First look: Twin Caliber

Rage unveils its latest PlayStation 2 project. First screens and information inside.

UK developer and publisher Rage has announced that it's currently developing Twin Caliber, an action shooter in development for the PlayStation 2. In the game, players assume the role of a sheriff named Fortman or a violent prisoner named Valdez, and they're forced to deal with an evil cult in a mysterious town that has been invaded by zombies and other nasty creatures. The control in the game has been designed to let players to use both analog sticks, each one controlling one of the two weapons a character can carry, allowing for gunplay similar to that found in John Woo's action flicks. The cooperative mode in the game will place both players on the screen at the same time, so there is no split-screen mode.

There are nine different weapon types, including pistols, miniguns, shotguns, and dynamite. The game will span 12 levels, and it will have you running along a moving train and even jumping from rooftops. According to the company, the game also features nine boss characters, such as slugs and decapitated train drivers.

The game is currently scheduled for release in late 2002. A US release hasn't been announced.

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