First Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix screens

Eidos releases the first screenshots from Thunderstrike for the PlayStation 2.


Eidos has released the first screenshots from and new information on Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game's primary mode will be composed of seven different campaigns, each with 3-6 missions. The military helicopters in the game are equipped with high-tech weapons including a gun-ship sniper, night vision, and guided missiles. The three primary modes of play in Thunderstrike includes the arcade mode for easy pick up and play, the aforementioned campaign mode, and multiplayer deathmatch-style gameplay mode.

Core Design, the game's developer, hopes to include dynamic weather effects such as rain, snow, sandstorms, and fog in the game. Real-time environmental damage will also be shown visually in the game, as landscapes deform and vehicles and buildings show progressive damage.

Thuderstrike: Operation Phoenix will be released for the PS2 this winter.