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Nintendo's Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U

Editorial: Tom believes Nintendo's mysterious "quality of life" platform could be intended to quietly nudge the Wii U out of the spotlight.

The Wii U is performing dismally at retail. It's the depressing reality in which we live, and one that has caused us to think up ways to improve the console's fate. What if Nintendo no longer bundled it with the expensive GamePad? Or partnered with outside studios willing to create exclusive games for the Wii U? Then maybe the system wouldn't lag so far behind its competitors. Though such moves might help Nintendo in the short term, they would be mere Band-Aids on an open wound. The Wii U is in a dire situation. I believe Nintendo has reconciled itself to that fact, and has already planned a way to bail from this sinking ship.

Enter the "quality of life" (QOL) platform. No one knows what to make of Nintendo's proposed QOL initiative, partly because we know almost nothing about it. Nintendo wants to improve people's lives in some indeterminate way--using non-wearable technology--and is going to introduce this nebulous product some time next year. According to CEO Satoru Iwata, whatever the QOL platform is, it will be entirely separate from their gaming ventures. Iwata said, “When we use ‘health’ as a keyword, some may inevitably think about ‘Wii Fit.’ However, we are considering themes that we have not incorporated to games for our existing platforms." But what if Nintendo has much grander plans for this mysterious device than they're letting on? This could be Nintendo's next big idea. An idea much more in-demand than their ill-advised tablet controller, and one that could propel the company to the same heights it enjoyed during the peak years of the Wii.

Could Nintendo build an entire platform around the likes of Wii Fit?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let's take a look back at history. In 2004, Nintendo announced the DS, and positioned it as a complement to the Game Boy Advance and GameCube. It was going to be their "third pillar," another portable system that would coexist alongside their other hardware. Remember, this was a difficult time for Nintendo. The GameCube was lagging far behind the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and though the Game Boy Advance was still in its prime, it wasn't successful enough to prop up an entire company. Nintendo was becoming less relevant. They needed to make a serious splash to turn the attention of the gaming audience back toward them.

What if Nintendo has much grander plans for this mysterious device than they're letting on?

As you may remember, the Nintendo DS was a phenomenon. Nintendo had a masterful software lineup that appealed to its core audience while bringing in newcomers as well. There was nothing else like Nintendogs or Brain Age, so Nintendo was able to expand to the casual market, though they never ignored those who kept them afloat during the lean years of the GameCube and Nintendo 64. It soon became clear that their planned "third pillar" was no more than a shield. If the DS were to fail, they could sweep it under the carpet and release a new Game Boy. But after the handheld took off, the Game Boy name was forgotten, and Nintendo has continued to have one dual-screen handheld and one console ever since.

Now we're seeing history repeat itself. The 3DS is selling well, though not nearly as well as its predecessor, and the Wii U is bottoming out. Nintendo is losing relevance. Its investors are demanding that they develop games for smartphones while its loyal fans are gobbling up the few games still trickling out for the Wii U. It's a sad situation. Excellent games such as The Wonderful 101 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze are being ignored at retail simply because not many people own the system, and third-party studios are sprinting away from the console as if it has Ebola. Is it too late for a price cut? Is it too late to secure exclusive games? The Wii U's fate isn't sealed yet, but the chances of Nintendo turning its fortunes around are so slim that a plan B is needed.

Maybe the Vitality Sensor will make a triumphant return.

And that plan is the curious quality of life platform. When Nintendo first announced this device, I was puzzled. Nintendo has been around for more than 100 years, and in that time they may have transitioned from manufacturing playing cards to video games, but they have always focused on entertainment. Quality of life gives me visions of doing P90X workouts or downing a raw egg after jogging five miles. It makes me think about psychiatric evaluations and acupuncture appointments. People improve their lives in ways that are necessary, but not fun, so I couldn't imagine how a quality of life platform could possibly be appealing.

