Guild Wars E3 demo client now available

The publicly playable demo won't official open until May 12, but early birds can now get the client file from DLX and create an account.

While most online games don't open up until beta testing begins, the Guild Wars E3 demo will let gamers directly participate in ArenaNet's online RPG for the three days of E3, May 12 to 14. To get gamers ready for that three-day window into the game, the developer is releasing the demo client early. GameSpot DLX is the first online site to offer the demo client.

Get the small (61K) E3 demo client now to start the installation process and create an account. Starting May 12, players can enter the game to experience solo quests, cooperative missions that begin the Guild Wars story, a competitive arena for multiplayer combat, and a competitive worldwide tournament that will run continuously with multiple levels and a variety of game types.

Go to GameSpot DLX for more details and to download the Guild Wars E3 demo client.

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