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Seven Facts About Destiny You Might Have Missed



One year after its unveiling last February, Destiny remains something of a mystery. Few outside of Bungie's Bellevue offices have been able to explore space as a magic-wielding Warlock, a brutish Titan, or an elusive Hunter. But for as much as we'd all love to discover whether a legendary gun like The Fate of All Fools really deserves that sort of name, Bungie has done plenty to describe Destiny based on their own anecdotes and experiences. All it takes is a little searching. Luckily for you, we've done just that.

So have a look at the following quotes, pulled from various interviews and podcasts over the past few months. Destiny still has a lot of question marks surrounding it, but read on and you may just learn something new.

Destiny will never reach a final level of balance

"We have an evolving understanding of balance. In the past you might have characterized our idea of successful balance as getting it to the point where we could [stop working on the game] and it would be perfect. Nobody had to touch it anymore and it would just be a shining gem for all time. But the problem is, those games don't hold a community the same way as a living game like League of Legends or Dota 2. Those games can build these amazing communities around them because they're changing and evolving. There's a metagame that develops over time. The thing that was awesome before is not so awesome now. The thing that you didn't think about before is suddenly the best idea you ever had."

"That kind of dynamic balance where the game is ebbing and flowing, changing and circulating, we understand that and want more of that now. We want to build a game that's always exciting and entertaining, and not just exciting and entertaining because it achieved a final singularity point." - Tyson Green, lead investment designer

Source: Bungie January Podcast

Everything in multiplayer is designed with a counter in mind

"We definitely believe that something can be powerful as long as there's a way to deal with it. That's a hard balance to strike, but that's the reason we play the game every single day. We're constantly looking at these things to make sure there's no one thing that's so extremely powerful that no one is ever going to deal with it."

"[For example], when you use your vertical movement modes, you're actually getting rid of your ability to be in combat for a short amount of time. So if you want to double-jump, if you want to glide, you're putting yourself in what we call weapon-down. You're making a tactical choice at that point. Like, I want to take the high road right now and get away from combat, but I can't just sit in the air and fire on people. That's now how it works." - Lars Bakken, lead multiplayer designer

Source: Bungie January Podcast

You'll need to make lasting choices

That kind of dynamic balance where the game is ebbing and flowing, changing and circulating, we want more of that now.

Tyson Green

"We're going in a little bit of a different direction from some of the recent RPGs where they really never asked the player to make any commitments. We want players to actually do some things that they may be locked into, at least for some period of time. Because we feel like that allows a person to actually make a different decision from another person and not just immediately copy the decision that's optimal. Everyone doesn't just go to a website and say, what's the best build? We're trying to give people the opportunity to distinguish themselves. Commitment is part of that. When nobody is committed to anything, nobody's distinct either." - Tyson Green, lead investment designer

Source: Game Informer's Designing the RPG Elements of Destiny

Playlists will change fast and often

"We have a really robust system for how we put together our [multiplayer] playlists, just like we always had in Halo. It's even beyond that now in terms of what we're capable of doing and in terms of how quickly and easily we can rearrange those things. So you can expect a similar cadence, if not faster in some cases." - Lars Bakken, lead multiplayer designer

Source: Game Informer's Revealing the Details of Destiny's Multiplayer

It's an action game first and foremost

"You can't make a bad action game good by adding investment. And you can make a good action game bad by adding investment. So we really have to look at it and say, is the game playing well? What are the ways we can add to this experience? A good example is breadth versus power. If you unlock new abilities and weapons that are balanced but different, those are valid rewards. They don't change or ruin the game; they broaden the game. They give people more varied experiences. So the investment game is really trying to make the action game better by creating breadth, personalization, personal identity, and helping it evolve over time." - Tyson Green, lead investment designer

