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We have six gameplay movies from Interplay's larger-than-life action game, showing off a variety of the Meccaryns' abilities.

Interplay has sent us six new in-game movies of its third-person action game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. In Giants, the player assumes the role of one of three groups vying for control of an island: the Sea Reaper sirens, the Meccaryn marines, and one immense giant named Citizen Kabuto. In these clips, you get a sense of the Meccaryns' battle-ready technology. As you can see, to make up for their small stature, the Meccaryns employ sniping, jet packs, and a helicopter to fight. In numbers, a team of agile Meccaryns can easily take down a much larger opponent. You can see the Meccaryns' technology and tactics at work in the movies linked below.

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Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Giants: Citizen Kabuto


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