ECTS 2001: First look: Casper Spirit Dimensions

Casper will make an appearance on the PS2 courtesy of TDK. View the first screenshots from the game.

The dark and spooky adventure Casper Spirit Dimensions features Casper in a head-to-head battle against Kibosh and his evil minions, who are bent on taking over the spirit world. Players assume the role of Casper as he passes through the phantom dimensions, where he must destroy the haunting spirits that are out to stop him. Players must successfully guide Casper through a series of mysterious and magical levels, including an eccentric medieval castle, a haunted pirate ship, a spooky factory, and a madcap amusement park.

Using spectacular flying movements and various energy blasts, Casper will rescue his friends, defeat hordes of evil spirits, and finally confront Kibosh himself. Casper has different ghostly abilities in the game, and the player must learn how to master them. The game spans more than four worlds composed of both indoor and outdoor areas, and there are more than 100 enemies and four bosses to eliminate.

Heiko tom Felde, director of TDK Mediactive Europe, stated, "Casper Spirit dimensions marks TDK Mediactive's entry into the Sony PlayStation 2 gaming market. It features a very accessible two-joystick flight model that completely immerses [players] from the moment they start the game."

Casper Spirit Dimensions is coming to the PS2 around November 2001, and it's being developed by Lucky Chicken and will be published by TDK Mediactive.

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