But then I remembered who we're talking about. There's no way that Nintendo is going to push our minds and bodies to their limits without a carrot dangling tantalizingly before our eyes. I may not have a clue what this QOL thing actually is, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be fun. More importantly, it's going to attract an audience that could not care less about the 3DS and Wii U. Part of the reason the DS and Wii were so popular is that Nintendo broke free of popular gaming conventions to appeal to people who don't want to spend their leisure time stomping goombas or doing barrel rolls. Wii Sports and Picross DS showed those who normally shun games why we spend so much time in front of a digital screen, and elevated Nintendo to the predominant technology company.

So right now, Nintendo is taking a cautious approach with their quality of life platform. They announced it at the same time they said Mario Kart 8 is coming out in May and Satoru Iwata is taking a paycut, news stories that would deflect attention away from this mystery. They're carefully saying that it's separate from their gaming division. Nintendo is trying to make the QOL as inoffensive as possible, something that gets mentioned during investment meetings instead of taking center stage during a Nintendo Direct. But they're only going to stay quiet for so long.

A model for our future wellness.

For the rest of 2014, Nintendo is going to continue with the plans we've already seen with the Wii U. Mario Kart 8, Yoshi's Epic Yarn, Super Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 2 are still going to come out this year. Maybe we'll even see X and Zelda come out next year. But after that? Don't expect much. Nintendo is treading water with the Wii U, but that's not a long-term strategy. Once the QOL platform comes out next year, you're going to see their focus shift. Advertising and store kiosks will force this device into people's consciousness, and Nintendo will distance itself from the failing Wii U. It's a smart strategy. Nintendo doesn't have the third-party support to prop up a console, and can't produce games quickly enough to keep good software flowing. They have to reinvent themselves.

This sounds like a scary situation for someone who was weaned on Nintendo games, but it doesn't have to be. Nintendo will never stop making the video games that we know and love. But it's no longer financially viable to have two separate platforms that cater to the same audience. By having the QOL alongside the 3DS, Nintendo will be able to appeal to the dyed-in-the-wool gamers and the casual populace at the same time. And we'll see traditional games such as Super Mario 3D World released only for dedicated gaming devices, while everything else comes out on the QOL platform. Everyone will win. It may be a rough transition, but I believe Nintendo's quality of life platform will greatly improve the fortunes of the Kyoto company and push the Wii U quietly into the sunset.

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People seem to forget that the wii u came out around the same time as PS3 and Xbox360. The reason for its unpopularity wa mainly due to the fact that there were no decent games released for it untill late last year.

With the ps4 and xbox1 now out, it is easy to see why Nintendo want to get their next gen on the shelves.


<< LINK REMOVED >> The Wii-U came out 7 years AFTER the 360 and PS3. It's supposed to be their current gen system. That's what makes it so bad, it's years behind and it's still fairly new.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Uh, sorry but you are WAY, WAY off. Unless you meant the PS4 and the XBox One.

The launch dates were nearly six and seven years apart!
The PS3 was released on November 17, 2006 in NA/EU
The XBox 360 was released on November 22, 2005, nearly a year earlier, in NA/EU
The Wii U was launched November 18, 2012 in NA, again, six years and a day after the PS3.

Maybe you meant the PS4 and Xbox One launches...they were quite a bit closer?
See, either way, the Wii U was launched as part of the 8th generation of consoles with the PS4/XB1. The original Wii was a 7th generation console meant to compete with the PS3 and XBOX 360. Frankly the Wii U was a "Wii Update" A jump to 1080p and the new tablet controller were the selling points, that was pretty much it.

Now don't get me wrong, I have been a gamer from the beginning, and no I don't think graphical computing power is everything. Super Mario Galaxy for the sorely underpowered Wii, for example, was awesome! Still, a system needs to be capable of being relevant, non native porting attempts on the Wii U have had huge setbacks and largely been failures. I know that this author is speculating a new "Pillar" type of approach with a "quality of life" centric mindset, I am personally hoping for a brand new Nintendo branded console with a solid online system as good as PSN/Xbox-Live and a breathtaking amount of a capability. I would love to see a console on par with the PS4's hardware and a refocusing on building a powerhouse system and a full, optional, monthly subscription service giving the player access to every single first party Nintendo release since the NES itself instead of selling virtual console games, just open the library up. 978 NES rom files for a PC emulator only clock in at 220MB, thats a start right there.

