E3 2011: PlayStation Vita priced at Sony press conference, Move sells 8.8 million

Game giant confirms NGP's name, priced in briefing that also saw Uncharted 3, Golden abyss demoed, Sly Cooper return, HD God of War PSP-to-PS3 ports unveiled, Resistance 3 3D TV bundle revealed, portable BioShock outed.

LOS ANGELES--This year, Sony is the second of the "Big Three" to hold its Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing, coming after Microsoft on Monday and before Nintendo's Tuesday morning conference. As is the case every year, the electronics giant will use its event to talk up all things PlayStation, from the four-and a-half-year-old PlayStation 3 to its new portable, tentatively called the NGP.

Sony should have some surprises tucked up its collective sleeve.

Sony's handheld will be of particular interest at this year's event, where the company is expected to rechristen it the "PlayStation Vita." Gamers who have been following the NGP since it was unveiled in late January are also hoping for more details about the portable, particularly its price and launch date. New information on its multimedia functionality and other features is likely in the cards as well.

As for the PlayStation 3, the console has some major exclusives that are likely to make an appearance, such as Twisted Metal, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Resistance 3, and Uncharted 3. Also, expect some major mea culpas from Sony for the PlayStation Network outage, which was finally resolved last week with the restoration of the PlayStation Store.

Sony's E3 2011 press conference will begin at 5:00 p.m. PDT Monday, June 6. GameSpot will be live-streaming video of the event.

[5:00] Even though Sony's event is being held at by far the largest venue of the four press conferences today, it is PACKED. The live-blogging section Sony helpfully set up is crammed, with reporters literally trying to snatch seats from each other.

[5:03] Some pleasant tech-house tries to soothe the crowd, but to little effect. The aisles are choked with people hawking for any open seat, with few having any luck.

[5:03] The official start time is upon us, but still there as been no commanding voice from the sky telling everyone to sit down….

[5:03] Given the number of people still milling about, there is no way this thing is starting on time.

So far at the Sony conference… a big blank screen.

[5:08] "Good afternoon everyone, today's program will start in 10 minutes." Anyone waiting to take a bathroom break might as well go take one now. It's going to be a while.

[5:12] "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen--we shall begin in 5 minutes," says a disembodied-but-dignified British woman over the PA system. Is there a special school these announcers go to?

[5:13] The audience is now being urged to put on their 3D glasses. We're getting close, people.

[5:14] 1 minute warning!

[5:17] The music volume increases, trying to jolt people into their seats.

[5:17] The lights go down, and it begins.

[5:17] A deep rumbling bass precedes a sizzle reel showcasing the PlayStation Move, NGP, and PlayStation 3 hardware.

[5:17] Uncharted, God of War, Captain America, Mortal Kombat, and Green Lantern are all briefly shown.

[5:17] The NGP is showcased without the PS Vita logo.

[5:18] Move is also shown off, with EyePet and Resistance 3 being touted.

[5:19] Transformers, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, and…a new God of War game?

[5:19] Saints Row: The Third, Madden NFL grace the screen.

[5:19] PlayStation Network pimped, followed by the PSP.

Perhaps Sony will announce the new name for the NGP?

[5:20] Mortal Kombat and Uncharted 3 tease 3D games.

[5:21] The PlayStation logo comes up to thunderous applause.

[5:21] Enter Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

[5:22] Fun fact: There are 6,000 people in the audience tonight here at the LA Sports Arena.

[5:22] He cuts to the chase, addressing the PlayStation Network outage with a joke. "To all my friends in the press I'd like to say, 'You're Welcome.'"

[5:23] He then apologizes to Sony's development partners and retail partners.

[5:24] He then addresses the consumers who are "the lifeblood of PlayStation" for the inconvenience caused by the outage.

[5:24] PlayStation Network activity is at over 90 percent of what it was prior to the PSN outage.

[5:26] The PS3 is responsible for over 30 percent of all Netflix streaming.

[5:26] Sony is getting a new partner, CinemaNow, later this year to provide TV and film content.

[5:27] Now it's onto the games, with Uncharted 3 getting top billing. Enter Naughty Dog's Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra.

Jack Tretton takes the stage.

[5:29] Kick off a demo which shows Nathan Drake on board the deck of a derelict cruise ship.

[5:29] He enters a ballroom and disables a sentry with a quick elbow strike to the throat.

[5:29] Now he's back outside, and can see how rough the seas are. Another sentry gets the chop as well.

[5:30] And a third, with a face to the wall.

