Mortal Kombat X Reveal Coming Tomorrow -- What Do You Want to See?

Six characters have been shown off to date, and a seventh might be planned for tomorrow.

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NetherRealm Studios has announced it will be revealing something for Mortal Kombat X at fighting game tournament EVO 2014 tomorrow afternoon, though it's provided us with very little indication as to what it will be showing.

"We have an exclusive reveal for EVO 2014," NetherRealm posted on the official Mortal Kombat Facebook page. The text was accompanied by the image you see to the right, which reads in part, "I stand watch for eternity."

That sounds as if it could be pointing toward the announcement of another character, though whether this will be a new character or a returning one is not yet known. For me, to "stand watch" brings Raiden to mind, but it could just as easily be someone else.

The reveal is planned to take place on Saturday, July 12, at 12 PM Pacific. You can check it out for yourself on Twitch, and we'll have the news here on GameSpot as it happens.

Six characters (seven, if you count Ferra and Torr as distinct characters) have been confirmed thus far, only two of which have been seen before:

  • Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
  • D'Vorah
  • Cassie Cage
  • Ferra and Torr (these two work together as one character)
  • Kotal Hahn

That leaves room for any number of previous Mortal Kombat characters to still be announced (Noob or Ermac, please!), but it's clear NetherRealm plans on having plenty of original characters, too. We got a look at some of the new things the game itself is doing last month.

Assuming that it is a character being revealed tomorrow, who would you like to see? Let us know who's on your Mortal Kombat X wishlist in the comments.

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