Midway claims Earth 2160

Space-based real-time strategy game for the PC picked up for November release in US and Canada.

The humans in the upcoming Earth 2160 for the PC may be roaming the solar system in search of a home, but the game itself is a bit more fortunate. Midway Games today announced that it has picked up the rights to publish Earth 2160 in the US and Canada and that the space-based real-time strategy game will hit shelves in those countries in November.

Earth 2160 is the third game in the Earth series, and Midway will be its third publisher, after Interplay handled Earth 2040 in 1997 and SSI did the honors with Earth 2050 in 2001.

In storyline terms, the Earth has been destroyed. The three surviving human factions aren't going to let a little thing like that stop them from killing one another, however, so they've taken their grudges to Mars. Unfortunately, the resulting ruckus awakens an alien race imprisoned within the planet, and it turns out the red planet isn't big enough for the four of them.

Poland-based developer Reality Pump is currently at work on Earth 2160. The studio's previous body of work includes real-time strategy games World War III: Black Gold and Once Upon a Knight.

Earth 2160 is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99. Take a look at GameSpot's hands-on impressions for more.

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