Gears of War turning only on 360

Cliff Bleszinski says there are no plans to take Epic's futuristic military shooter to PC... for now.

LOS ANGELES--PC gamers looking at Epic's upcoming games, Unreal Tournament 2007 and Gears of War, nearly wet themselves in excitement. However, that steady stream of joy has slowed down to a slight trickle. Speaking with GameSpot at this year's E3, Epic Games' lead designer Cliff Bleszinski said Gears of War would be coming only to the Xbox 360...for now.

So called "exclusives" porting over to other systems is nothing new--take 2001's Halo, for example. The "only on Xbox!" promotion that accompanied the game hit a brick wall when Texas-based developer Gearbox brought Master Chief to the PC in 2003.

Halo isn't the only example. Epic Games is developing the game with publisher Microsoft Game Studios, as developers Bioware and Lionhead have done in the past. Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released first on the Xbox before making the move to PCs. (However, the developer's hit Jade Empire currently remains Xbox-only.) Lionhead and Big Blue Box's Fable was highly touted as "only on Xbox" during its ad campaign. Soon after the game's launch, the developer announced that Fable: The Lost Chapters, which includes the original Fable with bonus features, would be headed to PCs.

For more information on Gears of War, check out GameSpot's E3 2005 impressions.

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