GameSpot Staff: Who to Follow on Twitter at E3 2012

Our content teams from around the world will all be in Los Angeles for E3 this year. Make sure you're not missing out on anything by following them on Twitter.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the biggest event of the year for GameSpot, and we have a huge crew on-site at the Los Angeles Convention Center covering the event. We'll be bringing you multiple live video streams running throughout each day, along with video previews, news, and analysis of the most significant stories of the event. If you're not following us on Twitter though, you're only getting half the story; to get the full picture, you should follow our editors and producers to get an unfiltered, raw, and sometimes weird (due to sleep deprivation and overstimulation) view of the event.


If you follow only one thing on this list, follow this one. The GameSpot Twitter feed will be our clearing house for breaking news, alerts about cool content, info on our live stage shows, and much more. You should be following this already anyway, so click this one regardless. Go on, click it.

Chris Watters

Chris is the host of our main stage show this year (we have multiple live shows throughout the event) and will be bringing you live demos of games every 20 minutes, every moment that the show is open. He is a brave and noble fellow. Follow him for updates on what games we're going to be showing, and message him ideas to ask our guests.

Justin Calvert

Mr. Exclusive himself, GameSpot's executive editor, and the man responsible for keeping everyone in line during the show. He is occasionally seen holding a large stick or a chair in a threatening fashion. Follow Justin for updates on what our editors are working on, and the best stuff you should be checking out.

Guy Cocker

Guy is the editor of GameSpot UK and will be in LA with his team for the whole week of E3. Not only will he be joining us in covering the best games of the show, but he and his crew will be recording episodes of our daily news show, Start/Select.

Randolph Ramsay

Randolph is the head of GameSpot AU and will be in LA for the full duration of E3 with his team helping us pull together the best content possible. He will also be recording special daily video content at the end of each day. Just in time for lunch in Australia.

Jody Robinson

Jody leads our community team here at GameSpot, and she's a big fan of first-person shooters because of her Quake roots (she used to play professionally). She's also rather fond of RTS and MMO games. Follow her for the skinny on our community events during the show.

Synthia Weires

Synthia works alongside Jody on the GameSpot community team. During the show she will be reaching out to all of you for your feedback on the show, plus she'll be manning our booth on the expo floor--so she's actually the first person to speak with all the video game luminaries and celebrities that we'll be talking to on the livestreams. Follow her for pics and cool info.

Giancarlo Varanini

Giancarlo is the senior editor in charge of all content about games ahead of their release. E3, therefore, is a magical wonderland for him as he summons his minions and sends them out onto the show floor to check out games on your behalf. Follow him for updates on what our team is producing each day, and for tweets about sandwiches.

Kevin VanOrd

Kevin is the senior editor in charge of our reviews group, but during E3 he will be joining Giancarlo in the minion summoning, and will also be checking out games and providing both video and written impressions. Follow him for updates on the games he's seen, and observations on everything from the show floor.

Brendan Sinclair

Brendan heads up our news team and will be glued to his keyboard all week bringing you the most important stories from the show. Follow him for important headlines and insightful analysis.

Eddie Makuch

On a normal week, Eddie (and in case you were wondering, you pronounce his last name Mack-Ooh) is our news editor in New York. During E3 he will be churning out copy for the duration of the event, so expect to see his byline on lots of stuff. Follow him for updates on developing stories and occasional random song lyrics.

Shaun McInnis

Shaun will be out on the show floor checking out games and bringing you coverage of the finest that E3 has to offer. Follow him and give him suggestions of things you want to read about. Challenge him. We dare you.

Carolyn Petit

Carolyn will be stepping away from her reviewing duties for the week of E3 and will be providing impressions of games from the show floor, and from secret "behind closed doors" product demos. Follow her for impressions and reactions to all of the week's events.

Maxwell "McBargains" McGee

McBargains will be roaming the halls of E3, seeking out the finest wares and providing his unique insight on them. You should be following him anyway; he's the host of It Came From Xbox Live, our show about indie games from XBLA. He's quite funny.

Tom Mc Shea

Tom Mc Shea loves platformers and weighty moral decisions almost as much as he likes vaseline on toast. Some call him a T-rex with bigger arms, some call him a gorilla with smaller arms--you can just call him the jerk who hates all the things you love and loves all the things you hate. Follow him for that kind of thing.

Kurtis Seid

Kurtis Seid is a sadomasochist for games. His ideal game would somehow involve the harshest elements of King’s Quest, Team Fortress, River City Ransom, Ogre Battle, and Dark Souls. He will be seeking this out at E3 this year. Wish him luck.

