Indie Game: The Movie screening in Australia

Limited tickets are available for Sydney and Melbourne screenings; Brisbane tickets are subject to demand.


Super Meat Boy
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Take a peek behind the independent game-development curtain with Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky's feature-length documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. While the film has already been confirmed for digital distribution, including pre-orders via Steam, Australian screenings are now beginning to pop up.

Digital ad agency Soap Creative is currently organising Sydney screenings of the film at Qantm College on June 12. Tickets are available here, and are strictly limited. Additional screenings may be arranged subject to demand, with potential for larger venues if required. Get in quickly to secure your place.

Melbourne gamers will also get their chance to watch when the film screens on June 8. Soap is also currently in discussions with QUT in Brisbane around similar events.

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