Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Only four heroes remain to protect Ehb. Our Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough provides you with details about how to build your heroes, info on the story campaign, and secrets to unlock.

What's New:

  • June 28, 2011: Version 1.3 of this Guide is go. The walkthrough now includes the entire story.
  • June 27, 2011: Version 1.2 of our Guide is ready. We finish up in Stronbridge and take it to Frostpire Mountain.
  • June 23, 2011: Version 1.1 of the Guide is up. Added a few missing sidequests to Raven's Rill and continue the story into Stonebridge.
  • June 21, 2011: Version 1.0 of the Dungeon Siege 3 Game Guide is here. It contains the story through Raven's Rill. We will be updating in the next few days, so check back later for more info.

Heroes and Abilities

From the start of the game you will have to select from four heroes: Lucas is a frontline heavy warrior equipped with swords and shields. Anjali is a master of heat, using it to enhance her flaming spear and blast fireballs. Reinhart is a powerful mage that controls lightning and spell traps. And last Katarina is expert markswoman with both rifles and pistols. Choose wisely, as player one cannot take control of any other hero during the main campaign.

During the course of the story you will encounter the other three heroes. They will offer to join your party and aid you in the fight. Your party members can be raised and trained just as the main character; they will earn experience points even if they aren't in the active party. The AI normally controls your ally, a second player can also jump in. This can be further exploited, as the second player can freely select from the three heroes, even if they have not been met during the campaign. Additionally, when the second player drops out of the game, the character they played as will remain by the first player's side. This cheat may allow you to gain all party members right from the start of the game.

You first need to understand how your character fights and how to train them. Each character has two offensive stances and one defensive stance. The main offensive stance may be more powerful or hit more enemies, but requires getting in close. As you land normal attacks, you'll build up Focus to use special abilities. You will also gain Power which is needed to use your defensive abilities. Your defensive stance will allow you to block, dodge, and use Power to cast buffs.

As you level up you'll gain access to nine different abilities: Recruit, Legionnaire, and Master skills for your three stances. After gaining one of these nine abilities you will need to customize it with Proficiencies. There are always two options of how to build up your skills, but you can only spend five points total in either. Decide what works best for you: For example do you want Lucas' Shield Pummel to deal double damage, a guaranteed chance to knock down, or a medium combination of the two? In general you will want to focus on your favored attack stance and a defensive stance that heals. Once you have extra points to spend, go for buffs that improve your damage and Focus, followed by increasing your secondary offense.

The final section of leveling is Talents: passive traits that improve abilities, increase raw stats, or provide unique bonuses. It's best to follow your own play style, but a good backup is to first improve on damage, Hit Points, and Armor. Afterwards use any remaining points to reinforce Focus and Health generation.

Here are a few examples of level 11 builds we used (Note that skipping over earlier abilities is only possible for party members that join later in the game):

Character and Build Abilities Purchased Ability 1 Proficiencies Ability 2 Proficiencies Ability 3 Proficiencies Ability 4 Proficiencies Ability 5 Proficiencies Talents
One-handed Lucas Shield Pummel (Recruit One-handed, required), Blade Dash (Recruit Two-handed, required), Graceful Repose (Recruit Defensive), Heroic Charge (Legionnaire One-handed), Shield Wall (Legionnaire Defensive) Impetuous Slam x 5 None Live by the Sword x 1 Willful Charge x 5 None Force of Will x 5, Wrathful Might x 5, Focused Strikes x 1
Human Form Anjali Spinning Kick (Recruit Human Form, required), Aura of Immolation (Recruit Fire Form, required), Inner Warmth (Recruit Defensive), Hurl Spear (Legionnaire Human Form), Fall From the Heavens (Master Human Form) Fire Dance x 3 None Rejuvenating Spark x 2 Blinding Strike x 3 Heaven's Fury x 3 Grace of Flame x 1, Spiritual Devastation x 2, Phoenix's Warmth x 5, Fury of Fire x 3
Defensive Reinhart Lightning Strike (Recruit Dynamic, required), Clockwork Trap (Recruit Entropy, required), Circle of Healing (Recruit Defensive), Barrier Field (Legionnaire Defensive), Electrocute (Master Dynamic) None None Vector Dampening x 5 Equal and Opposite Reaction x 2, Angle of Incidence x 2 Arc Mage x 2 Genius x 5, Quick Thinking x 1, Eureka Moment x 5
Dual-wielding Katarina Heartseeking Shot (Recruit Rifle, required), Caress of Suffering (Recruit Dual-wielding, required), Charm of Eternal Life (Recruit Defensive), Warding Ritual (Legionnaire Dual-wielding), Call of the Hunt (Legionnaire Defensive) None Schadenfreude x 3 Soul Thief x 1, Zone of Sanctity x 1 Painful Rebuke x 1, Chilling Gale x 4 Perfect Shot x 1 Steady Aim x 5, Call Your Shots x 2, Rites of Restoration x 3, critical Precision x 1

Fall of the Legion

The first section serves as a form of tutorial. As such, the combat ahead is easy compared to what you'll normally face. Enter into the Legion mansion and explore the burning ruins. There are a few chests and weapon stands that contain new armor and weapons that will allow you to upgrade your equipment.

Fight through the small waves of mercenaries and you will eventually meet fellow surviving Legionnaire Marten Guiscard. He will help you fight through a few more enemies and act as a frontline tank. If you're using a ranged based character, feel free to stand back and let Marten take the brunt of the pain.

The armored knight will eventually lead you down to the basement where you may set a trap for the mercenaries. Light the three explosive barrels along the bridge and a cutscene will play. This will cut off the enemy's path and allow you and Marten to escape the mansion.

Once in the clear, speak to Marten to find out just what prompted the attack. With his information, head down the road ahead and take the bridge leading to the next Legion safe house.

You'll encounter one of the mercenaries' captains, Bogdan. If you haven't already, this is a good time to get used to building focus and using abilities. Attack the smaller enemies with normal attacks and launch your stronger abilities at Bogdan. Which ability works best differs on your character; Katarina's Heartseeking Shot does loads of damage, as does Lucas' Bladedash. Either way, Bogdan is just the first boss fight, so he shouldn't be much of a challenge.

After the fight, head into the building ahead and talk to Odo. He will thank you and let you know of some other survivors. Depending on your character, he may mention finding Lucas or Anjali next. Additionally, he will advise you to head to the nearby town of Raven's Rill.

Raven's Rill

The road to Raven's Rill is tougher compared to what you faced in the intro. You may have leveled up enough to gain a defensive stance and a few talents. It's a good idea to invest these points into boosting your health regeneration.