Now I know you can't do them all, and so, so many wouldn't be first party licensed Nintendo games. But a true open access to the Nintendo Classics up to the N64 and a modular controller that could actually add on a cradle to the "classic controller" giving you the central analog stick and z buttons and two additional face buttons to give you the full N64 layout. That would a hell of a way to kick it all off, enter a new era, and encapsulate the old without having to constantly rebuy everything, Virtual Console could become "Nintendo Legacy" and make sure to include all the handhelds prior to touchscreens, or have them too if they insist on leading with touch and motion again. I know they love it, but I wish they would have a handheld clamshell style tablet with HDMI wireless out and both it and the console would be upgradable by the user, hell even in the N64 was! That is my pipe dream for Nintendo, watch em flush it.




My thoughts: every console has a life expectancy. Nintendo doesn't typically go in for a 10-year plan, so... If we keep posting doom-and-gloom about the Wii U every 6 months or so, eventually enough time will have gone by that a new console will be announced and thereby our prophesies will gain the illusion of truth :-P


<< LINK REMOVED >> Wii U has been dead since launch, their out of months.


I think it's pretty obvious that Nintendo is developing a sexbot.


<< LINK REMOVED >> That looks like Reggie!? :D


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The question is - would your body be ready for cyber sexy robo reggie?!


"The Great Nintendo Conspiracy"


an awesome idea like the Powerglove, or the Virtual Boy?


<< LINK REMOVED >> Stick to emulators f*cking cheapskate pirate xDDDDDD

Remember, it's pc only or nothing xDDD


<< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, and this time PowerFleshlight and Virtual Girl.


Nintendo could have turned things around this holiday season with a price cut. They had finally had some decent games, the system has been out for a while now; it was the perfect time. But they did nothing and nothing was the result. MS cut their prices and it did wonders for them. The original Wii sold well because it was the cheapest console on the market. Nintendo needs new leadership because it's one thing to "drop the ball", but there was no effort to dig themselves out of the very big hole they made for themselves. And again, compare that to MS, who arguably had the worst console launch in history, have been aggressive in their efforts to get back on track (to mixed success).


<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree, the president of Nintendo Minoru Arakawa must be fired in order to turn Nintendo around, he has been a complete failure.


<< LINK REMOVED >> I too was surprised that there was no clear price-cut - it could have given the sales a big boost


Even a (almost) year ago this article was plagued with erroneous facts.


Why are you promoting this year old article again, GS?


No one should let this article at all influence their view about the Wii U. This article is propaganda and lies. The QOL platform isn't even a gaming system, and Nintendo has said that themselves. It's going to be in a completely different market.

And I have no clue why he's comparing the Wii U to the GBA getting replaced by the DS. The GBA was a very successful system. It sold over 80 million copies. The DS came out 5 years after it, so it was simply a new generation for portables. It didn't replace it due to poor sales. It replaced it because it was a new generation. The N64 came out 5 years after the SNES. They weren't abandoning the SNES because of poor sales. They were just moving to a new gen. Same thing will happen with the Wii U. They'll probably release its succesor 3-5 years from now. They'll simply be moving on to a new generation.


Another shitty article written by a shitty journalist,PATHETIC.


Just release a damn console with regular non-quirky controllers, and people will buy it.


Don't worry my fellow gamers.

Wii U emulator will keep the flame burning bright.

Only wussies buy consoles.


<< LINK REMOVED >> We play on consoles, because there are less hackers and bloat software necessary for game installations. A high number of PC games aren't even monitored for hackers, so their online elements are broken. Emulators have their own issues, and can be a headache if you have to keep switching plugins to get the audio or video to function properly. Less of you're friends are likely to play on PC than console as well, because they're pricey to build and even pricier to buy.