Source: Bungie January Podcast

Success doesn't come from twitch reflexes alone

"Skill is very important. It's not just your thumb skill, it's understanding how you're outfitting yourself, what choices you've made in your build, and how to use that properly. So getting around the map is different depending on what vertical movement mode you chose. Say there's a door to my right, and a staircase coming up to my left, and straight ahead there's this hole blown in the wall. Is the guy going to come up the stairs, or is he going to use glide to jump up through the hole in the wall? Then what's he going to use at that point? Do I want to plant my prox grenade on the ground so that he lands directly on it, do I want to hide in the corner, sprint towards him and melee him in the face? I don't know what's going to happen. There's such a surprising amount of depth to each encounter." - Lars Bakken, lead multiplayer designer

Source: Bungie January Podcast

You won't be exploring a hopeless wasteland

"We [want to build a hopeful world] because people have limited time they can spend with entertainment. We don't want to put them in this grim, dark, grotesque place. People are choosing to spend their time with us and we want them to feel like they're in a world that's worthy of their time, that's worthy of its heroes. It's really important for us to tell positive stories where every player is on the side of good."

"In terms of what we're doing, I think if you look at the art palette and the post-apocalyptic images, they're not about the terror that happened or the fall of civilization, but this reboot that you get. It's this world where you can leave your 9-to-5 job and become a hero and have fun with your friends, tell these cool stories with one another in a place you want to be in." - Eric Osborne, community manager

Source: GameSpot's Making a World Players Want to Be In

Of course, there are still plenty of details left for Bungie to reveal. So what's that one party of Destiny that you're most eager to find out about? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Along with more details about gameplay, crossplay between ps3 and ps4 is a big selling point for me. I'd really like to know the answer to this.

    In reguards to gameplay, I'd like to know how big a part the rpg element is in the game.

    Are there significant advantages and disadvantages for every class and possibly different builds? Or are they just a side note, where the classes and skills you pick make very little difference on how your character plays.

    Also are you able to fight in space with space ships? Where there are multiple classes/purposes of ships to add a whole new aspect of gameplay and roles.

    To the whole permant skill thing, I actually agree with a few others here. This will do the opposite of what they are intending. Making skills permanant will make for bigger punishment for purchasing a bad skill for your build. People will be more likely to such the internet for good builds so they don't waste all the time they put into the game only to have a bad character to show for it. In short your being punished for expirementing with different skills.


    For the online stuff... Can we play with players from other consoles...? Like PS3,PS4 players playing with Xbox360,XboxOne players...? Or PS3 players playing with PS4 players, Xbox360 players playing with XboxOne players? Or are we only able to play with players on their individual console?


    << LINK REMOVED >> The official word is no on cross Xbox x PS. But a definite maybe for PS3 with PS4 and Xbox 360 with Xbox One.


    how are you????????


    "Everyone doesn't just go to a website and say, what's the best build?"

    No, that is EXACTLY what they say. People go on forums, ask for build help, and then imitate what someone has already done. That part won't change, still excited for the game though.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I completely agree. If choices are permanent or semi-permanent, players with less idea of what they're doing will swarm to the internet to make sure they don't make the wrong or at least sub-optimal choice.

    The rune system in Diablo 3 was amazing as it let me try out every skill before choosing the ones I wanted to stick with, and it also gave me the freedom to change my mind, or create weird and fun skill sets when playing with friends.


    << LINK REMOVED >> That's what they don't want to happen though. They each player to play and build their character the way that player feels is best for them, not the way a bunch of people say is best.


    << LINK REMOVED >> To your point, within in a week after launch , there will be youtube videos comparing weapons to show which is best for what.


    Fight the injustice! free Fail Troll Gamespot!


    Halo Meets Killzone meets Borderlands = Destiny

    With a slice of Warframe for dessert!


    << LINK REMOVED >> warframe? what are you even talking about?


    Warframe = weapon lvling system...

    Killzone = weapon styles and similar looks

    Bungie went less on Halo like weapons... and more so other shooter this time around... With a lvling system like warframe (depending on items you use) and a loot system like that of Borderlands. ...

    Visually, Killzone still tops destiny! But, destiny looks to be much more of a game and way more complex obviously


    << LINK REMOVED >> Killzone need not apply.