Peter Brown

E3 is not just about game demos; it's also a show where we see plenty of cool new gadgets, gizmos, add-ons, and game enhancement hardware. Peter will be seeking out the best that the show has to offer, so follow him for the scoop on the best stuff.

Jane Douglas

Jane is part of the GameSpot UK team, and you probably know her as one of the hosts of our daily news show Start/Select, which she'll be recording episodes of during the show, along with Guy, Seb, and Danny.

Danny O'Dwyer

The host of Secret Code and Escape From Mount Stupid will be joining us for his first-ever E3. Follow him for the thrill and wonder enjoyed by an E3 virgin experiencing the filthy delights offered up by gaming's largest annual thing.

Johnny Chiodini

An occasional beard-sporter and covert Italian, Johnny makes videos for GameSpot UK and would happily step over most of his friends for a coffee. We will make use of this, frequently, and to our benefit.

Seb Ford

The charming and witty Seb Ford will be in attendance at the show and will be providing us with his trademark wit and charm. Follow him for his impressions from the show, plus tune in to Start/Select each day for news updates delivered with wit and charm.

Dan Chiappini

Dan is the editor of GameSpot Australia and, according to his profile on Twitter, is "pogonophobic." Often, Dan is photographed sporting a mighty beard. You should follow him because he knows what "pogonophobic" means without having to Google it like you just did.

Laura Parker

Laura Parker is the associate editor of GameSpot Australia. She loves adventure games, sparkly stuff, Trivial Pursuit, cake, Master Chief, earthworms, and rhetorical questions. She once stole a sandwich from Peter Molyneux. Clearly this makes her the best possible addition to the GameSpot E3 news team. Follow her for all of the above.

Jessica McDonnell

Jess McDonnell's philosophy on life is that there is nothing better than a really good RPG. She will no doubt be on the lookout for the best games of the show in this genre, so make sure you follow her if you're a fan. She'll have plenty to tweet about this year.

Edmond Tran

Ed is the video director at GameSpot Australia, and he's another one of our E3 virgins. No cynicism here! Follow him for unbridled enthusiasm in both written and photographic form.

Tyler Winegarner

Do you like our Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week show? Or did you enjoy our documentary about the gaming scene in Boston? If so, you're already a fan of Mr. Winegarner's work as a video producer. Follow him for tweets about what he's covering at E3.

Carlos Rodela

You may have seen Carlos as the host of Screen Tear on GameSpot, or previously on Web shows such as Press Pause or Rad on the Web. At E3, Carlos will be one of our roving livecam reporters, talking to the folks demoing games at booths, and stalking celebrities. Follow him for updates on where he's heading next.

Tom "Tsquared" Taylor

One of our resident pro gamers, Tom is a pro Halo player and will be helping us with coverage of the finest shooters of E3, plus he'll be providing insight into the happenings on the MLG live stage that we have at our booth throughout the show. Follow him for smart updates on the games of the show and what the pros are looking for.

Kelly "Mrs. Violence" Kelley

Kelly is a professional shooter player, and damn is she good. She was the ultimate winner of our Battlefield 3 reality show The Controller last year, and we're pretty certain that she could kick everyone's butt at just about any shooter she turns her hand to. She's also pretty handy at League of Legends. Look for her on our live stages, and follow her for updates.

John Davison

Head honcho of GameSpot content, John will be hosting one of our live stages at E3, where he will be chatting with editors and pundits, game developers, sexy people, funny people, and pro gamers about the most significant (and silliest) events of the show. Expect his feed to be hijacked by people "being funny" from time to time.

Also, don't forget to follow the guys from Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb

Follow the Giant Bomb twitter feed to find out what the guys are up to and what's coming up next on their live show, along with news and cool stuff from E3.

Jeff Gerstmann

Jeff will be making an appearance on the GameSpot live stage, but the real action will be each evening when he and the team pull together their evening live show.

Ryan Davis

Ryan will be hosting Giant Bomb's epic evening live casts each night of the show. Follow him for updates on who will be a guest.

Brad Shoemaker

Follow Brad for his impressions from the show, what he's up to on the Giant Bomb live show--and then immediately after for his thoughts from the MLG event in Anaheim, CA.

Patrick Klepek

Giant Bomb's newshound: Follow Mr. Klepek for his keen insight from the show and his thoughts on what has been announced (and what hasn't).

Drew Scanlon

Drew helps make the video magic happen for Giant Bomb--and at E3 he works extra hard to bring you the best live programming possible.

Vinny Caravella

The mighty Mr. Caravella runs Giant Bomb's video operation and keeps the guys in line whenever there's a camera pointed at them. He's also recently a dad, so show him some love while we're keeping him away from his little one for a week.

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