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Interplay shows off an updated build of Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

Interplay dropped by the GameSpot offices this morning with the latest build of Giants: Citizen Kabuto in tow. In development at Planetmoon Studios, Giants is a third-person action game that places the player in control of three different alien beings: Sea Reapers, Kabuto, and Meccaryns. We saw the game nearly two months ago at Planetmoon and had a chance to play its multiplayer component extensively. Today, Interplay demonstrated the nearly complete single-player aspect of Giants by playing through three of the Meccaryn levels. We snapped a handful of screenshots from the demonstration, and we were also given a build to play. We'll be using this new build to update our preview (linked to the right) next week. In the meantime, however, be sure to take a look at the new images of Giants in the screenshot gallery above.

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Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Giants: Citizen Kabuto