After exiting Odo's mansion take the western path of Pilgrim's Road. You'll be ambushed by a swarm of enemies. It's best to use your area of effect and debuffing moves to aid in crowd control. Build up your power meter and activate your healing buff; this will allow you to survive most of the damage from the enemy.

With the roads cleared of scum, head into Raven's Rill. You can meet with several town's folk and undertake a few quests. Ludmila wants you track down a bandit, but he is too far off the beaten path for now. Anton and Yacob have missions to gain some extra coin, both of which are completable outside the city's gates.

For Anton follow your quest trail to locate the bandit Ottokar. He isn't any more difficult than Bogdan or other human enemies you've met. Just keep your buffs on and use crowd control to deal with his minions. Yacob's job is a much tougher. Head outside to the silent pond and use Yacob's bait. You'll be ambushed by the fishman Nishemmu and several equally brutal fish minions.

Nishemmu hits hard and fast. You'll want to stun the enemy and use your range and speed to stay out of harms way. If you really need to recover health, retreat back to town. When you return to battle the fishmen they will be just as damaged as they were before. This will allow you to kill one or two enemies, recover your life bar, and return to take on the rest.

Completing either job for Yacob or Anton will inform you of Grigori. Track down this old man and ask him about the lost soldier Lazar. With this new information head deeper into the town and you'll be approached by Alexi. His sister Leona is waiting for you in the caves west of town. It seems that she is also interested in those that captured Lazar, but may not share your motives.

Before leaving to find Leona, stop in the stores and purchase some new gear. You will always want to aim for higher attack, stamina, and armor. Also sell off any junk equipment, or items that your character can't use. Once ready, head out of Raven's rill's west gate.

Enemies and Friends

Move down the West Forest and kill off the minor enemies you come across. You'll eventually enter the cavern where Leona is waiting for you. After agreeing to help out, head down deeper into the caves and battle through more mercenary footsoldiers and riflemen.

The cave doesn't have too many surprises, but you will fight a few named mini bosses with strengthened auras and extra minions. These include the archer Barbat that can deal heavy damage, but is slow with his shots.

In the heart of the cave you'll eventually find the mage sister Vera and her underlings. You will be extremely out numbered and only fast reflexes will be enough to survive. Use your dodging, blocking and buffs as much as possible to keep yourself protected. Focus first on the weaker mercenaries, followed by the summoned skeletons. Vera and the other mages can resummon the undead, so be fast at killing the sidekick casters.

This will eventually leave you against only Vera and the few skeletons she can conjure. She uses both a close range wave spell similar to Katarina's Warding Ritual and can launch magic missiles. Keep evading by rolling and hit the mage while she attempts to recast.

Once the witch is dead, loot the area for new equipment and search the caves to find captured Legionnaires. Among them is the young ward Armand who will return back to Odo. More importantly you will find one of the other three heroes. Who is inside depends on your own party member, but the prisoner is likely to be Anjali.

Distribute your new party member's talent points and give them whatever gear you can spare. Battle through the few remaining enemies and exit out of the cavern. Speak with Leona again to get a clearer understanding of what happened. Head back through Raven's Rill and talk to Tatyana for a future sidequest. Leave the town and back to Odo's mansion. Odo and Marten will give you the next task of opening the Causeway.

Key to the Causeway

The causeway cannot be opened by normal means, however Odo will at least provide you with the basement key to aid in your search. Head to the bottom level and kill the spiders blocking your way. The door ahead will lead out to the East Forest. You'll be fighting against packs of wolves and large humoid beasts. With your partner aiding you, these new enemies shouldn't be that hard. Still don't become too relaxed. Still build up focus and power to keep up your buffs, crowd control abilities, and heavy attacks.

If you get lost in the forest, always be sure to summon up your quest trail. This will eventually lead you to a wall of brambles blocking your path. As soon as your party member mentions this obstacle, the branches will move out of the way, clearing the path. You'll soon be entering into the Mournweald. This will also prompt a sidquest to locate the bodies of slain Legionaries. It's worth it to take the time and locate the corpses for extra rewards.

If you talked to Tatyana back in Raven's Rill you can also undergo the sidquest to find her husband Niku. Set your active quest and follow the quest path into the spider caves. The arachnids fight in large packs, but each spider is in itself weak. Keep up the area of effect attacks such as Katarina's pistols or Lucas' dashes. Eventually you'll find Niku strung up in spider webbing.

You'll soon face off against the boss Palefang: a massive spider that unleashes smaller enemies. Using abilities that cause slow and stun will be a big help in this battle. The smaller spiders are only a nuisance that can be killed off easily. Palefang itself can hit pretty hard, dealing upwards of 100 damage with its mighty lunge. Keep at a range if you can (Of course Lucas' only option is getting in close) and keep your healing buffs on. If you've put points into a Legionnaire defense buff, also try to keep that on via spare power. After the fight talk to Niku to finish up the sidequest and return to the forest.

Once you're ready to move on with the main story, head down the dark bridges and into the Mournweald. You'll be fighting mostly fishmen that use both melee and projectiles. Have your ally tank the monsters will you safely destroy them from a safe distance. If your comrade does happen to fall during the fight, they can be revived by moving close to them and pressing the one corresponding button the HUD.

After waves of enemies you'll eventually find the body of the Montbarron. Take the Signet ring from him and you'll encounter the Radiant Youth. He will teleport you back to the East Forest just outside the bramble wall.

Follow your quest trail back to Odo and report on your findings. With the signet ring you can now enter the Causeway gate. Also, if you found all of the fallen Legion members within the forest, head over to the bookcases to unlock an extra treasure chest. Before leaving, be sure to speak with Armand. He's set up shop and has some good items for yourself and the party. Spend some extra gold on some new equipment and head into the Causeway.

Battle for Raven's Rill

The Causeway will take you inside an old temple on the outskirts of Raven's Rill. Inside you will have to face deadly gargoyles that use multishot attacks. Try to bundle these enemies together and hit them with area attacks. Even though the quest path points straight ahead, be sure to duck into the lower level alcoves on the side. There are many extra items and gold to find in these side areas.

After clearing out the temple, head through the exit and out into the graveyard. You will be facing hordes of skeletons that tend to fight in clusters. This leaves them open to group attacks such as Katarina's pistols or Anjali's Fire Form spells. Further down the cemetery road you'll face the mid-boss Zaria. She fights very similar to Vera from the caverns so most of the same strategy applies.

First take out as many skeletons as possible, name the longed ranged bone bowmen. Next go for the mage minions that also tend to pile up. If you're using Katarina, Anjali, or Reinhart you can stand behind the fences and blast Zaria from a distance. You're Lucas, instead swing around the other end of the gate and attack Zaria from melee range.

