Operation Flashpoint 2 E3 bound

Codemasters may not be showing off at E3, but developer Bohemia Interactive says it will demo Operation Flashpoint 2 anyway.

According to a post in the Bohemia Interactive Studios forums, Operation Flashpoint 2, the tactical first-person shooter from the Prague-based developer, will be making an appearance at this year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Bohemia's PR manager, Paul Statham, said in the forums that "Marek Spanel and myself will be in attendance at [E3], where we intend to announce our release plans for 2005 and beyond. We will also reveal further details about the games we're currently working on."

Operation Flashpoint 2 will be published by Codemasters, the British company behind Second Sight. Codemasters has announced that it will not be taking a booth at E3 in May. Thus, Bohemia will be showing off Operation Flashpoint 2, set for release in 2006, on its own.

Bohemia Interactive Studios is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and is the developer of the original Operation Flashpoint for the PC and its numerous expansion packs. That game was set in 1985 and portrayed a fictitious skirmish between American and Soviet troops. The company says that this new Flashpoint game will also focus on modern combat.

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