Nostalgia rules. This rule seems to apply to articles as well. ;)


Um, this was first posted almost a year ago. Why is this back up on the front page now?


This. Article. Won't. Die.

Just like the wii u :)


I guess Eddie wasn't around today to post some click bait article, so they just dug up this irrelevant piece. Good job Gamespot.


Seems like fanboyism @ gamespot is real, out to kill Nintendo I see. By bringing up this old article over and over.


Anyone that thinks Nintendo would just abandon the WiiU out of the blue is extremely naive and knows nothing about the company. The Virtual Boy was a disaster but didnt quite have the same stakes on the line.. they still hadthe Game Boy and SNES to bring the money in.

If Nintendo just pulled the carpet out from under WiiU owners feet out of nowhere it would obviously p*ss alot of people off. They know this, thus all of the awesome games that have been coming out for it since this low-brow click-baiting excuse of gaming journalism was written. People are buying WiiU's, it argueably has more high quality games than the other 'next gen' consoles, and Zelda owned E3 top to bottom. Spin it any way you want, Nintendo is doing fine and McShea has been proven wrong (has he found a new job yet?).


I would love to see them actually improve to a system that I could get Zelda at Assassin's Creed graphics, Mario Kart at need for speed graphics, or even the wii sports at EA style graphics would be the only reason I would invest in another Nintendo console. Join the future Nintendo, you were awesome and great once and now your always in 3rd place


<< LINK REMOVED >> Actually they are in 1st place right now. The 3DS has more sales than all the other consoles combined.


<< LINK REMOVED >> What a joke


The worst article I have ever read. This should have been posted as fiction. He goes on and on about how Nintendo will for sure kill off the Wii U after they release this QOL console. The link on "entirely separate from their gaming ventures" leads to an article that tells us that "Iwata announced the company’s big plans to create a third platform to complement the Wii U and 3DS." Iwata never said anywhere that they were planning on replacing the Wii U with this QOL console or whatever it is. What even makes him think they will kill off the Wii U. The Wii U has currently sold 7 million consoles. If Nintendo just stopped making games just two years after the release, a lot of people who spent $250- $300 on this new console will be very angry with Nintendo, and they will end up losing even more support for their company. From what I heard, when Mario Kart 8 launched, Wii U sales skyrocketed. I assume that since Super Smash Bros was released, sales rose again. I've even heard that Nintendo is even working on a Pikmin 4 for the Wii U since Pikmin 3 was so popular. Even here on Gamespot, the president of the company in August said that the Wii U could still be a hit.

The main problem with the Wii U is the machine is not powerful enough to play many of the new games being released by third parties. That is why so many don't support the Wii U. Today people love games with great graphics, so most play third party games on Xbox One or PS4, so companies make all of their games for the Xbox One and PS4. I don't get at all the love for great graphics in video games. I think that if a game is fun, who cares how great the graphics are. I would still play CoD Ghosts on Wii U even though the graphics may not be so hot on the Wii U. The game is still fun regardless of the graphics. Super Mario 64 is still a fun game today, even though the graphics are terrible compared to the games we have today. If only so many people did not misunderstand the Wii U, it would be far more popular.

He says that the Wii U GamePad was ill-advised. The GamePad is also completely misunderstood by most. I believe the GamePad was an excellent idea. I just bought a Wii U over Christmas, and I can already see the potential for having two screens for games. In Nintendo Land, the GamePad is used in many multiplayer games in one-verse-all style minigames. In Mario Chase, one controls Mario with the GamePad while the others control Toads in a search to find and catch Mario. Also in Pikmin 3, the touch screen of the GamePad makes it very simple to control what you are aiming at in the game, instead of having to change what you are aiming at with the joystick. It's a shame Nintendo hasn't put it to good use in many of their other titles. The GamePad has lots of potential, and third parties should consider putting the GamePad to good use in some of their titles. If there was not so much emphasis put on graphics today and third parties actual made games for the Wii U the Wii U would be selling much better.


<< LINK REMOVED >> This article is dated March, 9 2014. Before both Mario Kart 8 and Smash.

