Shrapnel Games announces War in Afghanistan

Shrapnel Games and ProSim reveal that the next entry in the ATF series will cover two centuries of war in Afghanistan.

The next game in Shrapnel Games' Armored Task Force series will be War in Afghanistan, the company revealed today. Unlike most RTS games based on real-life conflicts, War in Afghanistan will not center on a single battle or campaign. Instead, players will experience the entire military history of Afghanistan, from British operations in the 19th century to the 1979 Soviet invasion and continuing on through the rise of the Taliban and Operation Enduring Freedom. Also included is a hypothetical campaign that focuses on the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

War in Afghanistan will also feature much historical detail. Mission briefings will include actual aerial photography of the region and notes on the historical outcomes of the real battle, alongside detailed briefings, slides, and intelligence reports on opposing forces.

Units will be numerous and diverse, allowing for the different eras in which the campaigns are set. Horse-mounted troops will give way to jeeps that carry heavy weapons as players progress through the game. Campaigns set in modern times will also include airborne assaults and urban combat fought inside individual buildings. An in-game hint system, in the form of suggestions from superior officers, will help gamers who are struggling with a certain scenario without pulling them from the game environment.

No release date for War in Afghanistan has been set as of press time.

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