Joint Task Force to be jointly published

Modern-day PC RTS to be put out by VU Games, HD Publishing; will arrive in stores under the Sierra brand in 2006.

Earlier this year, Vivendi Universal Games and HD Publishing worked together to get Mithis Entertainment's PC sci-fi real-time strategy game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on store shelves. The arrangement worked so well that that the companies today announced they made a similar deal for Mithis' latest game, the PC RTS Joint Task Force. VU Games and HD Publishing will copublish Joint Task Force under the Sierra brand, while VU Games will handle the marketing and distribution of it.

Joint Task Force casts players in the role of the head of an international fighting force sent to eliminate a threat to world safety. However, the mission is the subject of much international scrutiny, so players will have to wage an effective war without alienating audiences around the world by leaving civilian casualties and the like in their wakes.

Joint Task Force is scheduled for a 2006 deployment under the Sierra brand.

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