No idea why Gamespot is releasing this article now.


<< LINK REMOVED >> I realize that it's dated back in March so why would they repost it now? It's like Xbone and PS4-loving Gamespot want to make as many people hate Nintendo as possible.


I was going to go out and buy a Wii U tomorrow but I guess I'll wait.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Dont believe this article, these punks from gamespot are Sony and Microsoft fanboys


<< LINK REMOVED >> said no one ever.


A 10 month old article is "recent". Com'n I need some new news!


burn this f*c*ing article already... I didn't agree with it 9 months ago and now It really don't make sense.


Imo it wasn't Nintendo spreading itself too thin between the 3DS and the Wii U that caused the Wii U to be such a failure, it was Nintendo's "shooting themselves in the foot", so to speak, with a series of bad decisions regarding it. First of all, they rushed the console out before they had games developed that could utilize more than one gamepad, and without sufficient third-party software. Imo the gamepad situation was much more costly than the lack of third party software. The fact that the Wii U comes packaged with only one gamepad (although consoles packaged with only a single controller is a problem that is common to all systems on the market as of late), and additional gamepads cannot be purchased separately, in addition to the fact that there are no games supporting more than one gamepad, is a very serious issue. Currently, when playing multiplayer games, only one player uses a gamepad, while the others use the old Wii remote and nunchuck (Although the apparent industry-wide trend of slowly killing off the cherished tradition of the split-screen multiplayer in favor of online multiplayers, causing games to suffer from the same problems computer games faced in the era before widespread use of laptops, may be partly to blame for this). Imagine what it would have been like if the N64 had only allowed one player to use the three-pronged, control stick-featuring controller we all know and love, and in multiplayer games the other players had to use SNES controllers. That's what it's like with the Wii U. In fact, if I remember correctly, early commercials for the Wii U showed not only every player using a gamepad, but a feature where someone could be playing a game on the console, and then, if they had to go somewhere, take it with them on the gamepad and continue playing on the go, using the gamepad like a handheld system. I'm not certain, but I think the main reason these features never saw the light of day was because Nintendo rushed the console out for fear of taking a long time developing it, which seems to be all too common these days. It's especially sad because Nintendo themselves proved just ten years earlier that a lengthy development period does not automatically hurt a console, and in fact can do just the opposite. The N64 was originally supposed to debut in 1995, but development was delayed and it didn't actually get released for another 2 years. When it did finally get released, it was a smash hit, and remains to this day one of the greatest consoles of all time.

One other thing I want to point out is that imo the Nintendo's decision to focus more on casual gamers and on people who wouldn't normally play games with the Wii and DS, which the author of this article praised, was actually more of a bad thing. Back when the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 were the big new consoles, I remember a lot of my friends saying that the reason they liked the other two more than the Wii was because, in addition to better hardware, the PS3 and 360 had more games of the traditional, button-pressing type, which put more emphasis on story and on graphics and such than on gimmicks like motion controls and fitness programs. I can testify from experience that having to swing the Wii remote around just to attack in Marvel Ultimate Alliance got boring, not to mention tiring, rather quickly. Imo what Nintendo should have done, and needs to do again if they are ever to regain their former glory, is to focus less on creative gimmicks and more on taking the time to develop a quality console with hardware at the same level as the competition, and with plenty of good old button-mashing style video games.

This isn't coming another stubborn "old fart" who doesn't like change in general either. I consider myself very liberal, a hippie in fact, not to mention I'm only in my early 20s. It's just that in some cases, such as this, I believe that, rather than go in a new direction just for the sake of change, it's better to follow that old maxim, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".


The hell is Gamespot doing bumping up old articles to populate their slow news feed?


I don't know how people can claim that Nintendo is falling, much less the idea that Nintendo HAS been falling since the gamecube. When I was a kid/teen, the GameCube was the shit! Played the hell out of that thing, and so did my friends. I admit I skipped the Wii and went with the 360, but apparently the Wii outdid the xbox/PS by miles. Now I own the Wii U and it has been a delight ever since I purchased it last year. If anything, Nintendo is only now feeling some depression in profits; but they've gained momentum with new releases since May and will continue to do so throughout 2015.

