Nintendo unveils GameCube keyboard

Nintendo showed a prototype model of a GameCube keyboard for Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II.

At E3 2002 last week, Nintendo showed a hybrid of a keyboard and GameCube controller for the first time in North America. The odd-looking controller is essentially a stock GameCube controller split down the middle with a miniature keyboard inserted in between the two halves. Players can play games as they normally would, as the keyboard includes all the buttons of a normal GameCube controller and the keyboard itself. It is smaller than standard keyboards, but it works quite well for typing.

Nintendo has not stated when the keyboard will be released in North America. Ascii has developed a similar keyboard controller for the Japanese market, though Nintendo has not stated whether the controllers on display at E3 are from Ascii as well.

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Does anyone know what other non Phantasy Star games the keyboard can be used for?