[5:30] Drake is looking for something, saying "it's gotta be down this way."

[5:31] He jumps from a balcony onto some steel girders below decks, and finds…the ship's hold is empty. As Admiral Ackbar would say, it's a trap!

[5:31] Gunmen surround Drake, prompting a gunfight which leads to explosions that breach the hull. Uh-oh.

[5:32] Water comes streaming into the hold, flooding it as Drake fights off opponents.

[5:32] Now the water level is so high, he is able to swim and access the rafters again.

[5:34] He runs down a hallway, only to fall through a trapdoor into another flooded room. To make things worse, a large metal cabinet drops onto him, triggering a minigame to free himself.

[5:34] He finally frees himself but has to swim a long distance underwater, almost drowning.

[5:34] Up comes the logo.

[5:34] The Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta starts June 28.

[5:35] Through a deal with Subway, gamers can get early access to the "full multiplayer experience" early if they…well, buy some sandwiches.

[5:37] Cut to a second 3D trailer for Uncharted 3, which shows him facing off against a Helen Mirren-like villainess before heading off to the desert.

[5:37] Sully is skeptical, of course.

[5:37] Then it's off to Arabia for some more adventure.

[5:37] November 1, 2011, for those who don't know yet.

[5:37] Tretton is back to introduce something new from Insomniac, bringing out Marcus Smith who has Resistance 3 in tow.

Drake kills a foe from behind.

[5:39] It's August 1957, and the Chimera have won. The last sentinel is going on a mission to New York, but the demo he's about to show takes place during an assault on a Chimera dropship in St. Louis.

[5:39] It's in 3D, of course.

[5:41] The player engages in a brutal shoot-out in the streets with the Chimera during a rainstorm. Droplets of water are on the "lens" of the game camera.

[5:41] Players then must steal the power core from the drop ship and evade a host of monsters, including winged chimera and hulking beasts.

That's a lot of water for Drake to outrun.

[5:44] The game also supports PlayStation Move, and will be available as part of a bundle including a PlayStation Eye camera, a sharpshooter, a move controller, navigation controller, and the game for $150.

[5:44] As part of a 3D push, Sony is releasing God of War: Origins, a collection of the two PSP God of War games remastered in HD and 3D.

[5:44] Sony is also readying a 3D HD collection of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both it at God of War Origins are due out in September.

[5:45] But that's not all--Sony is also readying a 24" PlayStation-branded 3D display which will allow two players to see two entirely different things on the same screen.

[5:46] It will be available this holiday season bundled with a pair of 3D glasses, a 6' HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3 for $499.99.

[5:47] Glasses will be available a la carte for $69.99.

[5:47] PlayStation Move has sold over 8.8 million units to date, and will see over 200 games supporting it by the end of the year.

[5:47] 2K Sports reps take the stage to show off how NBA 2K12 will support PlayStation Move.

[5:47] The mode is called "NBA on the Move."

[5:50] The player points the Move controller at the on-screen player the b-baller wants to pass to and they get the pass. It also works on defense, with players targeting rivals for the steal.

[5:51] And the LA Lakers' Kobe Bryant walks out to demonstrate it.

[5:51] They engage in some banter, with Bryant taking offense that the demonstrator is playing as the Miami Heat.

[5:51] Bryan takes the controller and proceeds to play as the Lakers. He ends up fouling as his own on-screen likeness.

[5:51] Miami makes a 3-pointer, and Bryant jokes, "That isn't realistic!"

[5:52] NBA 2K12 will come out October 4 with full PlayStation Move support "and a lot more surprises."

[5:53] Now it's an all-new title, Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, a fantasy action game.

[5:54] The game has a cartoonish visual style, with the player doing battle with some goblin-style monsters with a very accurate bow and arrow.

[5:54] Actually they're skeletons.

[5:54] He dispatches the skeletons with some Move-enhanced swordplay, and then picks a lock on a door with the controller.

[5:55] And more skeletons!

[5:56] The player runs up a ladder and then picks off the skeletons one by one as they come up the ladder.

[5:57] Then he closes the trapdoor, only to uncover some secret passages by blowing up some explosive barrels.

[5:57] Now he does battle with a "brute" and then engages in some platforming.

[5:57] Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest will be available this fall.

[5:59] Cue a trailer for Infamous 2!

[6:00] Cole McGrath does battle with various foes, leaping from rooftop to rooftop and unleashing various fiery and electrical powers.

[6:00] He narrowly escapes a helicopter attack amongst other hazards.

[6:00] The game launches tomorrow in North America.

