EA Promises Not to Remove Games From EA Access' Free Games Vault

Peter Moore says the Vault will offer triple-A games and pledges not to remove games that have been added to it.

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Once something has been added to the library of games that EA Access subscribers can freely play, the company will not remove it, according to Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore.

Speaking with CVG, Moore made it clear that Access members won't find themselves suddenly unable to continue playing a game because it's been removed from the "Vault" of free games. "I think one of the key things is that once a game goes into the Vault it stays there, it's not going to be taken out, that's a commitment we've made," he said.

The first batch of games to be added to the Vault are FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4. For $5 per month (or $30 per year), members can play these games as much as they want on Xbox One. In addition, they'll receive other benefits like early access to upcoming games and discounts on DLC.

"We have to make decisions along that way, so there's no template, like 30 days after a game ships it goes into the Vault" -- Peter Moore

"The Vault will be substantial," according to Moore, who said more games--including triple-A games--will be added over time. However, new additions won't come on a set schedule--EA will decide when to add games individually. "New game additions will be determined by franchise and timing," Moore explained. "We have to make decisions along that way, so there's no template, like 30 days after a game ships it goes into the Vault."

In other words, Access members won't be able to avoid buying a new EA game because they know it will be added to the Vault after a certain amount of time.

It's worth noting that the terms of service listed on the EA Access website provide EA with the right to remove games from the Vault. From a legal standpoint, it would be surprising if that were not included in the TOS, and this doesn't necessarily signal an intent to remove games. Should a game ever be removed for some reason (or online services for a Vault game be shut down), EA will make an announcement 30 days in advance.

At least for the time being, EA Access will only be available on Xbox One. Sony has said it turned down the opportunity to offer it on PlayStation platforms because "it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect." That point has come under fire in light of the pricing on certain rentals through Sony's new PlayStation Now streaming service, which recently entered open beta. Moore was asked about Sony's stance, but he was hesitant to say much. "It's tough for me to comment on Sony's comments," he said. "I think they made themselves pretty clear."

EA Access is currently available in beta, with a wider launch coming sometime "soon."

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