    Hmmm, balanced games don't hold a community? Team Fortress 2 seemed like a balanced shining gem. Still has people playing it.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Are you really suggesting Team Fortress 2 hasn't evolved and changed over the years?


    @pseudomichael @daveb81 No, I'm saying it's balanced (Just like I said in the first comment). "Destiny will never reach a final level of balance" translates to, "We're going to release an early beta version of Destiny as a gold product and fix bugs and balance issues with patches."


    Destiny sounds so promising.


    I still don't have a handle on what exactly this game will be like...But I welcome new ideas.


    << LINK REMOVED >> It's a borderlands clone!


    Seriously hoping for splitscreen.


    @animalmother013 I thought i was the only one... I am glad there are still some people there.


    Any vehicles in this?


    << LINK REMOVED >> yes


    To be honest, I'm still not sure exactly what to expect... and maybe it's that reason that I'm more interested in this than any previous Bungie game.


    This and the Division are all I want.


    << LINK REMOVED >> plus the Witcher III and watch dogs, good year of gaming


    ºJº Lofty goals. Hope they can realize them.


    I'm really looking forward to this game. Just wished it could be a tps as well as fps. Or scrap the fps and just have a great tps...


    Fact 8: This game will be extremely over blown and mimic the direction Bungie was going in the last years of Microsoft. "toilet swirl" Even right now the AI looks exactly like Halo, as well as the running and jumping animations.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Oh no! The same jumping animations?? :-O

    Though I do I agree that the AI needs to be revamped a bit.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I have been such skeptic of Bungie since Halo 3...


    A lot of people will hate on Bungie because they never owned an Xbox, but their games speak for themselves.

    "Oh you mean recycled sci-fi FPS trash?"

    The story, quality, gameplay balance, and polish set Bungie's games apart from everyone else's. This ambitious project will truly set them apart from other developers, for better or for worse.


    Obviously you never played Oni..............


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    As if a 13 year old game is more of an indication of the quality of a company's work than the nonstop hits they've put out over the past decade. X3


    A FPS that involves dispatching numerous enemy alien types with a variety of futuristic and colourful alien weapons.........

    Sounds really unique, cant wait.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    I know, almost sounds like... Just about every non WWII themed shooter since the start of gaming! =0

    Next unique, original quip?


    So looking forward to this game. Any new info is exciting. At this point, if it says "Destiny" in the title, im reading it.


    So... who is waiting for Dark Souls 2?


    << LINK REMOVED >> wow cool your tits


    I like the mention of having to make lasting choices. Too many players in multi-player games just see what every other player is using and copy them. This will force people to adapt to their initial loadout and should lead to a decent amount of varied gameplay.

    Activision needs some serious humbling, but I want this game to do well.


    Destiny seems like one of those games that should be made for PC and pc only.. but bungie thinks not??? why?


    << LINK REMOVED >> Why would that effect you in any way? Other people can enjoy the game too.


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Kinda selfish with that comment.

    A game with this kind of budget will never be PC only. they want to make money.


    @StephenSays @dannydopamine28 I agree BUT it should at least be on PC in addition to the PlayStation and Xbox.


    << LINK REMOVED >> ...a far larger audience and far more profits. Simple.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Erm, there's many more gaming PC's than XB1's....


    << LINK REMOVED >> There's still many many more PC's about. In 2011 there were 355 million computers sold. Even if you said 3/4 of them weren't gaming rigs, thats still 89 million in one year. Over a the 10 year period you're giving with the last console generation, it's no contest.


    << LINK REMOVED >> About 130m million actually. Check out Statistic Brain.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Xb1, PS4, X360, PS3 totals about 168 million i believe


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> What about Xbox 360s, PS3s, and PS4s?


    I can't help but shake the feeling this game will end up being amazing and word of mouth will be the only thing that convinces people to play it.


    << LINK REMOVED >> You are psychic. I was thinking the same thing except the "awesome" part. But I don't think this game is going to do well.

    It doesnt have Borderlands charm.

