Guacamelee tops PlayStation Network charts in April

Indie platformer tops Sony's download charts in both North America and Europe.



Drinkbox Studios' PlayStation 3 and Vita-exclusive platformer Guacamelee has topped the PlayStation Network download charts for April in both the US and Europe, Sony has said.


GameSpot awarded Guacamelee a 9.0 in its review, saying the game "is so full of personality and challenging gameplay that it's a shame it ever has to end."

Tomb Raider, Terraria, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Borderlands 2 rounded out the top five PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network games downloaded via the US PlayStation Store.

Over in Europe, which charts PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network titles separately, Journey was in second, followed by Hitman: Blood Money HD in third, Crysis in fourth, and The Walking dead in fifth.

Guacamelee also topped the PS Vita charts, followed by quirky role-playing game Soul Sacrifice. Dragon Fantasy Book was third.

The Nuketown Zombies and Revolution map packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops II were first and second in the DLC chart.

For the full Sony charts, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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