In summary: back off, pessimists



As someone who was a diehard Nintendo supporter during the GCN/PS2/Xbox years, it's weird to think of Nintendo potentially having to resort to such desperate measures. Then I remember, E3 2007, and I know that the Nintendo I grew up with has been dead for a long time.


<< LINK REMOVED >> What desperate measures are you talking about? They have billions in the bank. They're now profiting again, despite the low sales. If anything, the Wii U is a lot more similar to the Gamecube than the Wii. So I have no clue what you're talking about.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The Wii-U has sold around 6 million this year, 2 million more than nintendo estimated themselves, and 500,000 more than their original estimate in 2012. People wondering about bank, Nintendo has more money than every division of sony combined... They are the biggest Japanese company that previously (last year) owned 60% of the japanese market. Even last year in their poorest year ever on record they made millions of dollars.

Despite what many media outlets are letting people believe, Nintendo has never had a year of loss, EVER. The Wii-U has still sold around 9 million in 2 years (3.3 and 5.7 million per year) and since this year the Wii-U has experienced a huge popularity boost in western countries its likely that the wii-U will sell ever better next year, I'd estimate 7-8 million.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Did you not read the article? Did you just skip to the comments section to white knight for Nintendo?


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I've read the article, and it makes no sense. Why the hell would they be focusing so much on it and be announcing games like Zelda, Star Fox, Splatoon, Yoshi's Wooley World, Xenoblade X, and others, if they were trying to "quietly" kill it?

If that were the case, they'd do what Sony did with the Vita, and stop supporting it, and try to draw the attention away from it. Instead, they've been adding more support to it, and supporting the 3DS less. If they wanted to kill it, they'd be making all these games for the 3DS, and be focusing on that to draw the attention away from the Wii U.


why is a article from 9 months ago at the top of the home page on gamespot?


Gamespot, what if you kill this silly article, after all you killed the guy who wrote it.


3DS XL worth it ? Smash Bros is smashing my thumbs after extended gameplay :(


<< LINK REMOVED >> 3DS XL is basically the best portable system of this gen, and even a strong competitor to home consoles and smartphones. Mine is my #1 game system with over 1000 hours of gameplay in 2014. Take a look on the game library and make your decision. I'd say you can't go wrong with it.


imo the wiiu is getting its share of nintendo games right now, every recent release has been a classic from mario kart, smash bros, captain toad and bayonetta 2 the quality is there but its very late in bringing them and i forsee only a handfull more before nintendo move on to the next console ...the wiiu has been a let down not a total let down but never the less a let down

thers only yoshis wooly world, mario maker, starfox and zelda coming that i want to get and i think zelda will be the swansong for the wiu, i give it another 12 month tops

i wont be rushing out to buy the next console thats for sure, i purchased the wiiu expecting the classics to come from nintendo thick and fast but they only dribbled out of nintendo hq at a very slow pace infact ther was next to nothing from them in the 1st yr and a half they seemed to be more focused on the 3ds at the time

nintendo please please rethink your strategy for the next console and get a good selection of your classic games on it

as with the wiiu i expect to see

donky kong, mario, mario kart, fzero, pilot wings, wave race, 1080 snowboarding, zelda, new ips new characters

give us a points or trophy system and a proper online experience and a proper controller


<< LINK REMOVED >> My sentiments exactly!!!


Them Asian corps, its kind of like they rather let it all burn if its not for its own market. Much like how Sega has that "fk westerners" eye-slant, but just won't say it to everyone's face.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Yep, you know how popular those Total War, Football Manager, and Company of Heroes games are in Japan.




March 9 2014 Gamespot why is this top?


God, why does this always end up on the home page under "recent" over and over again?


<< LINK REMOVED >> to get clicks when nothing is happening.


who cares about QOL bring out the fusion!