After taking down the witch, loot the corpses and continue into Upper Raven's Rill. You'll be attacked by a few more named enemies that come with auras and minions. These include the mercenary Vogmil, archer Ilias, and captain Marek. Fast acting crowd abilities such as Katarina's Warding Ritual along with buffs will keep you and your partner safe from most of these encounters.

Once again reequip your team with gear for better attack and hit points. Head inside the town hall and you'll find Rajani, the lieutenant grasping Raven's Rill and Lazar. Rajani is no ordinary caster, but instead an Archon like Anjali. You will face Rajani in two forms: a human and fire form.

Her human form isn't that hard: just get in close and pummel her with any attacks and you'll die rather quickly. Her fire form is no joke though. Rajani will bring down pieces of the hall, creating walls that will easily hinder your path. The Archon will leave bursts of flames on the ground and fire off waves of spells. She may quickly down you or your partner. When this happens be fast with revival or it might be over soon.

Keep your buffs on at all times, moving in closer to gain more power and focus. With enough focus gained, expend it on your strongest attack such as Heartseeker Shot and Bladedash. As long as you move, dodge and continue to heal you'll be able to withstand the boss and take down Rajani.

Upon defeating the Archon, explore the rest of the building for loot and the cell holding Lazar. Meet with both the town leader and Marten and you will have to decide Rajani's fate. You can choose to execute or imprison her for her war crimes, let her go free, or have Rajani send a warning back to Jeyne.

This will conclude the major story arc in Raven's Rill, but with Lazar's rescue there are new sidequests looming around. While the main quest leads far away, there is still more to do in Rukkenvahl.

Gunderic and the Tomb

Both Lazar and Leona have an interest in exploring Gunderic's old mansion. For the Legion, Gunderic also has a signet ring, which combined with Montbarron's may unlock an ancient crypt. Follow the quest path along Pilgrim's Road to locate the warrior's estate.

Inside the mansion, head up the stairs and into the bedroom on the left to find the ghost of Alise. She will ask you to stop her demonic father and bring an end to the madness. Your quest marker only points to a locked door. Instead head down the long west path and kill the gargoyles along the way. You'll come to the Gunderic master bedroom where some type of key is hidden. It's not a real physical key, instead a note with the password "Nagog".

Exit back out to the previous hallway and speak with the magical door. Use the password of Nagog to enter in the next room. Grab the treasures in here along with the vault key. Exit back to the main hall and you'll now start facing enemies: mostly skeletons but also some demonic spearmen. They have a bit more range than other enemies but overall aren't very challenging.

You'll come to another blocked door. There is a leaver to the side but it doesn't seem to work. It requires a coalfire stone, which can be found by following your quest path to the west. Battle through another set of minions and you'll encounter the mid boss Mire Hulk Horror. This monster has a hearty amount of life, but isn't much of an offensive threat. Just take down its helpers first before ganging up on the Horror. After the fight grab the coalfire stone and take it back to the leaver.

Open the gate ahead and move to the left to locate the Heart of Nagog. You will need to destroy it to free Alise, but it's your choice if you really want to help the ghost. Your main objective is to still face Gunderic in the northern room. The haunted Legionnaire hits hard with dashes and slams. Gunderic has a slight wind up time, given you some room to doge out of his attack range. Let your partner do most of the tanking while you set up buffs and use attacks from a safe distance. If skeleton minions arrive, take them out yourself while your party member keeps the heat on the boss.

After the battle loot the body to gain Gunderic's ring. You will also meet up with Leona who wants to research the mansion. Choose to either agree with the witch or take the place back for the Legion. Your business in the Gunderic estate is done, so report back to Lazar in Raven's Rill.

Your quest path will take you to the Legion crypt. Along the Pilgrim's Road you'll find Boris, the bandit Ludmila asked you to kill sometime back. Since you're in the area take the time to kill off the simple thug. Either continue to the crypt or return to Raven's Rill to turn in the sidequest. It's advised to just focus on the tomb, though.

Outside the Legion tomb talk to Maximilien and agree to find some artifacts inside. Much of the tomb is the same as what you faced inside the mansion: undead knights and spell casters. Using the same strategies will get you the majority of the way through.

Per Mximilien's request, keep an eye out for additional quests markers near various chest and tombs. Inside you'll be able to locate the Skull of Norick, Bolingar's Sword, and Merik's Staff. Though these belong to the Legion, selling them to the collector will reward you with a nice sum of gold.

Your ultimate goal is to locate the Drakomir, the spirit that has cursed the crypt. He is fairly average when it comes to attacks, being fairly similar to Gunderic. The main problem is his defenses: he will take very little to no damage unless he is making an attack. You will have to risk taking damage in order to lay down your own attacks.

Make sure both your healing and attack buffs are on to make the most out of your hits. Use your strongest abilities such as Heartseeking Shot to make short work of the ghost lord.

Once the fighting is over, return to Max and trade him whatever items you wish. It's now time to move along to the rest of the main storyline.

The First People

Follow the path from where you confronted Boris during the previous sidequest. This will eventually lead to the outskirts of Rukkenvahl. You'll be fighting against the main enemy: the Azunite along this road. They are a strong war band of heavy armored knights supported by bowmen. Be sure to focus on the smaller helpers before going after the tall swordsmen.

You won't be fighting for long, as you'll eventually meet up with the Royalists and their leader Lord Devonsey. It seems his men are coming under attack by the First People in the Gloamwood Bog. Talk to the lieutenants to also gain a side mission to find some missing soldiers. Follow a bit out of the Royalist camp and you can have a private chat with your party. Each member will have different feeling regarding the Royal General, so try to appeal to their personality.

After siding with the Royalists, head deeper into the bog and fight your way through the new enemies. The savages hit fast and hard. It's best to concentrate on one at a time by using very strong attacks instead of a weaker area of effect. At the mouth of their village you'll rescue a few of the missing soldiers, though you can't locate the remainder of the Royalists for now.

You can attempt to negotiate with the First People (Or Ur-shamesh as they call themselves). Luckily Devonsey will fight on your side and give some nice melee support. Use the quest path to locate the wheel crank. During this will deploy the bridge leading to the main encampment.

Maru-yatum, the Ur-shamesh leader will attack you personally with his followers. The leader hits hard, but after a few attacks he will quit the battle. Taking on his allies will require more fighting, but with your party and Devonsey the enemy should fall soon.