[6:01] The game is getting a "unique user-generated content experience" with a PlayStation Move level builder this fall.

[6:01] In September, Little Big Planet is also getting enhanced PlayStation Move support.

[6:01] Now it's time for Starhawk, due out early next year.

Kobe Bryant would like to talk to you about the Move.

[6:02] The "run-and-gun" shooter gets a trailer, which has a Firefly-like sci-fi-meets-old West vibe.

[6:02] Surface combat turns into outer space battles rather quickly.

[6:03] "Welcome to the new frontier" is the tagline.

[6:04] Now another "family friendly" franchise is coming back to the PlayStation 3…and it's Sly Cooper!

[6:05] The masked bandit is chased over various rooftops by a police helicopter, then cop cars--but it's Dimitri, not Sly.

[6:05] Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is due out in 2012.

[6:07] Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP (Eve) to announce an all-new shooter, Dust 514, a PlayStation 3 exclusive. It will be connected to Eve Online on the PC to create a single universe. Dust 514 will also have PlayStation Move support and NGP support. It comes out next summer.

[6:08] Cue a trailer, which shows a dark first-person shooter that has assault troops coming off a dropship to assault a spaceport.

[6:08] The protagonist will be a mercenary of some sort.

[6:08] The camera then pans up to a whole invasion fleet in orbit around a planet, then expands out to a galactic map.

[6:10] Tretton is back again.

[6:10] Closed beta is slated for the end of this year, full release next spring for Dust 514.

[6:11] Now its time for a little bit of BioShock: Infinite, which is not for the agoraphobic.

[6:11] The protagonist jumps between various levels trying to defend a woman--to no avail.

[6:11] And look, it's Ken Levine from Irrational Games.

[6:12] He is now joking about how he said some "uncharitable" things about the PlayStation Move, prompting a call from Sony.

[6:13] The Sony reps told him "we want to make you a believer." But, being a core gamer, he was still skeptical.

[6:15] Sony said that "What if you could get the motion gamers onboard and still keep your core audience?" They then sent him a Move SDK, and he said he was so impressed, that BioShock Infinite will now support the system.

[6:15] There's also another game Irrational is working on, set in the BioShock universe…and on the NGP.

[6:15] That's right, portable BioShock.

[6:15] As an added incentive, the PS3 BioShock Infinite will have the original BioShock on the same Blu-ray disc.

[6:16] Saints Row: The Third will also have PS3 exclusive DLC.

The new Sly Cooper: coming in 2012.

[6:17] The new Star Trek game will also have PlayStation Move support, and Sony is readying a shell for the Move that looks like a phaser.

[6:17] Cut to a trailer of the game, which shows both interior combat and spacewalks under fire.

[6:18] Both Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) have lent their likenesses to the game, which is due in 2012.

[6:18] Three exclusive deals with EA on PlayStation 3.

[6:18] SSX will have an exclusive level which sees a race down Japan's Mt. Fuji.

[6:19] Need for Speed: The Run will have seven additional cars, including the Bugatti Veyron, on PS3.

BioShock Infinite will indeed have Move support.

[6:21] Finally, EA is using the extra space on Blu-ray to bundle Battlefield 1943 with Battlefield 3 on a single disc.

[6:21] Now it's time for NGP, and out comes Sony Computer Entertainment president and Sony Corp. vice president Kaz Hirai to discuss it.

[6:21] Hirai then gets down to business, talking about Sony's 10-year plan for entertainment.

[6:21] He says that Sony is humbled and overwhelmed by its customers' loyalty.

[6:22] Now he talks about how the PSP helped usher in a new level of portable entertainment.

[6:23] He says Sony is going after smartphone users with the whole PlayStation Suite imitative, which will bring PlayStation content to Android devices.

Kaz takes the stage.

[6:24] Now it's NGP time, with Hirai talking up the device's dual thumbsticks, two cameras, and OLED screen. He says it will help players connect with their environment.

[6:24] The official name? PlayStation Vita. (Surprise!)

[6:25] Since "Vita" means "life," Sony is hoping the new handheld will help players enhance their lives.

[6:26] The handheld will come in both 3G and Wi-Fi only models.

[6:26] Sony is partnering exclusively with AT&T in North America--audible groans from the audience ensue.

[6:27] The game will have a feature called Party that will allow for chat during gameplay, even if they are playing different games. It will also have its own social-networking feature called Near.

[6:28] Scott Rohde, SVP of Sony Worldwide Studios, takes the stage.

It's official: they're calling it the Vita.