Didn't read this article when it came out earlier in the year, but I have been saying for a decade at least that Nintendo has been losing it's way. Nintendo 64, while a good console, was the last we really saw of Nintendo trying to stay fresh in the market. The console featured a lot of original IP's, and possibly because it didn't do so well, this is why Nintendo began to revert to safe titles. We started seeing little more than the core franchises. Then the Wii almost entirely did away with gaming variety for all ages. Besides a few games aimed at older gamers, the console was mostly aimed at such a casual and core-Nintendo audience that there was no reason for anyone new to really plunge in. And if you got tired of Nintendo's core franchises, like I did (on home consoles anyway), then there was no reason whatsoever to pick the console up. Nintendo knows what it has to do. At least I hope so. But for some reason they don't do it. We've seen it before, all the way up to the Gamecube. The SNES is the pinnacle of this. The number of genres and games for every age creates a massive library. It doesn't matter what age you were, or what genre you liked, SNES had it. Everything from FPS games to the usual Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. Heck, let's not forget that N64 had one of THE defining console FPS's of all time. But for some reason, Nintendo decided to stop developing like that, and they lost all their third party support.

The bottom line is that, whereas earlier Nintendo consoles had a compelling variety of games, Nintendo has squandered their status in the industry by playing things far too safe and relying too much on the typical franchises that Nintendo fans will buy no matter the finished product (let's face it, if you're a fan of any of their franchises, you're going to buy the next chapter of that franchise). While I may not be a huge fan of theirs these days (besides my 2DS), I do sincerely hope that will change. I want to love Nintendo again, but they need to give me a reason to love them again.


I agree, the SNES was Nintendo at its best when they had a huge variety of games. Nintendo slowly changed and I just don't understand why they are thinking this is fine.

I do hope they realize, now that the WiiU is in no way shape or form competition against the PS4. The PS4 surpassed WiiU's Total Sales In just months in the market.

While some games are coming out, even the top games like Bayonetta 2 nor Smash Bros have shown incredible sales to increase hardware sales by a huge margin. It's the sad truth I truly feel bad about

I just hope Nintendo comes back to truly compete with a fresh business mentality for their next home console.


This article came out 9 months ago. I would say that the Wii-U's position has improved since then.


Big N has lost touch with gamers this is not the 90`s.


<< LINK REMOVED >> You're right, they have lost touch. They want to make quality games, while all everyone wants are mindless bro shooters.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> if it wasn't all geared towards little Japanese kids i would still follow Nintendo.


<< LINK REMOVED >> Says who?


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> What games do you get free with Nintendo each month, half the games are not even online Nintendo Land.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Sure but at least they aren't paying for online.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Try playing new COD on the U.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Why would you? lol. I don't know anyone who buys a Nintendo console with COD in mind. People want the exclusives and they pretty much always deliver.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They are behind miles in sales.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That doesn't mean they aren't good. From what I've seen they get better reviews than a lot of Xbox or PS4 exclusives. They just cater to a different crowd.

I'm not saying the Wii U is Nintendo's best console, but the games it's made for are usually quality.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Again, who cares? Are you really so insecure that you only buy a video game console if it is more popular?


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I own all the consoles.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Try playing any Nintendo game on the Xbox.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Who cares? Their games are fun. Every game doesn't have to be online to be good.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You are missing the point, they need to change or fail.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nintendo is the most innovative of the three. The only difference between the 360 and the One is that the One is slightly more powerful, but still pretty bad. And don't get me started on how much games like CoD have changed.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I wouldn't call Nintendo innovative, if anything, they're sticking to the old ways. Which is good for some but of course that being enough to last in today's market is arguable to put it mildly.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> ofcourse they innovate, how could you release 8 kart games and still make it awesome everytime?


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You seem to be missing the point. They seem to be doing just fine.


What I am hoping is that they finally realize is that they need to get out of the console business all together.

I really want the options of their games without having to buy their console. I would like to say I'd buy a handheld but I want to play on a larger screen. (Not that I wouldn't buy their handheld in the future if they started become a third party publisher for consoles.)

