of shape, whose only saving grace is being able to hit the ball.

    Being a football quarterback or a hockey goalie is the hardest sport.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Football is popular because its got warlike strategy and has a winner. Outside of boxing its as close to modern day gladiatorials as you can get.

    No ambiguous colored cards, flopping and rarely has ties. As far as time goes, the difference is they stop the clock in American football. They dont let 5 minutes run off the clock celebrating a goal then randomly tack on extra time at the end like in euro football.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> warlike lol trench warfare moves at a faster pace than american football,as for flopping every player i seen in american football was flopped over and didnt move this was for a good 30 mins no less atleast footballers move,as for winning or losing i couldnt tell you it was too boring to see the end


    << LINK REMOVED >> The game today resembles nothing of it's glory years in the 80s. Now, commercials have destroyed the game. It's impossible to watch.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    What about soccer and all the fake flopping and running around for 90 min. for a 0-0 tie.

    Rugby, I'm ok with minus the giant circle jerk.

    Cricket is about as boring as watching clouds.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> football while i dont like the pro side of it for all there pretending to be hacked etc,they atleast move around and somthing does be happening that american football game i watched for half an hour they only moved 10 feet in that time literally,why dont americans prefere rugby its the same thing as your football but without safety stuff and really long breaks in play


    << LINK REMOVED >> To be honest, Twenty20 cricket is a lot of fun to watch. The Test matches are very boring, though.



    I will have to check it out and see.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Australia and India have excellent Twenty20 cricket leagues. I regularly watch Indian Premier Cricket in April and May. Much more exciting than baseball. The Australian Bash Leagues runs during January and February.


    << LINK REMOVED >> NFL and College Football are as American as apple pie. It's a great game to us. Every country has its favorite sports. American football is the only sport that matters here. Every other sport is minor league compared to NFL and College football. Of course, it's also a very popular sport for gamblers. Las Vegas runs the NFL, if you want to know the truth.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Uhh, NO it's Baseball that is American as Apple pie and will always be. American Football is only popular in the Southern half of the country because of the weather in the winter. Why do you think that Rodger GODdell is wanting the Super Bowl in Miami and Arizona all the time? Big money does not want to freeze their butts off in that overrated game they pay big bucks for!

    As as as Fantasy Football goes and online gambling that is why it is the only sport we like because you can bet on stat lines and make huge profits like those clowns on Wall St. through overseas betting websites. If you do not believe me just go to ESPN.com and look up and listen to the OTL podcast report on the rise of Fantasy Sports, Las Vegas line bets, and stats betting for certain players you can wager money on that made the NFL what it is right now. It's another money bubble like the tech and housing bubbles were. So you got those last 4 points right.

    That's why I will not support the NFL anymore until they tell the gamblers to shove it and go away by banning them the game like what Baseball did to Pete Rose, and paying the players their total contract monetary value and not cut them outright and do not have to pay them anymore of the deals they were promised, getting rid of the cap for player salaries, and getting rid of the franchise tag they can put on players that want to leave to be traded.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> i can imagine it could be fun to play in the park with friends family,but the pro game i saw they stood there for ever and only moved for a second every now and again it cant be interesting to watch



    ......and twins!


    Really? If you really are a Madden player do you really need a demo?


    << LINK REMOVED >> 100%. There are changes from year-to-year that greatly influence my interest in buying the game.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> pfft. you dont really play madden then.


    The problem with EA Access is that you will need to have lots of bandwidth in hand to download the games. Not everybody has unlimited bandwidth. Many of these games are 20-40 GB. I'd rather just have hard copies than compete in a mad rush to download something the day it is available.

    I don't care for EA anyway. Of course, some smart aleck will say I'm a Sony fanboy.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Or you could rent/borrow the title to install the game to save your cap. Then EA Access turns that into a digital copy with no need to download if you are a subscriber. Also, only one of the current titles is close to that 40GB number you mention - Battlefield 4. The others are much less in size.