[6:29] He introduces a brief demo of Uncharted: Golden Abyss from Sony Bend.

[6:29] The studio has had a Vita SDK for over two years.

[6:30] The game's graphics are very impressive, with dynamic lighting and real-time shadows.

[6:32] Golden Abyss will be playable using regular PlayStation Controls, but will also feature some Vita controls as an alternative.

Uncharted on the Vita.

[6:32] The demonstrator drags his fingers along a series of ledges and Drake jumps across them smoothly.

[6:34] A shoot-out ensues, with the player reloading by simply tapping on the weapon icon.

[6:35] Next up is a "social action RPG" that is directly compatible with the PS3. It's called Ruin.

[6:35] Which is just a "working title," apparently.

[6:37] However the game will have players become rivals over the PlayStation Network and other social services such as Twitter and Facebook.

[6:38] The current level that the demonstrator is destroying is actually the lair of a rival player--you're essentially trashing your competitors' cribs.

[6:38] The game is compatible with the PlayStation 3. The demonstrator saves his Vita game to the cloud, and then picks up exactly where he left off on the PlayStation 3.

Ruin on the Vita and PS3.

[6:42] (Separate from Sony's presentation, the game company has announced that Vita will be available with 3G compatibility for 29,980 Yen (including tax), $299, and euro 299. A cheaper Wi-Fi-only edition will cost 24,980 Yen (including tax), $249, and euro 249.)

[6:42] Next up is a demo of Mod Nation racers for the PlayStation Vita.

[6:42] The game's level editor will take advantage of the touch panel in the front.

[6:43] Using the Vita touch screen, the demonstrator moves around tracks and light sources.

[6:48] Now it's time for a trailer for Little Big Planet on Vita. It will offer content creation tools for the Vita's tools such as cameras and touchscreen.

[6:48] Street Fighter X Tekken for NGP just revealed, and here comes the trailer.

[6:48] Ryu, Chun Li, the gang's all here.

[6:49] Yoshinoro Ono from Capcom Japan is in the house to demonstrate the game.

[6:50] Cole from Infamous 2 will be a playable character in the game.

[6:52] Now comes a demo which sees Cole fighting Ryu in the game.

[6:52] Cole gets his business handed to him and loses.

[6:52] No release date, but Ono says it "won't be long" until the game comes out.

[6:53] Friendly reminder: The game is also coming out on the PS3.

[6:53] It will be playable on the show floor.

[6:53] Ubisoft, Activision, and THQ are also on board the Vita bandwagon.

[6:56] Cue sizzle reel of Vita games: Uncharted, Wipeout, Little Deviants, Little Big Planet, Sound Shapes, Project: Gravity, Hustle Kings, Mod Nation Racers, Super Stardust, Ruin, Reality Fighters, Hot Shots Golf, Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja, Virtua Tennis 4, Dynasty Warriors (of course!), Dragon Crown, are all in the pipeline for the handheld.

[6:56] Kaz is back.

[6:57] Hirai is now telling the crowd the price to major applause. The 3DS better watch its back.

[6:58] Kaz bids the crowd good night.

[6:58] Tretton is back, and ribs Kaz over his infamous "Ridge Racer" comment.

[6:59] Now Tretton is wrapping up, going over the presentation's major points.

[6:59] Now that's it!

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I dont really know if they will rule over the handhelds but they definitely will win the console war again with there awesome exclusives


Sony will definitely win & rule again in portable gaming hardware market. Hope see more action RPG games in this type killer machine when it's get released.


@jasonzilla11 It's Japanese money..


What's yen? Cause if you want the NGP, ya gonna need a lot of it, lol.


I was never convinced of getting a 3D TV, but now since they're releasing those new 24'' inch 3D TV's i might just buy one :D


Damn you Sony!!! You're actually starting to sell me on the idea of getting a 3D TV and PS Move.


"As is the case every year, the electronics giant will use its event to talk up all things PlayStation..." Is this sentence necessary? Have any companies ever used there own press conference to talk about something other than what they have to offer?


Funny thing is, my PS Move has been lying still for the last 4 months. I should have sold it a long time ago, but I'm still waiting for sorcery.


@TheDreamSeeker said: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @blackace Codename Kingdoms has been revealed in the Microsoft conference - It's called "Ryse". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, I saw that. I hope it's good.


sony really won me over wid all those announcements for exclusives on the ps. Three alone wid ea. Cant wait......