Head up the ramps and confront the Maru-yatum directly. He summons in powerful golems and uses strong spells of his own. Let your partner get in close and deal with the boss directly. Your job should be concentrating on taking out the summoned enemies and keep buffs on at all time. Expect your alley to die once or twice, so be ready with revivals. If you really find yourself low on health, set up your curing buff and run away. You can hide behind the large cages and stay safe from the deadlier magic.

After the battle you'll make peace with the Ur-shamesh and have free reign to explore the village. With the blessing from the Maru-yatum, you can now explore the formerly blocked paths to rescue the remaining lost soldiers. You can also locate the Azunite missionary Arah who requests that you gather some slug eggs for medical use.

Follow the quest path and face against the Ancient Burrower, a slug type enemy that will spend much of its time underground. Its large aura will give off its location, allowing you to easily track the enemy. After destroying the mini boss, grab the nearby eggs and return them to Arah.

Accept the rewards and return back to Lord Devonsey. With his men rescued, they will build a path leading on to the city of Stonebridge.

Stonebridge Chapterhouse

The road from the bogs to Stonebridge are crawling with more mercenaries under contract of Jeyne. Among them is the pack leader Svarbog that attacks with a gang of archers. As with past ranged enemies, close the distance and come in close to kill them easily. Be sure to also walk off the beaten path and collect treasure chests scattered along the road.

You'll eventually come to the city of Stonebridge. Talk to the towns people to gain some extra sidequests and a bit of gold. The Merchant Ursula will ask you to kill the deserters east of town that stole her silk supply. Ext to the road again and backtrack near the swamp. The bandits are the standard Azunite lot and don't pose much of a threat. Taking them out is worth the footwork.

Regardless of whether you complete this side mission or not, your main goal is to free the Chapterhouse and open the causeway from Rukkenvahl to Stonebridge. The Chapterhouse is full of powerful demons and traps that blast fireballs. These enemies also respawn when destroyed, making things hectic.

Thankfully, your goal isn't to actually kill the enemies, but locate the scrolls hidden behind doors and cages. Grabbing these written pieces of lore will dispel any enemies within the area. To make it even more handy, all of the scrolls locations are marked on your minimap. Because of this, leave the fighting to a minimum, thinning the enemy only enough to keep them off your back. Use your dodging and movement skills to rush and gather up all the scrolls, which in turn will destroy the enemy.

You'll automatically open a path back to Rukkenvahl, allowing you to return back to Raven's Rill with ease. You'll also most likely be high enough level to gain the second tier of Talents. Some characters have some good advanced Talents, namely Lucas' Focused Strikes.

Chat with Odo and Marten and learn that you need to gain some new allies. Since you're already in Stonebridge it makes sense to deal with them instead of traveling elsewhere (Though you can use the Causeways to find other allies if you wish). For now head along the quest path and meet with the Meisters.

Wulf will automatically support the Legion, but you'll still need two out of three votes from the following lords: Kassel, Mudgutter, and Fiddlewick. For now, completing Fiddlewick's requests are the easiest and closest. The Meister is more about settling domestic conflict rather than major battles. For your assignment you will have to decide what to do about the imprisoned Krug.

Meet with the protesters out in the main hall that want the Krug to be free. Next talk to the Krug in the jail cell to get his side of the story. Make your final choice with the constable guarding the cell and return back to Fiddlewick. He will want you to hear a claim to land from two citizens over in the Chapterhouse.

Travel back to the Legion stronghold and speak with Hans and Baron Barrenbaron. Both have owned the piece of land in the past, one under goblin rule and the other from human governments. Talk to them both and get each of their stories. You can choose to side with either, or degree that both only hold half a stake and must work together.

With the domestic squabbles resolved, return back to Fiddlewick to gain his support. While he may cast his vote for you at the moment, your actions with Mudgutter or Kassel might change his mind. You can pick which lord to help now, but Kassel's request can lead to some quicker devlopments.

Factory Work

Kassel has requested that you stop the Cyclops rebellion within the Great Foundry. You'll mostly be fighting against goblins and Cyclops inside this fiery construction. Goblins are swift and use ranged attacks which will require you to roll in and close the distance. Cyclops on the other hand are large beasts that should be avoided at all costs and defeated with your strongest projectiles.

Among the stronger enemies in the Foundry include the beefier Cyclops Foreman and the Mad Bomber goblin. Like other sub bosses, stay out of their range as they use aura that cause damage or make them powerful.

Besides the fighting, you should also keep an eye out for various valves and pressure puts to seal and restore the correct power flow to the factory. These are spread around the whole level, some located at the area boss' hideout. Thankfully, all of these side quest points will be well marked on the map.

About half way through the tunnels you'll come across the trapped prisoner Olbert Lutzs. He will request that you also free the other two workers that were taken hostage. The two nearest quest markers will point out the two missing employees. Report back to Lutz and the three workers will head back to the main entrance.

You'll eventually come to the rebel leader, Ergometheus. There is little point in chatting it up with the monster. His fighting style is similar to the rest of his kin, though he tends to hit even faster and harder. If the boss manages to call in help, be sure to stop and deal with the minions. The battle isn't overly hard as the Cyclops still doesn't move swiftly enough to be a threat.

After the fight Ergometheus will be ready to negotiate. Agree to represent him and listen to his case. Return back to the entrance where you will encounter both Kassel and Fiddlewick. Both will take a stance on the issue at hand and you should listen to both of their sides. Now make a choice regarding what to do with the Cyclops rebellion. Your choice will gain you a vote from one of the lords, but with mark for bad will with the other.

Bandits and Artifacts

Mudgutter has a job for you that isn't much further from Kassel's assignment. It appears that criminals have taken over an old crypt and are using it as their stronghold. Right outside the fortress you can meet Sweatcog, a goblin that will request that you track down his latest creation.

It's good to take on this side quest now, as turning it in later may be an issue. Your glowing trail of quest beads will point out your main attraction. The enemy is an automation much like the constables littered around the city. After killing the machine, head back to Sweatcog and turn in the quest.

Before entering inside the base, talk to Hermann Holtzman to gain a corresponding sidequest. He will ask you to search for several Legion relics inside. Thankfully none of these items are that far from the main objective path. Just keep your eyes peeled for quest markers that seem to be off road.

Back to the job at hand, the enemies you'll be fighting mostly consist of human archers and goblin fighters. You might also run into a handful of undead along the way as well. Enemies aren't the only hazard inside; the crypt is filled with traps, namely the large swinging blades that can chop off a good amount of your life bar.

The quest marker will often point you into locked doors, requiring you to take the beaten off roads and flip large switches. Often times these switches are either guarded by or will release miniboss enemies. These can include the Goblin Demolitionist caster, Street Boss bandit, and the Modified Automaton.