    It doesn't have the accessibility of CoD, Battlefield or Titanfall. Where you can just jump in and play a few rounds then bounce out when real life kicks in. This feels MMO'ish with you taking time to block out time from your day to play.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>You might be right about missing that Borderlands charm (though I would put it more as "bizarro humor"). But for the accessibility, I know they've said on several occasions that if you only have a few minutes to spend out of the day, you can do that and feel satisfied. Regardless, whatever it may lack in charm or accessibility, I think people will still be interested solely for Bungie's name on the box. They carry a great deal of weight.


    If the game has auto-aiming and you can't turn off the hit detector of the HUD, their stammer about skill is pointless.


    << LINK REMOVED >> It's more than just auto-aiming..........


    << LINK REMOVED >> Does it also scratch your balls?


    I just want to know is online a requirement? Can I be completly disconnected fron the internet and play this game to completion?

    I regularly revisit my old games, My game room looks like the AVGNs basement. I refuse to purchase and get into a game that will be unplayable in the future.


    << LINK REMOVED >> YES This is an online only game.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>No, not DRM. They are designing the game to be constantly changing and persistent, and to nudge you in the direction of playing with others (though you are never forced to). To do that requires that you play online.


    << LINK REMOVED >> so basically its DRM.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Yep, searching in the Bungie forums i found the same. Shit... Deleted my post


    @youssef_96_96 Don't mean to burst your bubble but...... you are part of the problem you are talking about.

    << LINK REMOVED >>

    I know this is a rather old article, but every other one I have seen says the same thing. I think this pretty much sums it up.

    "Bungie's upcoming << LINK REMOVED >> will feature a highly crafted narrative experience, one that you can experience as a traditional "campaign." However, even if you're playing the game single-player, you will need an online connection. "To play Destiny, you need to be connected," Bungie's Pete Parsons succinctly noted."


    Just worried its going to be way too kiddish and casual. The story is pretty flawed, and you can't feel like a hero without earning it, and it sound like they are just handing it away. W/e, as long as it also challenges pro and elites i guess its all good.

    If it fails, at least "The Division" is looking great. Sadly it probably won't be out till 2015.


    mmm cant wait, reminds me of that Huxley game that never came out.


    Interesting things I didn't know about this. Can't wait!!!!!!! 83


    That picture looks like Assassin's Creed with guns and aliens! I wish this game will give new ideas to other developers because I am not fond on first person view. Still I may give it a try.


    But one important question still stands...Well two...With me...

    Is this an MMOFPS? Sure Defiance is there but that one is a Third Person Shooter and Planetside 2 is like Conquest on Battlefield, not really an MMO then...Plus it works like crap unless you have a NASA computer or are a smug bastard that goes "Oh, I have spent 700pounds on my computer and it can run on ultra"....Bloody Englishmen....

    And second: Will it have a subscription? Because as a 17 year old living in Slovenia, there aren't many "Side-jobs" available so before you go "Get a job u bitch!", do know that THERE ARE NO JOBS OPEN TO ME


    << LINK REMOVED >> What you don't have drugs in Slovenia? Sell those.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Drugs are bad...M'kay...And there aren't enough places in my town or anywhere I know of that would be like..The local junkies to want to hang around at

    Trust me, I looked, while wearing an outfit that would legally make me look like an assassin


    << LINK REMOVED >> It isn't an MMO. It uses match-making. It may not even run on servers at this point, just P2P.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Aww shoot...Well I guess I will try it out at some point anyways, assuming it will be good to begin with


    I can't wait for Destiny. I've really missed Bungie since Halo:Reach... I mean Halo 4 was a great game in its own right, but there was something special about Bungie's last few games in the Halo series; Halo 3:ODST and Halo:Reach. Reach still remains my favorite Halo game by far.


    "...if you look at the art palette and the post-apocalyptic images, they're not about the terror that happened or the fall of civilization, but this reboot that you get."

    That made the article for me. I like that.


    << LINK REMOVED >>Agreed, and I think that Bungie will execute that atmosphere very well, if Halo is anything to go off of. I never felt sad playing Halo until in ODST when Butch is lamenting the destruction of Earth, and the grim response is: "We got off Reach, we'll rebuild" (or words to that effect) suddenly the scale of the genocide hit me, and its pretty saddening. But you still feel like a badass, and that there is hope. If Bungie can do it in Halo, they can do it in Destiny.


