ShellShock: Nam '67 soundtrack details emerge

Eidos announces that its upcoming Vietnam War-themed action game will feature a number of music tracks from the '60s. New screens inside.

Eidos has today announced that ShellShock: Nam '67 will feature a soundtrack comprising the same '60s tracks that might have been played at base camps during the Vietnam War. Artists whose songs have been confirmed to date include Percy Sledge, Sonny and Cher, Roy Orbison, The Monkees, The Small Faces, John Lee Hooker, and The Troggs.

"One of the overriding aims of ShellShock: Nam '67 is to deliver as realistic an interpretation of the Vietnam War as possible," said Helen Lawson, brand manager at Eidos. "Having music in the game that was actually on the airwaves in 1967 will further enhance the game's authenticity."

ShellShock: Nam '67 is currently scheduled for release on the PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox toward the end of this month.

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