But really? Just get out of the console business Nintendo. The Wii U tore you a new one.


McShea, how does "everyone win" if the number of traditional games being released is dramatically reduced in favor of software intended for soccer moms?


<< LINK REMOVED >> There's a reason McShea doesn't work here anymore, and it's not because he has excellent articles.


<< LINK REMOVED >> We get soccer moms distracted. I'd say that's a win for everyone.


Slow week at GameSpot huh?


This article makes me nostalgic for the days when Tom wrote regularly for GameSpot. Wii U has been heading out for awhile, but at least Nintendo is making good on releasing new iterations of it's core franchises. Hopefully, they will make that forecasted mobile/home combined console that has all the best of both worlds next generation.


<< LINK REMOVED >> A 3ds that can hook up to a TV and you an play them on your TV? Sounds great as long as people don't expect modern graphics when the game get enlarged in such a fashion.


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You totally took the words right out of my mouth. I have been wondering for some time why they stopped making the "handheld to tv" adapter device for their systems (first one was Super Gameboy, then they did it again with the GBA and Gamecube). That was really a great idea!


<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They did this once before. It was called the Super Gameboy and did moderately well, but I have a feeling it wouldn't hold up as well today. People are perfectly happy playing their 3DS games on their 3DS and the last thing Nintendo needs to do right now is put their focus into something that isn't as appealing as it once was. They need to focus on how to repair their home console market before trying to resurrect extra ideas that won't really help them at all.


I feel like clicking and commenting on this editorial makes me a stupid person.


I hope GS pays Tom royalties for this article.For the last 2 months or so it has been resurrected just for the sake of click bait.


ugh this article was dumb 9 months ago, it's even worse now. this thing where gamespot features ancient articles for no good reason. It would be nice if this atleast had an update or new comment etc from the staff. I feel like this one was dug back up because of its incendiary nature which is more classless then smart.

Hey lets get the wii u fans and haters fighting all again over this stupid article.


why are they re-posting an article that is close to a year old at this point? looks desperate. i suppose they need content while everyone is on vacation, huh?

having said that... not much has changed since then with regards to how poorly the wii u is selling. what has changed, though, is the fact the wii u had a great year from the software side of things. if not for the ridiculous price i would have considered picking one up. it is worth $200 and not a dollar more when you consider how short its life is destined to be and that there will only be a dozen or so "must play" titles by the time of its demise (1.5-2 years tops).


Why would you repost an article written by someone you let go on Facebook?


Yeah, they're slowly killing their console that they continue to develop 1st party hits like zelda HD, Star Fox HD, etc...

Get real. If they killed it off now, they'd just put themselves in a hole with the fans and supporters that actually own nintendo products in the first place. What they need to do is market their friggin hardware in a way that people who don't keep up with gaming stuff will understand (i.e., most parents). That has been one of the biggest contributors to the dreadful sales.


Actually it was the Sega dreamcast but thanks for playing


<< LINK REMOVED >> *cries* My poor Dreamcast it's why I didn't buy a PS2 til near the end of it's life cycle damn monster =P


Unfortunately yes ! Nintendo was on past years technically seen back behind PS and XBx !
Plus it comes that Nintendo has extremely high prices on "Mario" games wether selling them online or as a cartridge Whilst PS and Xbx drops their prices down ! But it doesn't Stop there because with 1 Nintendo Network you can only have 1 3DS with a Wii U Handheld linked whilst with Sony's PSN you can add 5 PSP's incl Vitas and 2 PS3/4 ! This means for that you have to create for each Nintendo Handheld 3DS another ID and pay for games for downloading them again !! What if you are a family with 2 or 3 kids ? This means if you can afford it you will pay a hughe amount for funny Mario's figurines ! What about the hardware ! I really think that their hardware are a little bit outdated despite some technical addition like "3D" or similar comparing with an PS or Xb one !
Nintendo is not family friendly but but Sony is it !
Keenly said i like basically all Nintendo characters but they have radically change their selfdestructing political factors .
Or it could be that one day Sony will buy "Mario" .