    You could say the same thing about PS Plus, which is a little worse since MANY PS3 games approach that 30-40GB range.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> PS3 games are typically in the 20-30 GB range


    wonder if EA will start doing something similar for the betas for Battlefield and their other shooter franchises

    seems like a possibility since EA runs betas for marketing purposes, not to actually test or fix games before release


    Did anyone else notice how ridiculously big the Seahawks punter's head was. I couldn't stop laughing.


    Considering that EA will be releasing a demo for NHL 15 next week (and free, as always), that kinda blows the theory of EA Access becoming a paid demo service out of the water put forward by the EA Hate Bandwagon and SDF.


    << LINK REMOVED >> EA has put out a demo for Madden for the past decade. Kinda blows the argument out of the water that EA isn't using access to gate demo content.



    And one exception does not make the rule. An explanation was given, though you are too biased and vitriol filled to believe it because it doesn't suit your limited view or intelligence. Point is, there are still free demos coming from EA AFTER the announcement of EA Access - there are not going to be paid demos (except from Konami) and you are foolish if you believe that for one minute.

    If they were truly going to make EA Access paid demo access, wouldn't all demos be gone forthcoming? And why eliminate the most high profile one if this was the case? This was merely a case of bad timing on EA's part where the announcement of EA Access coincided with the Madden release, which happened to be a year they opted to skip the demo to focus on the game itself. Reading more into that is grasping at straws.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> And thus this opinion piece states, they author hopes that this does not become a standard.


    So for all the folks that are going to come on here saying, "No, No! Not the beloved Madden demo...this ruins everything"

    I ask you this, when was the last time you (personally) actually played a Madden demo? How many years ago, if ever? Honestly.

    And keep in mind that if you have a habit of saying you loathe EA as much as you say you do, it would make no sense for you to have played a Madden demo recently.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't play Madden, but in all honesty, the demo would let me see if I wanted to buy it or not. It doesn't help current buyers, but potential future buyers


    With the success of MGS : The Stupid Demo, no wonder we are going towards 20 $ for demos that give us 10 mins of playtime and seeing that about 80 % of the sales of that small demo was on PS4, it´s obviously the sheeps fault. Bad Sheep, BAAAAHD.


    I do miss days when many more demos were prevalent, I liked demos. And I still think they are critical for indie games, and new IP's. But I don't think I've played a Madden demo in probably 4 years.

    Did you ask EA if they had done any research on the Madden demo that they'd be willing to share? I wonder if they found that it didn't drive sales of the game from people that weren't going to buy it already. If that was the case, then who could blame them for discontinuing the demo? At that point it is a piece of fluff that diverted time and resources.

    A decision like this is probably highly calculated, especially since the demo was a longstanding tradition, and change can be hard to get done in large companies.

    But again, I really like and want demos for indie games and new AAA game IP's.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Madden is like CoD. The people that are fans buy it every year anyway because it goes with the season. Its not about the minor tweaks its about coinciding with the current season.

    I do agree that they should just update the engine every few years or so and just release a roster update. But why do that when they can charge $59.99 every year and people buy it anyway?


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    I remember last year a few articles where publised specifically talking about wether or not Demos helped sales or not, and they did not.

    IMO it was not the Demos fault, rather the publishers fault, because alot of people would play the demo and decide not to purchase a $60 Madden game for nothing more then a roster update.

    What EA needs is competition, the best Madden games where made when NFL 2K was around.


    well its to bad sony did want this.


    In all fairness PS4 could have had this early access, but Sony are the ones that refused EA. You can't really bark at EA for that one.


    << LINK REMOVED >> True, but I can still see why people would be upset about the demo existing, but only behind a paywall. I think people fear that becoming a trend, and I think that part is justified.

    Blaming all their woes on EA instead of Sony and saying the service is a total rip-off, that I can't understand.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> EA could just release one hour of the game on all platforms as a Demo with no paywall. But no they do this instead its not Sony's fault EA is money hungry.


    Wow so no demo for football fans, outside of Microsoft territory? But seeing how Microsoft is in bed with the NFL, your not a football fan if you don't have the x.bone.