Resident Evil Outbreak New Details

Capcom reveals several new details on its previously online-only Resident Evil game.

Capcom has released additional details on Resident Evil Outbreak. The game was originally designed as an online-only game, but Capcom has decided to include a single-player mode that will be made up of five scenarios. The company also revealed that both modes will include eight playable characters, each of whom has a unique set of skills. For example, the character named Alyssa is the “master of unlocking” and can open most locked doors, while Kevin, a member of the Raccoon City police department, starts off with a high-powered weapon. The character known as Yoko can carry the most items, and David the plumber can make weapons with his tools. Jim the subway worker will also be a playable character, but it’s not entirely clear what his special skill is yet.

There are also some interesting features being incorporated into the game. You can pick up wounded characters, having them lean on your shoulders. It’s also possible to pick up items in the environment and use them as weapons. Repeated use of these items will cause them to deform and eventually break, rendering them useless. In some cases, walls and fences can be broken down by swinging a weapon a them. You can also use some objects to hide, like a bed or a locker. Unlike in some of the previous Resident Evil games, zombies can open doors and chase you from room to room. Moreover, you’ll have to occasionally use some teamwork in the game, sharing items with other players and pulling them up onto ledges.

The most significant feature being introduced in Resident Evil Outbreak is the virus gauge. At the beginning of the game, this gauge is completely empty, but as the game progresses, it will slowly count up to 100 percent. When it does, your character turns into a zombie and essentially dies--though you can control your character as a zombie for a brief period of time. The virus gauge, which is separate from the health gauge, will also increase if you sustain damage from an enemy.

Interestingly, there will be no save feature in the online portion of Resident Evil Outbreak--if your character dies, you'll have to leave the current game and find a new one. In addition, downloadable content may not be possible due to the poor sales of the PlayStation 2 hard drive in North America and Europe.

We'll have more on Resident Evil Outbreak soon.

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