Defeating the automation will also leave you atop a center island connected to retractable bridges on all four sides. To cross to the next section you will need to locate all of the switches and release the bridge way to the south.

In the final area you will locate the criminal leader Ehregott. He is a caster, and nearly a clone of Reinhart. He'll use magic and traps to keep you slowed and disabled. The real danger of the battle doesn't come from the boss, but rather the storm of soldiers he will keep summoning from all directions. Try to keep the minions busy while your partner kills the mage.

After the battle, when you exit the building you'll discover the town under siege. Marten will approach and inform you that the meisters are safe for the time being, but might not last long. Head through the burning streets and kill the rogue automatons. You might even need to deal with mini bosses, such as the Thunderstorm CE that causes strong lightning damage.

Upon finding the lords, they will request that you finally deal with the Dapper Old Gent and the mess he's created. Enter the Causeway and track down the old man.

The Old Man does not attack directly, instead hidden under an invincible barrier and will summon waves of minions. To combat this destroy the tubes which the minions emerge from. After taking down two of these, it will release the shields on the sandwiched generator. Destroy the generator and the Gent's shield will drop fro a brief time.

Unleash all of your strongest attacks at this time, as the Gent will get his shield on quickly. Repeat the process of destroying the tubes, generators and finally attack the Gent. After the battle and listen to the Dapper Gent's tale of why he started the rebellion. You now have a choice about what to do with the villain.

Save the Queen

You can undergo this mission before or after dealing with the business in Stonebridge. The Royal Queen has taken refuge in the depths of Frostpire Mountain. Start by moving along the steep glacier path.

The zone will soon be bombarded by Azunite cannon fire, so use the sounds and slow speed of fire to dodge out of the explosive's blast radius. Eventually you'll approach the Azunite guards face to face. As with before, they prefer approaching in heavy armor and shields. Use your area attacks to deal with so many clustered armored soldiers.

You'll eventually come upon Ibsen, a Royalist that appears to be trapped and cut off from the main encampment. You'll need to find the various clustered geysers around the area to break free the frozen waters blocking the path to the main camp.

You may have to deal with a tad of minibosses, including the Elder Forest Dakkenweyer. You'll also meet up with a group of soldiers that Ibsen may have mentioned. Group up with them and destroy the spiders ahead. Quickly talk up the lost warriors and lead them back to big papa Ibsen.

If you triggered all of the geysers for destruction, a path will be clear and you'll locate Rodderick from the jungles. Follow the army leader into the caves and follow the path to reach a few moveable platforms. You'll soon discover Devonsey and Queen Roslyn. They will welcome you into their care, and quickly dish out new assignments.

Royal Orders

The Azunites have already made their charge and are mounting a strike from the south and west entrances. You'll need to plug both up with your sweaty Legion hands. For now head down to the deep south for a good time.

You'll need to travel along a few moving platforms to get to your prime destination. If you're using a ranged character, use the platform's temporary movement to get in some early ranged attacks. Once up-close and personal with the enemy, bash them to bits and keep moving along the quest marker path.

Along the way, duck into the crystal field where you will need to dodge spiders and cannon fire. Your partner may suggest destroy the crystals to find a hidden prototype gun.

You'll eventually clash with an Azunite Lieutenant, a stronger and beefier version of the puny, dainty blood stained murderers of yore. His special aura might give you more issues and trauma, but overall the fight isn't much different than all the others. After the fight, load up the mine cart in the room with explosives and high tale it out of there.

The western path is equally linier and confining as the south was. Several of the Royalist troops are cutoff from the main path and will request your help in rejoining the fight. Move around the winding paths and activate the crystals laden around the rocky inclines. These will summon up the incinerator platforms and create a bridge to the unknown soldiers.

Once you've done your business, dart back to the main goal path and take the floating platform to encounter more Azunite soldiers. Keep these enemies stunned before moving in close for a view to a kill. Next, head down the path ahead and fight a second Azunite Lieutenant. The same tactics apply here, meaning that the fight isn't anything new.

Once again load the nearby cart to the brim with dynamite and dash back to the queen. Unlike last time, the Azunites will stop at nothing to murder you dead. Keep up the dodging and riposte with deadly powers and attacks. With some tenacity, you'll break on through to the other side. Talk to the Queen and Devonsey to find out the Royalists next steps. Stay frosty as the royal rumble is far from over.

Battle the Warbeast

Your next mission is to escort and protect Phineas as he attempts to seal the energy crystals in the Deep Well. Follow the quest path and you'll arrive at several platforms that will take you to the highest peak. While the philosopher goes off to do his thing, you will be attacked by resapwning warriors.

These enemies will automatically revive each time they are downed. However, trashing these enemies will still give Phineas enough time to finish his work. Simply keep the enemies at bay, and once the crystals are activated all of the foes will vaporize.

Return back to the throne room and learn from the Queen that Devonsey has marched to the frontlines. Follow the quest path and you'll arrive in a massive canyon in the battle of Royals vs. Azunites. The enemy outweighs your allies, so there isn't much of a chance to protect your new friends. Instead just concentrate on the enemies standing in your way. They have numbers, but aren't overly meaty. Use area of effect attacks and debuffs to keep the Azunites down.

Jeyne will show up to speak to you directly. If you saved Rajani back in Raven's Rill she will also appear and speak of your previous actions. Listen to Jenye's side of the story and make your own calls about if she speaks the truth. Even with Rajani's words the best you can do is make the Archons retreat; however the Azunites will still call in a massive Warbeast to finish the job.

The Warbeast is huge, so massive that it will either fill much of the screen, or be hard to track while off screen. Keep your healing buffs on at all time and be sure to empower them to the whole team if possible. You mainly want to use debuffs that slow and stun, but store up enough focus for a very powerful single hit shot. Your partner should hopefully go for the monster itself, leaving you free to deal with any archers or rogues that try and stand in the way.

The Warbeast's charge attack is the main thing to look out for. It will often ram from off screen, leaving you little time to dodge out of the way. However, you will want to avoid impact at all costs, as the Warbeast can dish out 500 more damage in one swipe. When the monster has come to a brief halt, hit it hard with criticals and other strong ranged attacks.

After the fight you'll gain the full support of the Queen. She will reward you with some extra treasure, so be sure to accept the gifts. Return back to Stonebridge and speak to Odo and Marten. It seems that the two of them disagree on what to tell the people, and it will be your job to sort out the Legion's public relations.

Regardless of your choice, both will agree that you still need an army to take the Azunite's head on. If you've already gained the support of Stonebridge, go see the meisters and request their automaton army. With both the Royals and Stonebridge as allies, you may now take the fight to the Azunites.

