Revamped Spy Fiction revealed

New trailer from Sammy shows off the improved graphics of the upcoming stealth action game.

Double-click the video window for a full-screen view. Sammy Studios has released the first trailer of the revamped Spy Fiction. After being released in Japan in December 2003, the game has seen its graphics and gameplay retweaked for its North American release this fall. According to Sammy, the trailer also shows off Spy Fiction's new graphics and lighting, as well as its redesigned levels and AI.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 2, Spy fiction follows Billy Bishop and Sheila Crawford, two spies on the hunt for a potentially apocalyptic bioweapon. It's the pair's mission to infiltrate the terrorist organization holding the weapon, which they do with the aid of an identity-snatching device and an arsenal of weapons. Spy Fiction will also feature several action-oriented minigames and more than one path to victory in each mission. GameSpot's preview further unmasks the game.

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