I wasn't sure if the spin surrounding the Vita was true but it does actually appear to be a portable PS3 - that's impressive. I was looking at getting a 3DS but I don't think so now that I've seen the Vita's capabilities and features - it's an absolute beast. The pricing is killer. Sony definitely onto a winner with this one.


Can't wait for Vita to come out. 1st day purchase for me.


WoW... :O i'm impressed with Sony's E3 presentation, and i look forward to all, if not most, of what they showed.... PSVista looks amazing, and the PS3 games coming out looks AWESOME! ^_^


@Copman221: You need to work on your fundamentals. I said "You talk about people making fun of 1 Kinect game as a reason" Key word "GAME".


If the Vita would have phone functionality as well as 3g, it will definetely be my new one and only portable gadget :)


Looks like a ps3 portable. Good price and great graphics.But the title sounds more like Playstation vitamins


That was definitely the worst of the big 3 press events. Uncharted 3 will be amazing, no doubt, but the only other thing that interests me is the Team ICO collection. And I think the Vita is just going to be an total disaster. People aren't buying the 3DS at $250, and it does something new and innovative. and they expect people to pont up the same or $50 more for better graphics? Sony has just never understood the handheld market and I don't think they ever will.


@rolla020980 where in my comment did I make fun of the Kinect? I made fun of a game for it. R.I.F. Reading is Fundamental my friend.


I want another Metal Gear Acid dammit! Those games alone is what brought me to buying a psp. Sony God if you can hear me, put out another Metal Gear Acid and ill purchase the vita


@Copman221: You talk about people making fun of 1 Kinect game as a reason?!?!? People have been making fun of the fact that move controllers look suspiciously like adult toys. Kinect broke sales records and is continuing to sell... that is a fact. They mentioned move, but they didn't say how the controller would be used. Microsoft was very specific on how Kinect can be used.


Sony's conference was awesome! They totally owned crappy microsoft with their embarrassing child actors.


Sony have got PSVita pricing spot on, with a lot of game support this will do very well.


That was a home run announcement last night. For 250$ Nintendo is going to have to make a play!!!


monson21502 posted "yeah wait this time next year. kinect will still be breaking records" @monson21502 Are you serious? You really can't believe that nonsense you post. I predict bargain bin by X-Mas.. To everyone else, there was a story posted here a few weeks ago about a Kinect wrestling game featuring Hulk Hogan coming out for the 360. Most if not all the comments bashed and made fun of it, Guess who said they can't wait for the release and praised it....monson21502


@monson21502 Do you actually like something that is Sony related? I mean PSV is launching at the same price the 3ds did, comes with more release titles available, looks good, and yet you deslike every inch of the system. I mean why do you even watch sony stuff and then troll on sony related topics and even claim you are not a fanboy. Are you real?


Why @monson21502 is allowed to troll on this topic I will never know, I have heard of people being banned for the same thing. His claim that microsofts' e3 was better is total bs, just look at the grades gamespot gave each show. Ms got a c, Sony got a b. I personally don't think either one was groundbreaking, but there was just more games that I wanted to play at sony's show. Psv might be a day one purchase for me; I've been gaming a long time, the first system I ever got was a atari Gemini ( still have it, still works). I have owned every major, and some minor, console since then but have Never gotten a system at launch. Psv might be the first. .


@monson21502, Don't you even wonder why ALL of your comments and post get thumbed down. Seems to me that EVERYONE here knows exactly what you are. Like someone posted earlier, Why are you here posting away your babble when you should be on MS's page posting? Ih that's right, Not much going on over there this year. Well look at it this way, You don't have to worry about your system breaking down from playing to many games this year since there really isn't much coming out for your 360. Sad but true..


"help players enhance their lives"? That's so lame :P And it looks like Vita games use the touch screen a lot.......just a powerful DS. Once again, Sony copies the market :roll:


@blackace Codename Kingdoms has been revealed in the Microsoft conference - It's called "Ryse".


AT&T must have been a decision from early on for Sony spec them in the hardware. I agree this is a blunder and fail on Sony's part. Just because the iphone is popular doesn't mean it is because of AT&T network...


yea it sucks that ATT has the exc. But there is always wifi.


@blackace im surprised as well all them old xbox exclusive could've been on the xbox360 what is microsoft doing


"We'll be partnering with the nations fastest mobile broadband network." Wow even though I'm on T-Mobile I'm glad they picked Verizon's LTE networ..."AT&T." WTF?!?


I was nodding off during this press conference then right in the middle I just went to bed. It was boring as hell.