Azunite Spire

Before storming straight into the spire you may be stopped by Rajani and Saraya. If you've been just in the past they may be there to reason with you. It's in your best interest to agree with them about trying to save their Archon sisters. However two of them have been driven mad and must be killed to reach Jeyne: The Archon of War and the Archon of Vengeance.

You'll first come to a three way branch in the road. Kill off all of the enemies here and you will be granted access to the switch in the center. This will unlock the gate to the north where you can open a second lock to the west. Take this west gate and fight through the enemies forces. Despite your words to the Archons, you will still have to kill a few Archon Handmaids that refuse to give up. They fight just like a beefed up Anjali, so if you've been using her in the party you'll know how the Archons attack.

You'll eventually come to a lift that will take you to the Archon of War. She fights exclusively in Anjali's Human Form, mean she specializes in close range attacks. If you have a ranged character you can simply stand back and pelt the Archon with your guns and spells. It's also great to have Lucas on hand to tank the enemy directly. With her lack of range, this Archon is the easer of the two you will be facing.

Backtrack to the previous crossroads and take the eastern path this time. You will have to kill a few more Handmaidens and Azunite Lieutenants through this wing. As with all other minibosses, beware of their damaging auras that will make it dangerous to melee them. If Lucas is one of your team members, be on the ready to revive him as he will take constant damage getting close and personal with the enemy.

You'll come to a second lift that will take you to the Archon of Vengeance. She keeps to Anjali's Fire Form and will mainly cast spells. She is also able to summon up three fire dogs at once, which are more of a problem than the boss itself. Let your partner deal with the boss while you distract the pets. You can simply run around and the dogs will expend after a set amount of time, or you can attack them and kill them faster with your ciritcals.

When the summons are dead, help out your party in taking on the Archon directly. Her only really threatening attack are her multishot fireballs. Each one can deal about 200 damage, but if you're standing too close you might bite the whole cluster for 1000 or more points of pain.

With the two top dogs dead as doornails, head back to the cross roads and enter the next open gate blocking off the northern path. You'll find Jeyne and her friend Chakti waiting for you here. Neither Archon will fight you directly, instead hiding behind a barrier and casting a few deadly spells.

A flood of Azunites and goblins will attack from all sides. Your main goal is to kill the two Cyclops Brutes that appear among the fray. Focus on these giants to the point of ignoring the rest of the enemy (Unless you really need to recharge your power or focus). After killing the two enemies, Chakti will attack.

With Jeyne's spells filling the screen like crazy and a second Archon on your tail, you'll need to move and dodges constantly. Focus all of your might on the enemy boss and ignore the on coming waves of substandard soldiers. Things might get more tricky if your partner falls to the onslaught: In this case get your healing buffs on fast and spin around the circle shield until you can revive without being stunned or pushed.

Once Chakti is dead, Jeyne will flee to the next level of the tower. She will face you along with two more Archon lackies. This will be a somewhat daunting battle, as despite all of the enemies being major bosses, there is no life meter indicating your progress. Still concentrate your attacks first on the melee Archon, the ranged Archon, and finally on Jeyne. The enemies aren't super offensively strong, but will keep you busy in this 2 on 3 fight.

Jeyne will flee a second time and head to the roof. For this next battle she will use her full Fire Form. This doesn't mean she's a ranged caster though. Jeyne will often teleport close in and attack for combos nearing 800 or more damage. You will need to dodge constantly to keep safe. Keep your empowered healing abilities on to help both you and your partner.

The best tactic for this fight is to play decoy and dodge all of Jeyne's assaults while your party gets in free attacks. Anjali is the recommended partner for this fight as she can deal both brutal damage close and from afar. The fight should go rather smoothly as long as you can keep out of the Archon's reach and counter with a quick hit once in a while. Just be sure to never use a move that grounds you, as being hit by any of the boss' attacks can rapidly spell doom.

The Corrupted

Jeyne's army is destroyed, but the Azunite Archon hasn't given up. Quickly speak to Marten and upgrade your gear for the last time. When ready for the final fight, head into the Causeway back to Rukkenvahl. The chapterhouse here is already a blaze and the best you can do is escort Lazar and the remaining Legion to safety.

With the Legion base in shambles there is only one path left: the Mournweald's sacred tree. You will do battle with new forms of corrupted Archons that strike with heavy blows and cast multihit spells. However, there isn't much reason to stick around and fight them. If you're weary of combat, just run south towards the quest marker.

You'll soon reach Jeyne, but it won't be a final showdown with the Archon. Instead, she will summon up the powerful Corrupted Creator to keep you busy. The Creator is massive, taking up much of the screen. His weak point is also his main weapon: the gloved right hand. Dodge all of his attacks and when you have time, reprise with some heavy ranged attacks on his palms.

The plated gauntlet will soon break, revealing the boss' weaker flesh. Continue to hammer at the Creator's hand until it has lost half of its life bar. At this point it will go into a frenzy and switch up the attack pattern.

Several large stalagmites will penetrate the floor. This might seem like an obstacle, but they will actually provide some much needed cover. The Creator will first spit out puddles of good that slow you down and damage your focus. Roll quickly, but accurately to avoid the evil tar. Next, the Creator will send out minions to ambush you. Instead of fighting them, continue to dodge and heal when possible.

After some more time the Creator will inhale all of the enemies and spit out a large burst. After this attack the Creator will slam its head on the ground in exhaustion. Take the time to pound the enemy with attack while it is stunned and its helmet will eventually bust. Repeat this pattern and cleave the final boss' naked skull until the last drop of health is depleted.

With the Creator dead, Jeyne will give up. You will be joined again with the Radiant Youth and it's your call of what to do with Jeyne. Make your final answer and view how your actions changed the world of Dungeon Siege 3.

