Peggle 2 Coming to PS4, Ending Xbox One Exclusivity

Still no word on a PC release.

Formerly exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Peggle 2 will release on the PlayStation 4 on October 14, publisher Electronic Arts has announced.

First released on Xbox platforms in November 2013, PopCap's sequel to its simple but immensely satisfying take on pachinko was one of the games available at launch for the Xbox One. EA said that it was a timed exclusive at the time, but didn't say when it will release on other platforms until now. However, EA didn't have an update on when Peggle 2 will come to PC and mobile devices.

During a conference call with investors in July, EA CEO Andrew Wilson referenced a "much-anticipated new Peggle game" for mobile that is in the testing phase. Back in May, EA launched a version of a new, free-to-play Peggle game on the iOS app store in markets like New Zealand and Singapore. It's a common for publishers to test mobile games in smaller markets before launching worldwide.

GameSpot reviewed Peggle 2 favorably, giving it an 8/10 for its engrossing mechanics and scoring system, and charming music, sound effects, and visuals. Be sure to check out our full review and previous coverage.

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Peggle 2

Peggle 2

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