    This plays like a piece of marketing.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I just thought the same. So many stories and fancy pictures, but no gameplay trailers, not even a small one.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>there were gameplay footages, you probably missed them.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> yea I actually found some. There is the 40 min gameplay, Visually stunning, gameplay though... meh.


    Wait, what the hell is wrong with playing in a hopeless wasteland?


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't think "wrong" is the way they were thinking about it. They didn't want to do that. They wanted a more "hopeful" world. I don't know what that means though.

    Candy-cane crossbows? Licorice rifles? Gummi gatling guns?


    I think it's gonna be awesome... If it's close to what I'm imagining... A Halo-like universe, open world for me to explore and tackle at my own pace, then I'm happy. I had a lot of fun with Defiance, I'm hoping Destiny will have similar elements but amplified by ONE TRILLION!


    I think they are taking a shot at Borderlands. Borderlands had all the awesome elements that a lot of gamers wanted, a solid FPS, a crazy loot drop game with tons of different sorts of guns.. and some character progression. But to me it was a failure. Well it failed to meet my expectations by a mile. I know some of you may disagree. I think Destiny first and foremost will feel like an interesting place to explore and hopefully tell the story however they choose to in an interesting way. There is a balance with loot games though.. to much and your constantly micro managing your inventory, to little and you get bored with your gun or weapon. I have high hopes for the game but I will believe it when I play it.


    << LINK REMOVED >> If you played Borderlands mostly alone, then I could see it disappointing. The real fun of it (to me) was playing online with friends, which always makes things more fun.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't juxtapose an argument of what is, Borderlands, comparing it with what isn't, Destiny. Borderlands wasn't a failure by any means. Having a choice to explore in a different way should not be criteria for failure or not. That stuff is just bloat spoken by the game's designers and owners because it's their baby, so to speak, using whatever means to separate themselves from the competition (Borderlands). What matters is weapons, controls, story, and abilities. Exploration has a limited amount of girth compared to the entire game and isn't/shouldn't be substance enough to consider purchase of a new game or incite high levels of interest. How many people can I kill with this weapon? Hey, have you ever seen this ability? How cool does it look when I do this? These are things to be considered if a game should have interest built in it. The rest is just fluff at best.


    I love that last bit about not putting people in a dark, grim wasteland. It's almost like they're saying, "We're not building DayZ"


    << LINK REMOVED >> or Fallout Online


    "You're making a tactical choice at that point. Like, I want to take the high road right now and get away from combat, but I can't just sit in the air and fire on people."

    Well considering how crazy people are going for Titanfall, that's probably not what most gamers want :).


    << LINK REMOVED >> Not neccesarily, it's entirely option. as they said, Destiny is an action game, first and foremost. If you want to go ham all the time (i.e. Titanfall) then by all means, center your build around just charging in like a mofo, but if you don't want to fight, then you don't have to. The option is just there, take it or don't.


    The best thing about this game that is not on pc.

    Cry pc beggars!!!


    << LINK REMOVED >> at least PC gamers have games like Star Citizen, The Division, Watch Dogs, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, South Park: Stick of Truth, Titanfall, The Elder Scrolls: Online, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Dragon Age: Inquisition to look forward to on PC.




    << LINK REMOVED >> How is that a good thing? They're just reducing their potential selling market and it results in a lot of people not buying their game. I'm not a massive fan of the consoles but when a company sells their games onto it instead of it being a PC exclusive, they're increasing their sales and hopefully in turn will make a profit and allow them keep/hire more employees as well as create more games.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not really it's more like they're trying to support old consoles and help push out the new ones.Like every social game you're going to grab the console your friends have and play together


    << LINK REMOVED >> Let him be, he is very... special.


    fact: its not on the pc


    << LINK REMOVED >> but they said they're adding it to PC at a later date.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I don't think they've ever actually said that. Just some vague statements that it may possibly be on PC, maybe. I think even that has been updated to a more firm "not on PC" stance, but I can't provide any actual articles.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Well, they were contract-bonded with Halo (to release it only where MS wanted them to release it), I think with this one they have more freedom... so it will be their decission.

