Minecraft franchise sales hit 17.5 million

Mojang reveals Pocket Edition of creation game hits 5 million in sales, boosting total franchise figure to new milestone.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The Minecraft franchise has reached new heights. Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson announced via his Twitter page today that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has reached 5 million in sales, pushing the series sales total to over 17.5 million.

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Minecraft for PC and Mac remains the breadwinner of the bunch, selling 8.3 million copies. The Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft is no slouch, though, selling 4.48 million copies as of last week.

Gamers interested in getting an inside look at the development of Minecraft can check out 2Player Productions' official Minecraft documentary. It was targeted to launch December 7, but according to a tweet from the company, it has been delayed to sometime later this month.

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