Sinful new GTA: San Andreas trailer revealed

Explicit lyrics, parachutes featured in new GTA: San Andreas trailer; official site also updated with info on Las Vegas-style city.

With the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas merely a week away, Rockstar Games has updated the game's official Web site to include lots of new information on Las Venturas, a desert city inspired by Las Vegas. The site features information on landmarks and other places of interest in the city, which, in GTA tradition, are clearly based on real-world locations. However, they are obviously injected with plenty of biting irony.

In addition, a brand-new trailer for the game has been released, and GameSpot's got it. Featuring some of the dialogue, cutscenes, and action from the full game, the trailer also reveals some surprising new gameplay elements, such as the ability to bail out of airplanes by parachute. Notably, the trailer is set to the thumping beat of 2Pac's "I Don't Give a F***." The song is uncensored in the trailer, much like it will be in the game. As a result, parental discretion is advised before viewing. This latest trailer is available for download below or from our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas media page.

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