Xbox 360 Achievements

Achievement Name How To Earn Reward
Archambaud's Anathema During your fight against the Dapper Old Gent, you destroyed 50 of his Automatons. 20
Archon Adept You reached level 20 as Anjali. 15
Circle of Friends You achieved at least one level of influence with all three of your companions. 16
Enduring Champion Over your career, you have sustained at least 100,000 points of damage. 10
Epic Scholarship You reached level 20 as Reinhart. 15
Fellowship of the ding You took part in a level-up while in a four-player game. 10
Fiery Judgment You have completed the main quest as Anjali. 15
Flawless Victory You defeated the reborn god without needing to be revived by a companion. 25
Guardian Legend You reached level 20 as Lucas. 15
Guardian of Ehb You have completed the main quest as Lucas. 15
Helping Hand While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party. 10
I Could Do This Blindfolded You defeated a major opponent using only your default equipment. 25
Jinx You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say. 5
Lock, Stock, and Invocation You have completed the main quest as Katarina. 15
Loremaster You have discovered 60 lore entries in one adventure. 50
Maximum Bro Fist Playing co-op as Lucas and Reinhart, you defeated a boss. 20
Maximum Charisma You achieved the highest possible influence with one of your companions. 15
Merchant of Ehb You sold over 100,000 coins worth of items. 5
Military Intelligence You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in disagreement over what to say. 5
Moment of Solace Force Jeyne to flee before defeating her handmaids. 20
Nerds Hate Sunlight You and a friend have played for three hours in one session. 15
Of One Mind You have agreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session. 5
Party of Four You were part of a four-player party that completed the game together. 25
Perfectionist You completed your quest, plus all other secondary quests in the game. 100
Rajani's Rival You bested Rajani without needing to heal yourself. 20
Rivalry You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session. 5
Show Off You've paraded about in nothing but rare items. 25
The Calculus of Victory You have completed the main quest as Reinhart. 15
Two Girls, One Boss Playing co-op as Anjali and Katarina, you defeated a boss. 20
Two Perfect Tens You reached level 20 as Katarina. 15
View From the Top You have achieved the maximum level. 50
We Are Legion You have gathered a full party of Legion descendants. 10
Welcome to the Winner's Circle You have restored the Legion and saved the land of Ehb. 100
Worthy of Legend You completed Dungeon Siege III at the highest difficulty level. 100
Aspire to Victory You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder. 25
Legion Caretaker You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands. 5
Lescanzi Ally You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona. 5
Liberator You freed all the prisoners in the Spire. 5
Long Live the Queen You broke the siege of Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn. 25
Royalist Ally You have shown unwavering support to the Crown. 5
Sacred Meeting You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald. 25
Stronebridge Alliance You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion. 25
Through Murky Mire You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp. 25
Trial by Fire You defeated the archon, Rajani. 25

PlayStation 3 Trophies

Trophy Name How To Earn Reward
Archambaud's Anathema During your fight against the Dapper Old Gent, you destroyed 50 of his Automatons. Silver
Archon Adept You reached level 20 as Anjali. Bronze
Circle of Friends You achieved at least one level of influence with all three of your companions. Bronze
Dungeon Siege II Platinum Trophy Collect all Dungeon Siege III trophies. Platinum
Enduring Champion Over your career, you have sustained at least 100,000 points of damage. Bronze
Epic Scholarship You reached level 20 as Reinhart. Bronze
Fellowship of the ding You took part in a level-up while in a four-player game. Bronze
Fiery Judgment You have completed the main quest as Anjali. Bronze
Flawless Victory You defeated the reborn god without needing to be revived by a companion. Silver
Guardian Legend You reached level 20 as Lucas. Bronze
Guardian of Ehb You have completed the main quest as Lucas. Bronze
Helping Hand While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party. Bronze
I Could Do This Blindfolded You defeated a major opponent using only your default equipment. Silver
Jinx You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say. Bronze
Lock, Stock, and Invocation You have completed the main quest as Katarina. Bronze
Loremaster You have discovered 60 lore entries in one adventure. Silver
Maximum Bro Fist Playing co-op as Lucas and Reinhart, you defeated a boss. Silver
Maximum Charisma You achieved the highest possible influence with one of your companions. Bronze
Merchant of Ehb You sold over 100,000 coins worth of items. Bronze
Military Intelligence You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in disagreement over what to say. Bronze
Moment of Solace Force Jeyne to flee before defeating her handmaids. Silver
Nerds Hate Sunlight You and a friend have played for three hours in one session. Bronze
Of One Mind You have agreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session. Bronze
Party of Four You were part of a four-player party that completed the game together. Silver
Perfectionist You completed your quest, plus all other secondary quests in the game. Gold
Rajani's Rival You bested Rajani without needing to heal yourself. Silver
Rivalry You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session. Bronze
Show Off You've paraded about in nothing but rare items. Bronze
The Calculus of Victory You have completed the main quest as Reinhart. Bronze
Two Girls, One Boss Playing co-op as Anjali and Katarina, you defeated a boss. Silver
Two Perfect Tens You reached level 20 as Katarina. Bronze
View From the Top You have achieved the maximum level. Silver
We Are Legion You have gathered a full party of Legion descendants. Bronze
Welcome to the Winner's Circle You have restored the Legion and saved the land of Ehb. Gold
Worthy of Legend You completed Dungeon Siege III at the highest difficulty level. Gold
Aspire to Victory You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder. Silver
Legion Caretaker You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands. Bronze
Lescanzi Ally You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona. Bronze
Liberator You freed all the prisoners in the Spire. Bronze
Long Live the Queen You broke the siege of Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn. Bronze
Royalist Ally You have shown unwavering support to the Crown. Bronze
Sacred Meeting You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald. Bronze
Stronebridge Alliance You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion. Bronze
Through Murky Mire You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp. Bronze
Trial by Fire You defeated the archon, Rajani. Bronze

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How do i forge or upgrade anything for the ps3?


How do i forge or upgrade anything for the ps3? 


Gear tips- Don't rely on value of item to chose best gear. - Look at stats that compliment your favorite skills, is no point in having high will if you a tank and no intention of using magic. - Vampire and stagger are priceless - If you have desert expansion boost gear not weapons and it will boost both stances


I must be a moron if this is dumbed down controls, with the 21 combat options I am constantly screwing up :) my only issue with game was camera angle and controlling camera especially with ranged character. These whiners who say no playability have me dumbfounded, the skill tree makes it replayable


Have more then 1 save thought , cause they lock the gate on you once you get to Upper Ravins Rills. To the town Hall to fight Rajani. I didn't and now I'm stuck here and cannot level up anymore or leave for more equipement.


is this a skyrim type of game or do you HAVE to vs spiders that massive spider cause im afraid of spiders and im 12


I think it's a good game.


I don"t hate this game if you shelled out 60.00 bucks i could see how that wold suck but how good did you really expect it to be i mean obsidian made it was well worth the $18.00 i payed and co-op is a blast


How can I download a copy of this guide, please?


at least its graphics is more gorgeous than Fallout: New Reharsh


@wikkiwild1: I got him with Lucas on the second try, with Katarina as the other party member. Concentrate on destroying the spawning chambers, not on the automatons themselves, maybe lead them away a bit so that you can destroy the chambers without being attacked. Heal from time to time and you should be okay. @derek_brown: Actually, the game is much too easy for a DS game and very simplified, so I can't possibly comprehend what you don't understand.


