Massive Pours Aqua from Voodoo3

Archimedean Dynasty developer shows its next game at German premier of 3Dfx's Voodoo3.

German game developer Massive Development introduced its new game, Aqua, at the German premier of the 3Dfx Voodoo3 at CeBit '99. The game runs on a proprietary gaming engine known as the krass Engine, which is optimized for "realistic simulation and efficient visualization of distributed, interactive 3D environments in real time."

The five-year-old studio is best known for its detailed underwater simulation game, Archimedean Dynasty. Its latest game, Aqua, is the first game's unofficial sequel.

"Massive Development has an outstanding history of optimizing for 3Dfx technologies and our native API Glide," said Brian P. Bruning, Developer Relations Manager at 3Dfx. "Their innovative use of our hardware features to create special effects is amazing. Aqua is truly a showcase piece."

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