Metal Slug 3 ships for Xbox

A port of this arcade classic will soon be shooting up a console near you.

SNK NeoGeo USA announced today that Metal Slug 3 has shipped for the Xbox. The first Metal Slug game to be released for the Microsoft console, Metal Slug 3 is a revamped port of the classic arcade game and will also be available for the PlayStation 2 in the fall. Metal Slug 4 & 5 will arrive on both consoles in early 2005.

The port of the popular arcade shoot-'em-up will feature Xbox Live leaderboard functionality. Metal Slug 3 will also include more than 10 new slug vehicles, including the slug copter and the elephant slug, which has a special trunk-spray weapon. Original missions will be available as unlockable rewards.

For a full rundown of Metal Slug 3 on the Xbox, check back later this week for GameSpot's full review. You can also check out our impressions of the game.

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Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3