Ms. Pac-Man world record broken

Abdner Ashman of Queens, New York, bests long-standing score by narrow margin.

The score-keeping gang at Twin Galaxies is reporting a new world record on the classic Ms. Pac-Man arcade game. Previously held by Chris Ayra, the Ms. Pac-Man record is now the sole property of Abdner Ashman of Queens, New York, who bested Ayra's previous mark of 920,310 with a mark of 921,360. To put that in perspective, over more than 130 stages of Ms. Pac-Man, the difference between the two performances came down to 1,050 points, barely more than the points value of a single apple. For more on Ashman's accomplishment (including, in all seriousness, a play-by-play account of the game), check out Twin Galaxies' original announcement.

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at my local bowling alley the ms.pac-man machine has a high score of 107,000 (about) and me brother and i spent at least $20 to get 63,800 points