Got to say i was pretty disappointed with it all.. pretty much all sequels yet again and no real fresh titles to the market. Not that i really expected much different anyhow.


Alot of fanboy flaming in here on all sides lol. Im still to watch the Sony ES. I can agree that Xbox E3 was ok...wasnt bad but not brilliant. As someone mentioned below, the price of being a true gamer and owning as many consoles as you can for the games/entertainment - is the fact I can play any game that comes out and enjoy them for what they are. :) So many angry angry people out there, who argue about which is best ("my dads bigger than your dad" syndrome") ect. Get a life.


Haven't watch Sony's conference yet. Microsoft conference was ok, but not great. No real major announcements. No mergers with any big companies. No surprise exclusives really. No Perfect Dark. No Killer Instinct 3. No Shenmue 3. No Links 2012, MechAssault 3, Battletoads, True Fantasy RPG, Crimson Skies 2, or any other surprises. Not even a 360 price cut announcement. Even Kingdoms wasn't even shown. Besides MW3 and Tomb Raider, I would have liked to have seen more 3rd party titles like Bioshock, SkyRim, BF3, NBA 2K12 and others. No hint of GTA V or even MGS Rising, A lot of the Kinect features were nice, but where were games like Steel Battalion, Rise of Nightmares, Project Draco, etc.. Was disappointing. Hopefully other stuff will be announced during the show. I'm happy I own all 3 consoles. I'll still get to play on the PS3 and Wii stuff. I could never own just one system.


Why doesn't everyone just stop responding to monson21502? That will shut up him way faster and make his point even more invalidated (this coming from an xbox "fanboy", yes he annoys us too). EDIT: Also, no need to be dissing on systems that you don't necessarily prefer. E3 is a time for showing off what everyone can do, not for bickering and being childish.


@monson21502 terrible bro microsoft is in dead last with the cheap kinect garbage and 10 second halo clip. give me a break


psn is bingo21502 named it bingo because i won 1000 dollars at bingo and a few weeks later sony dropped the price of the 60 gig to 499.. turns out that 60 gig wasnt worse 20 bucks because it died less then 2 years later... i did buy a new slim this year so if anyone wants to play some black ops one night feel free to add me. but i dont play it much because the xboxlive online is so much more fun and smoother... im no fanboy i just call it the way i see it. and i see sonys E3 in last place this year unless nintendo doesnt show up at all


[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]


[6:26] Sony is partnering exclusively with AT&T in North America--audible groans from the audience ensue. [6:27] The game will have a feature called Party that will allow for chat during gameplay, even if they are playing different games. always see ps fanboys saying omg blu ray is sooo great you dont have to change game discs on ps3 or hahaha 360 has to have 5 discs if they wanted to play mgs4..... well above means u have to change games if you want to have cross game chatt:P hope they make it for ps3 soon:lol:


@monson21502 That is the most fanboyish comment I've seen on this site to date...And you keep trying to fit MS into the whole thing...Still mad bro?...Dude just admit your Fanboy or Fakeboy...Better yet let's have your PSN...Cause your here posting...Uhhh..I mean trolling...


@COPMAN221, what am i missing????? i dont see a single thing on this sony list thats better then halo or gears??? dont say uncharted3 because the new tomb raider beat that :P now she is back drake can fall off a cliff for all i care...


@Promised_Trini.... stuff 3 to 4 years away doesnt help me.. psvita will be 250-300 bucks when it launches nothing they showed today will make me want it.. those future games wont be here for at least 2 years.. by then if i wait the psvita wil be alot cheaper or a better version will be out that also might be cheaper... sony dropped the ball with vita imo. they had a chance to win but they just cant take a risk and make stand alone games for a system unless its userbase is high... 3ds looked like it had a boat load of good games coming from almost every big dev in gaming and most of them still aint out..... 250 bucks is too much for a hand held psp 1 proved that and now the 3ds and ps vita will share that fate.... handhelds main buyers are kids.. and lets face it not too many parents will pay 250... is ms made a good powerfull hand held. at 150 it would blow these 2 out of the water in sales.. i wish sega should do it:)


That guy monsoon is a fanboy to the max, he ALWAYS disses sony and praises Microsoft. You would think that if ms e3 was that great he would be in that thread not blowing this one up with over 10 comments. Unbelievable, that's trolling at it's finest, and if he had a ps3 like he claimed he would know that you could steam the show live on the ps blog or ps home. Jack trennton even mentioned during the show that g4 was showing it.


@jb9776 Yeah he posted a good few times...Trolling at its best for you...He mad bro real mad...