Minecraft: Pocket Edition sells 700,000 units

Mojang reveals $7 portable iteration of indie adventure game nearing platinum status since August launch; presently selling 5,000 copies per day across iOS and Android.


Mojang's indie hit Minecraft has currently racked up sales of over 4.5 million, but it's not the company's only title posting strong figures. Mojang business developer Daniel Kaplan recently revealed via Twitter that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold more than 700,000 units since its debut in August.

Minecraft is proving to be the little game that could.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition launched in August for the Xperia Play, with $7 Android and iOS versions following in October and November, respectively. A follow-up tweet from Kaplan revealed that the game is selling a combined 5,000 copies per day across iOS and Android.

For more on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, check out GameSpot's preview of the game from MineCon 2011, embedded below.


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