Heath: The Unchosen Path announced

UK-based GMX Media announces a new RPG scheduled for release early next year.

UK-based GMX Media has today announced that it is currently developing Heath: The Unchosen Path--an RPG in the style of Diablo II--for release in early in 2003.

According to Barry Leonard, COO of GMX Media, "Heath promises to offer RPG gamers something new and different," although the information and screenshots available at present do seem quite conventional. The game is set in the fantasy world of GoldenLand, which is inhabited by more than 150 different kinds of NPCs and more than 50 kinds of enemies. GoldenLand will also feature around 35 different locations in which to do battle and attempt the 30 or so quests in the game.

No specific details have been released regarding the game's playable characters, but we do know that the game will feature more than 500 different usable items and a magic system. We understand that different characters will have access to different abilities, many of which will need to be learned as players progress through the game.

Details on the game's storyline are scarce at present, but we understand that players will assume the role of a hero with the power to determine whether the powers of light or of darkness will prevail in "the final battle." We'll bring you more information on Heath: The Unchosen Path as it becomes available.

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