Real War: Rogue States announced

Simon & Schuster's real-time strategy game sequel will let players go to war against terrorists. Screenshots inside.

Simon & Schuster Interactive has revealed Real War: Rogue States, its upcoming sequel to the real-time strategy game Real War. Like its predecessor, Rogue States will let players go to war against the Independent Liberation Army, a fictional modern-day terrorist organization. The game will feature 14 new single-player missions, 20 new skirmish maps, and a number of new multiplayer options. Some of the new skirmish maps will focus specifically on different types of games, such as air-only maps, counterterrorist maps, and advanced tactics maps. The game's new multiplayer options will let two players share control of the same forces, with one player controlling the ground forces and the other player controlling the air forces. Rogue States will also improve on its predecessor with a new artificial intelligence system that lets players give units orders to complete specific objectives.

Real War, which was released last September, is a real-time strategy game based on a military training program developed for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Real War: Rogue States is in development at Rival Interactive, the Virginia-based game developer that created the previous game, and it is scheduled for release in September. We've posted some screenshots from the game in the gallery above, and we'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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