@wikkiwild1 It took me a while but i finally got the Dapper Old Gent, i got myself ( Anjali ) to lvl 24 and used reinheart in my party and i got him.... but it wasnt easy


I've been stuck at the Dapper Old Gent for quite some time now. All other bosses I defeated easily enough but this guy is challenging. I agree with some about leveling up. It should be easier and not so many choices.


@JJames3dCG I totally agree with your statement. You can honestly say this about QUITE a FEW games out there. Developers and such are willing to spend more money on advertisements on these mediocre games and put that cost to the consumers. There is so many things wrong about how the companies and developers work to put out these games and expect us to continue to buy them at such a high price.


I think the bottom line comes down to this. For a full fledged Disc-Based game at \$60.00 the game is too short and does not include enough content to warrant a buy. It's a definite rent, as playing through everything and searching everywhere as a "completionist" type play through, the game will only take around 10-15 hours max! That is the big down side. The argument can be made that there's 4 characters each with their own play through, but the slight story variations aren't enough to make multiple playthroughs as diff characters worth while. May be fun to tinker around with a 2nd or 3rd character type, but not an entire playthrough. If the game were released on PSN/XBLA for \$9.99 it would have received better scores and been WELL worth the money. I could even be persuaded to spend \$19.99 on it. Was a fun game. But at \$60.00 and disc-based....no way it's worth the purchase. Seems like it was either rushed out the developmental doors, short the other half of the game.....or more likely, the money grubbing companies wanted to release \$7.99 dungeon packs once or twice a month for the next few months to make MORE MONEY, and that's where the other half the game went to. ie: other 10-15 hours of game play (making the would be total hour game play a more respectable 20-30hrs)


Damn. Theres a whole lot of haters on this comment board. While the game isn't a brilliant masterpiece, its definately not Brink bad. Also, it's a good filler untill Skyrim comes out, if you ask me.


Games to hard i dont understand the level up system.......and the level up system is stupid....hey did anyone find any glitch or cheats.............


Play it with an xbox controller on PC and it's a completely different game. I was pleasantly surprised how much of my hate melted away when i plugged in a controller.


The best guide I can give you is to avoid this crappy game as much as possible.


Dc universe is another example of the 'dumbing down' of games released on multi platforms. There was once a time when games would utilise the controller to fully enhance gameplay on each and every platform. Unfortunately it seems that in our present financial global climate, software houses have chosen to save development costs and maximise profit margins. Simply by 'porting' from the now more popular console market to the pc. If u wanted to play with a controller u still had the option in most pc titles to do so. But come on it's a fundamental HUI flaw by altering simple things such as; [left click to walk to and open chest] & replace it with [use keys to walk to chest then press action button to open it] there is no basic utilisation of pc controllers. 1 pad vs 1 keyboard and mouse for a dungeon crawler? Which has more freedom to apply keybinds? Pffft I now sold the pc version and rock the ps3 one instead


If a game is made so that it can easily support a controller, it's almost certainly dumbed down control-wise. I'm not going to debate whether or not simpler controls are a good or bad thing since I haven't played this game beyond the demo, but generally speaking, my experience with PC games that are forced intro controller-complex schemes hasn't been good. After all, this game might not be balanced for lean either.


Dumbed down for consoles? I have to disagree harshly on that point. If anything, it is made so that you can use a controller for the game (my preferred method for gaming today, PC or not) without much trouble or need for configuration. That is why they left a lot of things out that were in the prior Dungeon Siege games, to make it easier on people like myself who prefer the ease of the console.


My Wife loves the original DS so we got this and loaded it on her computer. Right away it is obvious that it is dumed down for consoles. The first clue is that you have to use the pre chosen names instead of your own character name. You cannot save at any point just at predetermined points. The graphics are fair but after all they have to be supported by ancient console technology. The controls are clearly dumed down. It is a fair game and I think the rating of 6 is about right.

Fragnarok moderator

Added Version 1.1 of the guide. Placed in a few sidequests I missed around Raven's Rill. Also the story is now at the start of Stonebridge.


@issizots: question buddy, did you even play dragon age series. first of all they don't even fit in the same category to be compared, just because both called RPG, doesn't mean they are the same. This is supposed to be a classic hack and slash dungeon crawler.... Dragon age is an action rpg with pause base combat system. The story in these 2 is not even comparable. Dragon age`s story is engaging, entertaining and the characters are far more interesting. You actually grow to care about every single of them. That was an 80 hours game... this game... lets just say length wise puts COD series to shame. Dragon age is what a PC game should be... This is even shameful for a console game. Eve DA2 is a far better game than this.


@issizots Are you kidding? Dragon Age: Origins was much better, longer, and more story-driven than this. Dragon Age 2 on the other hand was about as good as DS3 just longer.


want dragon's dogma on 360 dagnabbit... too bad the massive environs can only fit on friggin BDROMs


sux, seems there's no side quests walk throughs.... sad...


personally i don't get it, this and dragon age 1 and even DA 2 look just alike, but this ATLEAST KEPT BIRDEYE VIEW IN CONSOLES AKA DS3!!! BUT how can it get such a low score when dragon age 1 and 2 weren't that great NEITHER and they bumped up to 8's and in some cases 9s in review scores from critics.... maybe they would find the game better IF they only played the whole game... some games suck at the beginning like i didn't like final fantasy VII much at the beginning til i got out of freaking Midgar to explore and get cool stuff and lvl up!!


Frankly, this game looks and plays like it should have come out about 5 years ago. The visuals are blocky and dated, and the controls are only passable on for the PC. It is, in many senses, the worst of the series. Sure, you can get used to the clunky scheme, but it definitely shows that corners were cut to meet a ship date rather than focus on quality.


You can get the PC demo from Steam. A number of people are complaining about the controls being too 'console' oriented, and while I would agree with that, I'm still enjoying the game and the keyboard/mouse controls aren't really a problem after you play for a while.


IS there demo of this game and ,if where can I downlode it?


Is DS III only for consoles? what abouth PC version?


Thanks for the guide

Fragnarok moderator

The first version of the Dungeon Siege 3 guide is up. I'll be updating the walkthrough in the next few days, so stay tuned, toons.



 there are a few spiders in here but can kill them pretty easy most times. It is a fun game. Have more then 1 save thought , cause they lock the gate on you once you get to Upper Ravins Rills. To the town Hall to fight Rajani.



 you can buy at Amazon or Steam. I got for 5 dollars form Amazon and you have to make an account on Steam to play. or they have a PS3 version you can get also. On the PC you can use the XBox 360 controler for the game. I used the keyboard for part of the game then I picked up the controller at Best Buy for 25 dollars, and it works great with this game.