    I always found it a bit sad that MS completely ignored their other, obviously less loved child - Games for Windows - and completely let Windows gaming in hands of 3rd party developers. Not that 3rd party developers are not doing good job, but MS should lead the way in supporting their own product, even if MS games hit Windows a year or more later.


    "[For example], when you use your vertical movement modes, you're actually getting rid of your ability to be in combat for a short amount of time. So if you want to double-jump, if you want to glide, you're putting yourself in what we call weapon-down. You're making a tactical choice at that point. Like, I want to take the high road right now and get away from combat, but I can't just sit in the air and fire on people. That's now how it works." -Lars Bakken, lead multiplayer designer

    Ummm... in that picture above, it sure looks like the character is aiming in the air...


    Shaun McInnis, fantastic compilation! Between Game Informer's coverage and the January Bungie Podcast, there were so many insightful quotes that, under scrutiny, reveal a LOT about how this game is being designed. I don't know how you managed to narrow it down to seven. Seriously, if anyone has any interest in Destiny at all, go listen to Bungie's January Podcast, it's just fantastic. I'm especially excited that I'm seeing some influence from MOBAs on competitive multiplayer with Lars Bakken discussing how the way you build your character, now that it's been detailed by Game Informer, will also factor in to your performance competitively. So it's not just about twitch thumb skills, it's also about strategy in approaching situations and how to build your character to accentuate their abilities and weapons or to counter other player builds.


    What I'm most eager to find out about is splitscreen. Bunie have claimed social features have had a big influence on the game but yet i cant think of anything more social than sitting with a buddy playing splitscreen. Yet bungie have not mentioned it at all.

    Dear Gamespot, please find out if Destiny will have split screen. Thanks!


    << LINK REMOVED >> This a thousand times!!I seriously want Split-screen, im tired of it getting ignored.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Yes! This is the number one thing on my mind as well. I want to be able to play with my wife as well as with her brothers and father. Considering it's Bungie, I have high hopes they didn't forget about us. So many played Halo splitscreen, it would be just hurtful to themselves to not make it happen.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I hope they add this for people who want it, but personally, if game is really that good and someone from my family wants to play it with me, I'd probably invest in another console. I'm finding split screen - regardless of how they split it, horizontal or vertical - very uncomfortable to play. I think my eyes and my mind are so used to 16:9 format, that anything else feels very weird.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Good point. I remember split screen on 4:3 screens, but I don't recall if I've played split screen on 16:9 screens.


    The one and only thing that will sell me on this is the level of customization. I instantly fall in love with most games that allow me to customize my character on a cosmetic level.


    WHY didn't they put this game in third person view? I can't stand First Person; it's breaking the immersion and your view is always annoying.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Perhaps they could make a 2nd person view? I can't figure out what that would be like.


    << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You will see your character shooting at "you".


    << LINK REMOVED >> How is first-person breaking your immersion? That's the whole point - to enhance the immersion.


    << LINK REMOVED >> I remember them saying that they Destiny was 3rd person for a while, but ultimately first person just works better for the type of game they like to make. For what it's worth, you're still in 3rd person in social hubs where there isn't any combat going on.


    << LINK REMOVED >> i wish it had the option at least to play in 3rd person.


    << LINK REMOVED >> Well given that Bungie have extensive experience creating FPS games they probably decided to play to their strengths when making Destiny.


    Negative Nancy's everywhere.


    @Ferg1213 yea I don't get it... as far as FPS's go this game looks like it could be pretty awesome. I was a fan of Halo though, and this does seem to have some similar mechanics... but I don't understand how anyone can like an FPS game like BF4 or CoD but hate a game like Halo, unless you just have very specific an narrow taste, they're all VERY similar really, like all FPS's are at the base level.


    Sounds like dumbed down FPS to me.