Majesco announces two for GBA

Majesco plans to release GBA versions of the Web-based puzzle games Bookworm and Bejeweled in North America this year.

Majesco has today announced that it is planning to publish Game Boy Advance versions of both Bookworm and Bejeweled in North America later this year. The Wb-based puzzle games, which were both developed by Popcap Games, are said to be two of the Internet's most downloaded games of all time.

"Majesco continues to identify sources for innovative products, and the Internet has grown into a proving ground for games, resulting in products with a firmly established consumer base and a wide demographic of players," said Ken Gold, vice president of marketing for Majesco. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer fans a new portable way to experience Bookworm and Bejeweled, as well as the chance to introduce two great titles to the Game Boy Advance audience."

In Bookworm (also known as Bespelled), which is currently played by approximately 5 million people each month, players have to feed a bookworm named Lex by connecting letter tiles together to form words for him to eat. The online Java version of Bejeweled is currently played by more than 6 million people each month and challenges players to swap two adjacent jewels to line up three or more of the same type horizontally or vertically.

We'll bring you more information on both games as soon as it becomes available.

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